Taylor Caniff

This is a story about and girl name Emma and she has a crush on this guy name Taylor Caniff......


8. Chapter 8

Taylor’s P.O.V I’m so happy that Emma finally forgave me. I thought she never would. The sad thing is that I have to leave Emma to go on Magcon tour. I am really going to miss her hugs and kisses. Maybe I should talk to the manager to ask if I can take her with me. I called him and he said he wouldn’t be able to afford another hotel room for her so she wouldn’t be able to come but she can come to the next stop we make. I didn’t want that because were going to London and we would be away for a whole month but I guess I would have to tell her. I texted her. Taylor: I have to tell you something. Emma: Me too but you go first. Taylor: Ok well I am going to Magcon soon and I will be gone for a whole month. Emma: This is great. Taylor: Wait how? Emma: Bc my grandma lives in London and I am going to go visit her in three days. I was scared to tell you because I knew you would be sad but now I don’t have to worry. Taylor: Yes, how are you going to get there. Emma: On an airplane silly. Taylor: Ok, maybe my boss can help you get there by going on our private jet. Emma: Ok, that’s fine. Come over. Taylor: Ok on my way. Emma’s P.O.V Taylor is on his way down here. I am going to surprise him on his Magcon tour because his birthday is coming up. I want to get to know him a little better so I know what to do for his birthday. I decided to tell him to come down here so we can hangout more. Someone knocked on the door and I thought it was him, but it wasn’t. It was my ex, John. he asked could we talk but I said sure. I let him in and he sat on the couch. I asked him what does he want and he said I want you back. “ Look John, I have already moved on and you should've been a better boyfriend and we could’ve still been together.” “ Who in the hell could you possibly move on to!” he yelled. “ Taylor Caniff the guy of my dreams and the one who didn’t go have sex with another girl behind my back,” I yelled back. “Well have a good life Emma and by that I mean a life of a slut!” He went out of the house and Taylor ran in. “ Who was that,” he asked concerned. “ This huge jerk that I used to date that thinks he owns me,” I said. “ What, who, and how come you haven’t talked about him before?” he said freaked out. “ Well you see it was the past and I didn’t want to talk about it plus he did horrible things to me.” “ Like what?” said Taylor concerned. “ Well he raped me and had sex with another girl because I wouldn’t give him what he wanted from me,” I said sadly. When I looked up Taylor and fear in his eyes. i told him it was okay and he kissed me saying he was sorry for this stuff happening to me. I smiled and kissed his lips. He smirked and said I am always here for you baby and I will never let you go. I smiled and went and laid on my bed. Taylor came next to me and asked me why did I want him to come over. I told him so I could get to know him better and so he could get to know me better. We had this conversation and I learned more about him. Like he likes to play football, basketball, and baseball. I told I like to play tennis too. He smirked and kissed my lips. “ You know it’s magical when I kiss you. It’s like a dream that I can’t explain,” he said. I smiled really wide and so did he. I saw his beautiful braces and I couldn’t help but resist to kiss him. He kissed back. After we kissed for what felt like forever, I finally let go and told him we should go shopping together. He agreed and before we knew it we were shopping at Hollister. We had so much fun and we took pictures in the photo booth. After that we went to Jersey Mikes, my favorite place ever. It was so cute how he would get food on his mouth I would laugh a little and he would too. When he accidentally spilled his drink on him I cleaned it off of him. But for some reason Dr.Pepper stains your clothes so he had to take his shirt off. I looked at his hot tan body, wow he looked good in the summer time. He smirked and said “ checking out my body I see.” I laughed and punched him playfully. I’m so glad I learned more about Taylor today.
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