Taylor Caniff

This is a story about and girl name Emma and she has a crush on this guy name Taylor Caniff......


7. Chapter 7

Emma’s P.O.V I can’t believe Taylor did this to me maybe all he ever wanted was to do it with me, gosh what a man whore. I fucking hate him and Jamie. Ugh all these texts he’s sending me. - Babe I’m sorry I never meant to I promise I won’t ever do it again. - I know I screwed up I’m sorry but it wasn’t me it was her. Please text me do something babe. And after 100 more I got tired of reading them and he kept sending more so I blocked his number. I am tired so I’m going to bed. Taylor’s P.O.V Ugh I really screwed up with Emma. Wait I have proof that Jamie did this to me. I’ll just have to show Paige instead since Emma is ignoring me. Taylor: Hey I am truly sorry for what I did to Emma and I swear I didn’t kiss back it was her. Paige: Keep talking. Taylor: Ok I’ll show you the picture if you come over and bring Emma with you too. Paige: She’ll never come if she knew where she was going you come here. Taylor: Ok I went to Paige’s house and showed her the texts that Jamie sent me. - Look hottie I know I kissed you but I couldn’t help myself you’re just so damn sexy. Forget that Emma bitch she is ugly as hell come with me instead. I didn’t text her back because I knew she would start something or be more thirsty so now do you believe me? Of course I do. I’ll help you get your Emma back. I smiled and hugged her. Ok so Emma is coming over soon and I will show her your phone and tell her to believe you. Ok thank you again Paige you're the bestest friend a girl could have. “ Thanks Taylor,” she said. Emma’s P.O.V I went over to Paige’s house since she was so eager to show me something. She came to me and told me I should forgive Taylor and showed me this message. I looked at it and said you’re just doing this to be nice Paige, but thanks for trying to get me back my ex boyfriend. She shook her head no and told Taylor to come out. “ You set this up!” I yelled at her. She told me she knew he was telling the truth and wanted me to forgive him. I shook my head and said I’m leaving but then Taylor grabbed my hand and took me to the couch to show me some more messages but I still didn’t believe him. But then he faced time Jamie, I saw her slutty face and just wanted to puke. Taylor asked her again who started the makeout session and she said “of course me honey I don’t care about Emma and her stingy ass just forget about her and come to me.” I started to cry and run out of the house because of what she said and Taylor didn’t do crap to help me or stand me up. But then Taylor cussed her out after I left, I guess I couldn’t hold in my tears. Taylor came searching for me and found me in my abandoned tree house. He sat next to me and said “don’t listen to her baby I love you and always you.” He pulled me into his arms and kissed my head. I smiled and said I forgive you. He jumped up and down and said does this mean were dating again. I nodded and then he said this means I can do this. He kissed me on the lips and threw me on the ground tickling me. He straddled my hip while I struggled trying to get him off of me. Finally he got off and said I’m happy you forgave me. I smiled and he kissed my cheek.
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