Taylor Caniff

This is a story about and girl name Emma and she has a crush on this guy name Taylor Caniff......


6. Chapter 6

Emma: Love you too baby I wonder why she can’t tell me her secrets, I mean I tell her everything even boy problems. Maybe its just not meant for me to know. Emma’s P.O.V I woke up that morning by my screaming sister. She told me that I needed to hurry up and get dressed to go to softball practice. I went outside to practice sInce I was the one waiting for her. My little sister threw the ball to me and I hit it and went to Taylor’s backyard. I said Oops but then he came out and jumped over the fence and handed me the ball and pecked me on the lips. I blushed. “ Looks like you need a little practice,” he said. I chuckled and told him to shutup. He smiled and my sister said come on. I told him he could go to practice with me since we practice at the same time and he said sure. Since my sister had all this immature Justin Bieber fan stuff in the back of the car I had to sit on Taylor’s lap. He held my waist really tight and laid on my collar bone. I smirked and he kissed my cheek. We finally made it to school. We were kind of early so I practiced with Paige. Taylor took his shirt off and practiced baseball. I told him I wanted to try since it looked easy. He said ok. I tried but I couldn’t get it. Finally he held his arms around me and we hit the ball together. Wow I almost fainted when he was holding me, he was so muscular. I got out of his grasp and said I could’ve done that on my own and he smirked. After practice we went to Mcallisters. I was so happy to finally get something to eat. Everyone ordered the turkey sandwich and a slice of cake. Once we were done Paige left with Zach those two really hit it off. I think might can do a double date or something when they start going out. Taylor and I went back to my house he ended up staying the night. I told him he could. He laid down on the floor and I felt sad for him so I scoot over and let him lay next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt so safe in his presence. We went to sleep after a while. Taylor’s P.O.V I woke up next to Emma and she was still asleep. She was so cute, she was snoring too. I went downstairs and poured some cereal into a bowl for her. When I got back upstairs she woke up and I gave her the cereal. She smirked and kissed me on the lips. I kissed back and held her back. She moaned when I started to suck on her neck. I laid in between her legs and started to kiss her more deeply. I took her shirt off and threw it to the floor. Then she took mine off and felt my abs. I loved when she touched me. I went to take her pants down but she told me she wanted to wait. Of course I respect her decision. After I kissed her one more time I stopped so I wouldn’t have to refuse to go farther. Emma put on her soccer outfit and said let’s go. We met with one of her friends named Jamie. I know I think its all in my head but I think Jamie wants to get with me and take me away from Emma. When Emma went off to some more of her friends, Jamie came over to me and sat on my lap and started to kiss me. I was trying to get her off but she had a tight grip. Emma came over and started to cry. Paige ran after her. I wanted to kill myself so bad. Jamie whispered in my ear don’t worry about her we can always make love faster. I shook my head and told her to fuck off. I ran into the girls bathroom, I knew I shouldn’t be in there but I love Emma so much, I would do anything for her. Emma stared at me then looked away. “ Go away,” she said. I told her I know you might not believe me but I didn’t kiss Jamie she kissed me and I am really sorry for doing this to you. She looked and got up and walked with Paige. Paige threw back a death glare. I started to cry.
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