Taylor Caniff

This is a story about and girl name Emma and she has a crush on this guy name Taylor Caniff......


5. Chapter 5

Emma’s P.O.V Taylor finally asked me out I can’t believe this. I know I’ve known him for ten years but he actually liked me back. Wow. I am going to text Paige because I’m bored. Paige: Hey Emma: Hey what’s up? Paige: Nm and u? Emma: Same Paige: So what happened with you and Taylor? Emma: He asked me out and then we kissed passionately. Paige: Awl I can’t believe this you had a crush on him for like forever. Emma: I know that’s him texting gtg. Taylor: Hey babe you free this weekend Emma: Anytime for you Taylor: Great lets go out to eat together. Emma: Ok Taylor: I’ll pick you up tomorrow Emma: K Taylor: Luv u babe Emma: Luv you more Taylor’s P.O.V I can’t wait to go to the Cheesecake Factory with Emma. I was thinking after that we could go to the carnival. That’s what Paige told me she likes to do. I was going to plan this date out perfectly. When I picked her up she was wearing the most beautiful dress ever and looked like a princess. I told her after we eat I have a surprise for her and she said ok. When we got in the car we starting to sing to Talk Dirty To Me wow she was so beautiful. We finally made it to the restaurant and I opened her door. She got out and kissed my cheek, I blushed. Once we finished eating I made her wear a blindfold and get in the car. It took twenty minutes to get there but it’s worth anything to put a smile on her face. Once we got there I let her out and she said wow how did you know and I told her Paige might’ve helped me a little bit and she smiled. We walked in and I won her a bear. It was so cute. She smiled and kissed me on the lips. Emma’s P.O.V Taylor is so romantic he won me a bear. Later on we went back to my house. I told him I was going to go put a pizza in the oven and he said ok. They were finally done and I took one to him he said thankyou and kissed me on the check. We ended up watching The Grudge 3 I was so scared but I felt safe with him next to me. I sat on his lap while he was holding my waist. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear that he loved me. I turned around and smiled and said I love you back. After that he said he had to go babysit his little cousin and he would text me later. He kissed me on the check and I blushed. He said he loves me yay more than yay, triple yay. Taylor’s P.O.V I had the best date with Emma. I won her a bear and she was so happy and I put a smile on her beautiful face. I know we only have dated each other for a few days but I feel like it’s been longer than that. Matter fact I am going to text her now bc I love her so much. Taylor: Hey babe I already miss you. Emma: I miss you too. Taylor: I wish you lived with me. Emma:Yeah, but I don’t. Taylor: I know, want to go to Mcallister's with me tomorrow? Emma: I don’t think I can because I have softball practice. Taylor: Yeah I meant like after we get out from practice. Emma: Sure but can Paige come because I haven’t really been hanging out with her and I need her sometimes to tell her my problems Taylor: Sure but why can’t I help you with these problems? Emma: Bc they’re meant for girls to solve Taylor: Oh ok I love you. See you tomorrow
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