Taylor Caniff

This is a story about and girl name Emma and she has a crush on this guy name Taylor Caniff......


4. Chapter 4

Taylor’s P.O.V I kissed Emma it was more than kissed it was made out. I can’t believe this happened I mean a pretty girl like her kissed me wow. I know she wanted more and I wanted more but we would have to wait. When I figured out my brother was coming down the stairs I was kind of scared because he doesn’t know about Emma and I yet. It was kind of funny and cute how she was scared someone was coming but I wanted her to stay on top of me. Maybe next time we won’t be interrupted. Emma’s P.O.V I woke up this morning at 7 a.m and got ready for softball practice. I put my jersey on and went down to the school for our meetup. When I went there I saw Taylor and wow he looked hot without a shirt on. He was practicing with his teammates. Paige came next to me and smiled wow now I see why you like him. I told her to shut up and we started to practice. A little later during practice Taylor came by and saw me hit the ball and I got home run. He applauded me and I bowled. ‘’ I didn’t know you were Mrs. Softball,” he said. Yeah I have been playing for a while. Wow you’re amazing. Did you see me playing baseball over there? Yeah I saw you and right back at you. He smirked. Want to go catch a movie later he asked. I smiled and said sure and text me the deeds. He nodded and went home. I went home and got ready to go to the movies. Taylor texted me and said he would be here in 5, I replied back ok. I was so happy to be with a guy like him. I wondered when we were going to finally be official. Taylor’s P.O.V Emma came out beautiful as ever and got in the car. We drove to the movies and watched Grown Ups 2. Wow it was hilarious. Emma got in the car and we drove to the beach. I opened her door and she got out. We chose a spot to sit and we sat on a towel looked at the stars. We named the name of each one what we wanted to be. After we did that we kissed and in the middle of words I asked her out and she said yes. I was going out with Emma King. I couldn’t believe my thoughts. This time we made out and it was perfect I was happy to be with her.
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