Taylor Caniff

This is a story about and girl name Emma and she has a crush on this guy name Taylor Caniff......


3. Chapter 3

Taylor’s P.O.V Wow Emma called me cute I can’t believe this I hope she marries me. Maybe she will she is so pretty and I love her personality. Later on my brother came into my room. Dinners ready I ran downstairs and ate as fast as I could all I could think about was Emma. After that I did my homework and went to bed. Emma’s P.O.V I can’t wait to go to school and see Taylor, what are you thinking Emma stop he only likes you for your looks not you so stop. I got dressed in a Kansas shirt with my jeans and some vans. After that I straightened my hair and ate my breakfast. Then my mom told me she would drive me to school and I said ok. I hoped in the car then Paige texted me and said where are you. I said my mom is driving me to school. Then she said oh can ride with you guys and I said sure. Taylor’s P.O.V Ugh where is Emma I really wanted to see her pretty face to light me up this morning. Instead of her I had to sit next to Julian, god she is annoying and so desperate. I told her I am not interested before but she keeps trying. God girls can be so thirsty. Emma’s P.O.V Once I got out of my car I ran to my locker and went to class. Me and Paige were the only ones for a few minutes but then people started coming. Paige was sitting next to me when Taylor came in so she moved so he could sit next to me. “ Hey Emma I missed you on the bus,” Taylor said.Sorry my mom offered to drive me and Paige. Oh its ok were cool. I smiled and he held my hand I swear I felt a spark in between us. Well the day went on and I finally got home. It was finally the weekend. Taylor texted me and asked if he wanted to hangout. I said sure. I went to his house and we played video games in his basement. I ended up winning so he tackled me. He was on top of me and it felt like the time stopped then he kissed me. Bringing me up I straddled his lap and we started making out but then we heard someone coming downstairs so we stopped. Later on it got dark so I had to leave. I told Taylor goodbye and he kissed me on the check. I blushed a little and walked on. When I got home I ate a snack and went to bed I can’t believe me and Taylor made out, wow.
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