I swear to god, the sun is heating up. Hotter and hotter, it must be getting closer. I go to sleep in my own sweat and I wake up in my own sweat. The world is changing, but you stay the same. You keep me sane in this heat. You keep me alive, for the world knows I would've melted.


1. prologue

"It's too hot," I tell him as I grip my sweaty palms to his already sweat-stricken shirt. "How long until we all die?"

"We won't die," he reassures me. "The entire planet is dealing with this, and I'm sure some leader in some country has a plan to fix this."

"Fix what? Fix their own problem? Why can't you accept that this is their problem?! They did this to us! Just because your father--." 

"Please don't mention my father again."

"How can't I? He's a bloody Minister! They're all working together! They're killing us, how can't you see that?"

"We're fine, everything will be alright! Survival with thrive."

I fold my hand into a fist and smash it against his chest. He doesn't seem alarmed or hurt, instead my hand hurts from hitting his hard exterior. "It's drying up all the water, Liam! There's no survival!" 



Hi everyone! Okay sooooo Adventure was a test run and it pass! So here is the actually story that I wanted to post but I wasn't sure if my 'fans' were still out there, but it looks like you are! Anyways, again I'm sticking to Thursday updates and let's have an awesome summer! morgan

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