The Devils Turn

Sometimes life is just a game an amusement not for Catherine Taylor, for her life is as fake and plastic as a doll. She married young and has been on her own since the ripe age of 15.


1. Us

There is something enticing about the notion of love, something almost addictive.He was surprised, when he came home after a long day at work, to see his wife lying on their shared bed. She laid on her side, her fingers tips red from the bowl of strawberries by her feet. The gown she wore was covered in moth made holes, odd patches of flesh peaked through.

"Catherine?" He set down his suit case and the cup of coffee he had poured on his way out of the office."Darling, do you love me?" He had to strain to hear her. She spoke in a soft, tired whisper. Sitting up on her knees, she lifted the skirt of her dress, exposing scarred thighs.Rubbing his face, he sighed heavily. "Must you always doubt me?

She smiled at that, a very cynical smile. "Doubt no, question yes." She played with the layered pearl necklace that graced her neck. "Can't you just answer my question? Make me happy?"When he didn't say anything Catherine crawled out of bed, moving slow and quietly. "Oh, Aiden. Why must you disappoint?" Reaching out he wrapped his fingers around her slender wrist. "Can't you just be happy with an adoring and faithful husband?"Pulling away from him she slipped off her dress and turned around. "Of course not, idiot." He put a hand on her shoulder only to have her shake him off, she glanced over her shoulder, glaring at him. A look of indifference replaced the holeless, lost look she wore earlier.

"Your lover had called, again. I had the maid take a message." Catherine turned to face him head on, even in nothing she was still a frightening force to be reckoned with. She quirked a dark eye brow, a bemused look on her face. "Unless you want your whore and your wife to meet." Walking closer, close enough for Aiden to smell wine on her breath and take notice of her glassy eyes, she sized him up. "I can can only play the role of your cousin for so long, darling."

"Yet you play it so well, my love." Aiden praised sarcastically, his voice growing in volume. "A whore, a bride what difference does it make? We've been married for what? Ten years?"

His hands gripped her shoulders as he shook her. Catherine no longer cried when he did this. No longer did she tremble under his touch. Had he finally snuffed out the fire that burned within her?

"Maybe I'm sick of the games, I wonder what love is truly like." His jaw clenched. She smiled, so she had finally struck a nerve. "Obviously I love you, why else would I hold you when you lose the little bit of mind you have left?"

"Oh, darling. Didn't you know, two still births and three miscarriages would do that to a woman?" She shoved him away and stalked past him, long blonde hair swinging as she slammed the door.

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