This girl Olivia her life changes before her eyes.she meets a man Alex and falls in love with him.she meets her sister heather and tells Olivia that she is a feature changer and to keep quiet about it or terrible things will happen. Throughout the process in unexpecting and thrilling things will happen.


1. it's not just a memory

As I wake up to a long annoying alarm and wake up. I go to the bathroom and see my blue grey eyes now bright,dark brown hair light,lips pick blush,and skin light tan. My eyes used to be dull blue grey, lips bright bronze WHO IS THIS! I almost scream loud enough the my next door apartment neighbor would hear me. When I'm going to work to my lexis car my work starts 9:30 am in homocide cases. I go to my boss peters office and introduces the to a man named Alex and memories when I was little come to my mind.then I remember him and we are now partners at work well he had no place to sleep so I let him stay at my place we talk he tells me I was in the military and you are the reason for me to live.when I go to bed with a blushing smile.

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