This girl Olivia her life changes before her eyes.she meets a man Alex and falls in love with him.she meets her sister heather and tells Olivia that she is a feature changer and to keep quiet about it or terrible things will happen. Throughout the process in unexpecting and thrilling things will happen.


2. candy wrappers

When I wake up I hear sizzling and a smell of eggs and pancakes.a knock on my door "come in" Alex walks in "did you sleep good?" he grins.we eat breack fast talk and joke around. I don't work until 4:00pm and Sundays not many people come unless urgent."what to do today" Alex announces "to a mall with a theater" "sure but I'm not buying something embarrassing" Alex tells me with two eyebrows up. When I left him for a few minutes and come back I see Alex with two small bags with candy almost filling the bag up and he says "want your favorite lollipop Tutsi roll" he tells me reaching for it. We walk around and when we go back to the apartment we tape the candy wrappers we ate to the wall. We hold hand then our eyes see each other and let go. We get ready to go to work.

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