Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



12. zoo

"Lexi come over here" Perrie screamed from the other side motioning to the polar bear cage. "Ya?" I hope we do something crazy! "Come on where jumping in"! Ok maybe not that crazy all the boys looked up when she said that...." Um what if there's something in the water." I don't want to die of a disease! "There won't be you can see right through it, just take a swim in that then we can get changed into our regular close or we can all go to my house!" I just kinda stared at her until realizing I need to let loose "ok let's go!" I took my shoes off and socks the girls doing the same except Perrie she had spandex under her gym shorts and a sports bra under her shirt. We all looked at the boys like how you look at some one when your thinking what the fuck are you doing? Kinda look "well what are you waiting for" I asked cocking an eyebrow at them all until louis sighed and they all got up and stripped down to there boxers and walked towards us

We all stood at the edge of the cliff that they painted white just staring at the water that shit was deep. I took one last look and jumped in , the water felt amazing when I reached the surface again I saw Perrie with a wild smile on until she grabbed Lena's hand and jumped in I giggled when she came up by me making her giggle "ok guys get in"! Perrie squealed. Harry shrugged his shoulders and winked then dove in when he was still under water he grabbed my hips and picked me up when he reached the surface then throwing me! Who the fuck is he hulk he wasn't even touching the bottom! I splashed at him when i got up I could barely breath I was laughing to hard I looked towards the cliff again when I saw Niall laughing his ass then tackle zayn in the water with him fallowing. The cutest thing ever was when louis grabbed Els hand and they ran together jumping off at the same time it was so adorable I loved it!

When every body got in we decided to just swim I wanted to see what the bottom looked like so I decided to go find out for myself it was atleast 20 feet deep maybe even more but I think I can do it when I lived in California me and my mom would go to the beach grab a rock and swim to the bottom kinda by the shallow but kinda in the deep I would grab her shoulders and she would walk around until we couldn't breath it was so amazing.I took in a huge breath and went under swimming deeper and deeper down when i hit the bottom there was the glass were people would stand to look at the polar bears it was really cool I didn't want to stay under here all by myself so I went back up to the surface and saw everybody freaking out "what happened?" I questioned wondering if anything bad happened to them "holy shit lexi you scared the fuck out of me where were you!?!?" Harry yelled concerned clearly in his voice making me laugh "I was at the bottom of the tank I wanted to see what it looked like" I shrugged louis and Lena started giggling until every body started to crack up except harry "lexi you should of seen harry he was about to have a heart attack"! Louis said gasping for air harry just rolled his eyes I took the bold move and went up to him it wasn't a big deal but he's just so darn cute I kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear "thanks for the concern" he chuckled in my ear that's when I decided to grab his shoulders and push him under water but he decided to grab ahold of my hips an take me under I rapped my legs around his torso and looked at him while he just stared at me we sat under water for like a minute until I decided to release my legs from him and swam to the top I was about to go until he grabbed my leg and pulled me down I almost opened my mouth to scream but when I got to his level he slammed his lips into mine making me have instant fire works it was fucking magic I felt the heat ride in my skin and just by that kiss it took all the air I pushed back ending the kiss grabbed his arm and pulled him up to the surface with the biggest smile on my face he did to witch made me happy.

After about an hour we decided to get out of the water "guys we can all get changed in the locker rooms here" Lena told us pointing towards a closed door. We walked towards the door letting the guys go first just in case something popped out making them all smirk zayn kicked the door until it popped open and flicked a light on it kinda took a minute to turn on completely. Us girls took the left side cuz it was cleaner and the door wasn't by it just in case some one walked in we all turned are backs from each other as we stripped from our spandex and stepped into our under wear. I'm glad I didn't wear a thong I wore black panties with lace over it, the didn't really cover my ass but it wasn't a thong so ya! I took my sports bra off and quickly put my matching bra on I wasn't ashamed of anything I just didn't like face this dirty wall. I heard Lena giggle "nice panties lexi" I turned around my face really red "thanks!" I giggled with her I put my black cropped top on and looked at my bag deciding if I should wear my shorts or my comfy sweats that are a little big on me but cute I grabbed m sweats and put them on this making my stomach show more so my belly ring showed.... Ya I know a belly ring me and my mom got and me got it together on my 14 birthday! I put my Nikes back on and brushed my hair out just pushing it to one side and fishtail braiding it. My outfit didn't look that bad I guess.

"Hey do u guys wanna do something fun!" I squealed but whispered so the guys didn't hear "YES!" The all yelled making me sush then with a smile. "Ok so there getting changed right now so let's climb on top of the lockers and climb towards the lights and shut them off they will instantly go looking for us so were gonna have to jump off and go back were we were changing we can all fit in the lockers so get in one and when they turn the light on and come towards us we will swing the lockers and jump on them! It will scare the shit out of them!" I spoke quietly they all smiled until the lights shut off we all jumped towards each other screaming and hearing the boys laugh come closer towards us I felt to arms go around my waist and my instant reflex was to start kicking they turned me around I started to punch his chest until he chuckled making me stop cause it was harry "harry you scared me" I yelled.... And all he did was group my ass isn't he just charming. He picked me up so I rapped my legs around his torso pulling us closer I just sat there until his lips found my neck exploring freely , he went down and sucked at the croak of my neck making me shove my face into his shoulder so no one could here my moan..... He removed his lips from my neck and went to my ear "found it" I could feel his smirk right then the lights flipped on making me turn my head around quickly and look at everybody smiling at us I quickly hopped off fixing my shirt "you shut the lights off for 3 minutes and they already turned it into something sexual" zayn spoke making me laugh at him and every body else cracking up I grabbed my bag from the ground zipping it up and turning around completely "HOLY FUCK! Lexi I didn't know you had your belly button pierced" El spoke surprised "ya" I spoke looking down at it touching it until harry grabbed my shoulder to turn me around towards him so he could see "that's hot"... He trailed off making me giggle "oh shut up"! I said playfully he just winked

"Ok so let's go to my place and just hang out" Perrie spoke to us making us all nod " I'll call liam so he can drive my car over here and Daniel (I don't like Sophie that much sorry) can bring one of yours" harry spoke taking his phone out and El taking hers out and texting Daniel I'm guessing. "Ok they'll be here in 30minutes so we have a while" harry spoke making us girls sit down "why don't we walk around until it's time to go?" Harry questioned dragging his words making him look cute "sure" I looked at the girls while I stood up them following and the guys walking first.

"Let's go sit in the shops and just talk" El instructed nodding her head towards the door of a crazy looking antique shop. When harry opened the door letting us go in first, it was actually pretty ..... Well the colors I followed Lena to the front and we sat on the counter making room for Perrie and Eleanor. Niall went around the counter facing out backs and when I looked at Lena he had his legs on each side of her an his head on her shoulder making her blush madly I nudged her shoulder banding a wink and making the girls laugh and me giggle when I looked away from Lena still giggling until my hazel eyes meet those captivating green eyes, we just stared at each other until he walked towards me and grabbed my hand and nodded his head towards the door. I hopped down from the counter and let him lead me out of the shop "let's go over there" he pointed to the Marry Go Round I giggled and released my hand from his and walked over there, I sat on a horse until it started to move making me look up at harry with a smirk on his face I got off of the horse and started to walk towards him but him backing up turning around I cocked an eyebrow before I turned around and started to walk until I felt his body collide we sat there letting are foreheads lean on each other "got you" I whispered and he opened his mouth but I took that opportunity to smash my lips into his and feel my body ignite he quickly kissed back after a couple seconds I pulled back slightly butting his bottom lip then letting go and watching it fall into a smirk. His phone went off signaling he got a text "there here" he spoke grabbing my hand and leading me towards the cars. When I saw Perrie wave me over I looked at harry "well I'll see you there!" I turned to him smiling "ok" he spoke nonchalantly making me giggle and look down at our hands his gaze following "oh ya " he chuckled turning the other way and letting me skip to the car with Perrie I think were gonna be really close "lexi this is Daniel, Daniel this is lexi." Perrie introduced us "hey!" She squeaked making me smile "hi!" I replied hopping in the car.

The car ride was us just talking about the guys and how silly try are and there hole "bad boy" thing is just an act and they can actually be sweet, El spoke about her and louis and how great he is bringing a smile to my face and Perrie told me about zayn and his hair getting a giggle from me then Daniel told me a funny story about liam dressing up as batman for her one time it was so cute then Lena just talked about everything she likes about Niall witch was sweet "I think he really likes you have you seen him he can't ever take his eyes off you." I told Lena the honest truth making her smile widely.

"Were here"! Daniel spoke putting the car to a stop, we all jumped out of the car seeing the boys beat us here. When we walked in we all piled towards the living room and Perrie going to the kitchen for drinks "lexi can you help me" she yelled in the hallway I got off the ground and scurried to the kitchen with her "sure what do you need" "what's your favorite drink" she asked opening a cabinet full of alcohol "um what's yours"? I asked I mean I've been to acouple parties before but I've only drank vodka and rum "cherry vodka" he squealed "ok let's have that one then she grabbed the bottle handing it to me then she grabbed another sliding it to me then she held a bunch of solo cups we walked to the living room seeing every body in a circle "come on where playing truth or dare" louis said sounding like a school girl that just got an A on her math test me and Perrie squeezed together giving every body a cup of the cherry vodka and then handed me it , I took a sip an it tasted really good.

"Ok truth or dare Niall?" Louis questioned "truth" louis let out a snort and rolled his eyes "is it true you like Lena?" Niall turned red and louis cocked an eyebrow "yes" he whispered making every body laugh and we all turned our attention to Lena watching her get up and go drop her self on Niall he smiled cheekily and kissed her on her cheek. "Perrie truth or dare" Lena asked "dare!!" She squealed "I dare you to tell us one of the most embarrassing things zayn has ever done." This made Perrie burst out laughing and Zayn turned white "once when we were having sex he started moaning "Mum"and when I started laughing he tried to turn me around he through me off the bed." She spoke bursting out in laughter again and zayn putting his face in his hands I started laughing. "Before I go I want to turn on music" Perrie said getting up and going towards her iPod and the famous song "grind on me" came on I giggled slamming my drink down "lexi truth or dare" "Dare!" I chirped "I dare you to do the grind on me , on harry I started to laugh me and Perrie both getting up I went towards harry pushing him on his back and looking at Perrie to start the music over and right when I heard "baby grind on me" I went down and pushed my hips against his and then went towards his face. I got up giggling only to be pulled down by harry making me fall into his lap.

Perrie handed me another solo cup full to the top making this my third me already drunk. "Do you guys wanna go swimming" El slurred with a hiccup at the end " YES!" I added pulling her up by her arm and she grabbed Perries hand "Lena are you coming?" Making us look at her "no me and Niall will be upstairs" she winked and that's where they went. We giggled before we left I grabbed Harry's shirt pulling him up to come with us. When we got to her pool I took my sweat pants off and my top leaving me in my bra and panties.

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