Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



15. yes


•Rock Me - One Direction

•Adore You - Miley Cyrus

•She Is - The Fray


"Harry what are we doing in here." I looked up at his dark green eyes. All he did was look back not answering me at all until I gave him a look waiting for him to answer. " well those shorts there bugging me" he said dragging on the words "oh." I spoke above a whisper, stepping forward letting my finger tips slip into the top of his pants pulling him closer. "Well.... We could fix that" I kissed down his neck "But not here." I pulled back bitting my lip trying not to smile as I see him so vulnerable. All of a sudden he pulls out his phone and puts it to his ear.

"Yes I'd like to have a taxi come and get me as soon as possible, at the McDonalds on May Bell street." He spoke into the phone deeply making me giggle he really called a taxi... He needs to manage his dick. He put his phone away and smiled at me cheekily. "So if I sleep with you will you go shopping with me next week!" I said giggling it took him a second to understand what I'm talking about until he chuckled and pushed me against the wall pushing his body on mine "I'll do more then shopping" he said with a wink making me laugh "oh shut up" I said before slamming my lips into his. He kissed me back a second later licking my bottom lip asking for entrance I quickly accepted letting are tongues fight for dominance. The kiss deepened him grabbing my hips and pulling up so I'll straddle him, my hands around his neck. It felt amazing only until his phone started to ring he quickly got it out if his pocket braking the kiss while he answered it, me going straight to Harry's neck as he listened to the other person on the line "the cabs here" he spoke before I jumped off him took his hand and pulled him out of the bathroom we walked towards the door until I saw Perrie give me a questioning look " I'll text you and my bag is at your house so ya!" I said before opening the door and yanking on Harry's arm so he can follow. I hopped in the cab and quickly told the driver the address with him replying we'll be there in about 3 minutes. They where the longest 3 minutes of my life holy fuck "can't you speed!" I asked coldly "were here" he yelled making me jump out of the cab and throw like 12 dollars at him... I felt bad but you know I'm busy.

Harry quickly unlocked the door shoving me in and slamming the door shut. This time I slammed him against the wall "now we can fix this problem." I winked before kissing his neck until I reached his jaw line kissing it slowly until he grabbed my hips and slammed me into him making me slam are lips together. He picked me up so I could rap my legs around his torso. "Let's go to my bedroom" he whispered into my ear letting me nod I went back to kissing him while he walked down the hall and by the stairs "don't.....drop....me" I spoke through the kiss "never.." He said before slipping his tongue in my mouth walking up the stairs carefully but quickly

Setting me on the mattress gently "so this is what your room looks like" I cocked an eyebrow with a smile looking at the dark black walls with white curtains and the duvet Being black.... It was just so dark but him.the thing that caught my eye was saying on the wall "Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love.... That is what describes her.... She is my.... Emotions"written in fancy letters but the word "emotion" was just so captivating on how it looked it was beautiful. "Ya." He said above a whisper looking into my hazel eyes...." It's so dark" I looked into his breath taking eyes "ya but there's a story behind the paint" he said never breaking my gaze. Him saying that just made me want him more. I pushed him down on me since I'm laying on the bed and kissed him. There was so much passion behind it I never felt anything like it before. His hands wandered my body until he grabbed ahold of the bottom of the sweat shirt and pulled it over my head leaving me in my bra and shorts. I kicked my nikes off along with my socks. Harry broke the kiss as he pearled down at my almost naked body with lust full eyes, I looked down at him and then followed down to his shirt, he followed my gaze and swiftly took his shirt off exposing his beautiful tan skin with his amazing 6pack and that butterfly tattoo.... I always get so giddy seeing it, it's exactly the one on my necklace. "Your so fucking breath taking" I whispered to him as I felt down his body making his eyes flicker to mine ." I could say the same to you." He spoke before smashing his lips into mine. The kiss deepened letting my hands go to Harry's belt buckle and pull it down letting his jeans go with it. He ripped my shorts off taking my underwear with them leaving me in just a bra. Well was in a bra harry Unclipped it. I pulled his boxers down. "Let your hair down" he whispered making me quickly yank the fucking hair tie out. He slowly pushed himself into me, me taking my lip in between my teeth. He pumped in slowly little moans falling from both of our lips "ha-rry" I stuttered as he pushed in deeper and just a little but faster.... My nails scratched down his back as he moaned my name this felt amazing him just working himself in me I rapped my legs around his torso as I rocked my hips with his "lex-I fuck" he stuttered at me rocking his hips a little faster but at a steady beat filling my insides I felt my eyes screw shut and me tighten under him feeling him twitch in me "open your eyes" he said quickly making me use all my strength to open them my first sight was his emerald green orbs..... My knees buckled and my hips went up slamming into his as I moaned his name while releasing under his touch and his warmth fill me.

He laid down next to me and pulled the covers over me while I just stared at him,taking in all his features. He's a really good......friend? I don't even know what this is but what ever. I watched as he studied my face but before he could do anything I quickly got up and took one of the blankets so I could rap it around myself. I headed towards the door "where are you going." He asked curiosity rimed in his voice " to take a shower I'm filthy." I giggled looking back at him to see a smile "you can take one in here" he shrugged pointing towards the closed door, I just nodded and headed for the door. Before I opened it I dropped the blanket and scurried into the bathroom. I heard harry chuckle making me smile. I quickly turned the water on and hopped in letting it warm me up.....shit I forgot my luffa. I thought right before the door opened I peeked my head out to see harry leaning on the door holding a coral luffa in his hands with a smirk "you forgot this" he spoke the obvious "ya..." I said dragging the words and sticking my hand out for it putting my head back in the shower. My hand was out there for like 1 minute until the curtain opened my instantly shielding my self "harry what are you doing!"I shrieked keeping my eyes on his... Well trying to "taking a shower, what else" he spoke grabbing my hands and pulling them away from my body and pulling me to his chest. "Can I have my luffa now" I sighed trying to hold my smile back."well I have these shower rules... But since your probably warn out from me rocking your world I guess you could". He smirked making my cheeks burn "you are so full of yourself you know that" I giggled reaching for my luffa only for him to pull back " I'm not full of myself I just know facts!" He winked "what if I told you that you could of done better" I said with a smug smile "you'd be lying cause I could take you right now and you'd be screaming my name" he smirked so cocky "doubt that"... I said rolling my eyes playfully him cocking an eyebrow " really" he just stared at me pushing me closer towards him and the water only hitting my ass... "Ya" I bit my lip putting my hands on his chest only until I felt something go in me making me almost fall cause of the pleasure but harry pretty much holding me up. He turned me around placing my back on the wall "see" he winked "oh shut up I haven't heard your name yet." I whispered slamming my hips into his, making his mouth fall open and take a sharp breath." I'll make you scream my name." He said sharply and started to pump into me over and over again letting curse words fall out of my mouth I won't say his name "fu-uck.." I stuttered "just...give up...." He spoke to me going even harder, my nails were already stabbing his back him flexing every movement. "No." I stated as firmly as I could "I'll fuck you after you cum if you don't say it" he spoke his head dipped into my neck " try me..." I spoke with the rest of my air, he wants to play this game.... I'll make it my own. I started to rock my hips harder each time. Letting his get slower him warring out " I won't stop" I spat trying to suppress his name from my lips. "Fuck fuck fuck." "Tell me I won" I smirked letting him look at me " never" he said before cumming in me but I didn't stop I told him. "Are you sure" I spoke going harder. I felt my knees buckle and my eyes screw shut "give up" he whispered "no" I said before cumming but just slowing down. Until harry picked my leg up put me in the corner of the shower and fucked the life out of me "HARRY!" I screamed watching his neck fall back and release again "I fucking told you." He winked tiredly "shut the fuck up" I giggled lousily and went towards the water "your crazy" he said behind me his head on my shoulder "how I'm I crazy"? I questioned cocking an eyebrow even though he can't see." I won't stop" he mocked me, I turned around "and I didn't!" I held a straight face "and who are you to talk mr. I'll fuck you after you cum if you don't say it" I tried to mock his voice with a giggle." It's different when I say it" he smirked " oh please I had you so vulnerable" I said sliding down as my hands felt his abs and his body tensed under my touch " I made you say my name while you came undone." By now I was at his v-line "so your gonna suck me off now huh" he whispered making me bit my lip then coming back up " you dropped this." I giggled holding my luffa "ya whatever I will make you beg for it later tonight trust me." He smirked rubbing the luffa on my body.... Only for him to go straight to my vagina "um what are you doing?" I asked wiggling under his touch only for him to pull me back "well what I have planned for tonight I'll want to have fresh cum." He winked with a cheeky smile... Making me grab the soap and pour some in my hand and start to rub his member lightly watching his face shoot up "ya me to" I giggled.

We both hopped out of the shower harry rapping a towel around me and one around his waist "do you wanna watch a movie?" Harry asked grabbing my waist from behind "ya sure let me get changed first." I told him heading towards the door but him not letting go of my waist "ok" he said opening the door I just said he's smiling.

"Just wear these." He held out my red lace bra with my red thong." Why?" I cocked an eyebrow clutching onto my towel "because it's sexy" he speaks nonchalantly making me sigh and grab it from his hands and put it on "much better." He chuckled making me jump on his lap and push him down kissing his lips gently "lexi I never got to ask you..." He said his cheeks turning a tint of red "will you.... Ah.... Be my.... Girlf-" he said me cutting him off by slamming my lips into his "yes" I whispered before my bedroom door swung open making me scream and harry flip us over so I'm covered " holy fucking shit lexi get some close on" I heard Perries voice boom with a laugh making me breath out a sigh "you scared me" I spoke pushing harry off of me seeing that he was only in boxers " ya ya put this on." She threw a black long sleeve pencil dress that goes just above my ass."why?" I asked grabbing the dress feeling Harry's eyes on my ass "because it's Saturday and there's a Frat house party over at the university and where going!" Lena jumped in "where's El"? I questioned pulling the dress up my legs wiggling into it "her louis Daniel and liam are to fucking boring to come, so zayn and Niall are in the car waiting for all of us!" Perrie said motioning to harry him quickly getting up and going to his room. "Ok I guess but I need to do my make up really quick." I said running to my vanity quickly applying eyeliner to my water line and thick mascara, brushing my natural wavy hair out letting it flow but I decided to bump my bangs up. "Hurry up put these on sexy." Lena winked handing me black heels and I walked out seeing harry around the corner in black skinny jeans and a white v neck sexy as always "that was quick". I spoke with a smile "ya you look good" he spoke letting his eyes rake my body "really good" he finished with his lip between his teeth "guys we need to go to a party not have a fuck fest." Perrie laughed pulling me out of the house "ok so we will have to lap" Perrie said before skidding into a black challenger "you can sit on my lap" harry said hooking his arm around my waist and sliding into the car pulling me on top of his lap. "Ok" I shrugged adjusting myself on his lap .

We pulled up at the frat house my first sight see hundreds of kids scattered on the front lawn with millions of solo cups. "This is gonna be so fucking awesome" I squealed hopping out if the car dragging Perrie and Lena to the house "hey cuties" I heard some guy holler at us me only looking at him once until we ignore him and go straight to the kitchen "hey here's some drinks girls" some guy tries to hand us three solo cups Perrie reaching for a cup "where good thanks" I said smiling "lexi what the hell!" Perrie whined "don't take a drink from anybody tonight they drug that shit" I told her like it was obvious her looking at me "ooh! Your so smart!" Perrie giggled. I handed them both a cup of straight vodka and we chugged it. "Let's go dance!" Lena said pulling us in there seeing a bunch of sweaty people on each other I looked towards the couch to see harry and Niall laughing at something. "K!" I spoke running into the sweaty people swinging my hips to the music this was amazing I could feel my buzz kicking in. "Lexi let's go play beer pong!" Lena yelled in my ear me nodding and following them "ok so me and Lena will be partners" Perrie said grabbing her hand and going to the other side of the table...well I don't have a par- "I'll be your partner" I heard a male voice from behind me making me turn around... He was cute but nothing like harry he had a lip piercing it was very shiny...." Ok I'm lexi!" I chirped him smiling "I'm Luke" he said standing right next to me and getting ready to start the game! "Your going down" I slurred to the girls across from me. Making them giggle "you can go first" Perrie said smirking so I picked up the ball and chucked it making it into there 3rd cup in the back her sighing and everybody cheering I looked at the couch seeing harry wink Lena through the ball back after Perrie chugged her vodka... Lena made it in are first cup Luke insisting I drink it so I decided to! It had a weird taste but it was still good.

"Ok Luke don't fuck this up for us" I giggled seeing they only had one more cup left and we had 2 me having to drink most of them he chuckled before tossing the ball I watched as it dipped into the cup and me jumping up and down! "Yay we won!!!!" I yelled everybody hollering Lena chugged it down. And Luke grabbed both of the cups handing me one letting me chug it... This tasted weird again. I shook it off walking towards harry but my head spinning like crazy only for Luke to grab my wrist and turn me around "did you fucking drug me?" I spat at him but all he did was wink making my fist fly up to his face and his face sling to the side. He moved his hand to his cheek most people where staring by now but the most shocking thing happened. I watched his hand fly up and connect with my cheek me feeling the burn right when I look up I see red my anger growing every bodies eyes were on us now but when I looked up I saw harry step in front of me an deck the kid straight in the face him knocking to the floor "if you ever lay a hand on my Fucking girlfriend...I'll break your fucking hands" harry spat at him while turning around putting his hands around my waist and pulling me out the girls, zayn and Niall following us.

"That bitch drugged me" I giggled to harry as he carried me bridal style him looking at me crazy. "And slapped me" I kept laughing "good thing my knight and shining armor was there." I said kissing his cheek "are you ok lexi" he asked concerned clear in his voice "never better now lighten up!" I slurred "hey wares the keys? I'll drive home!" I asked trying to be serious "you are not driving" he said before placing me on his lap in the back seat

I kicked my heels off and leaned towards the front my ass in Harry's face but whatever. I turned the radio hearing ride by SoMo "ooh I love this song" I giggled the girls giggling to I sat back down but this time I had my legs bent and my knees where on each side of harry straddling him. "So I'm go ride I'm go ride I'm go ride on you very slow all night all night" SoMo sang my grinding my hips on harry moving down and up my front touching his "poison in are vanes but we don't give a fuck candles dripping on your body baby" he sang that part me sitting back down giggling "best lap dance I've ever had" he whispered making me bit my lip giggling... I tend to do that a lot when I'm in a heated situation when I'm in a sad situation and I'm in a happy situation.

"That was fucking hot lexi! God you can grind" I hear Perrie yell with a laugh making me laugh "let's go to the store and get some alcohol!" I spoke to them all Niall making a swift turn to the closest Walmart!

"Lexi come over here" Perrie yelled waving her hand towards the cart "get in" Lena giggled making me hop in "To THE ALCOHOL ILSE !" I yelled laughing my ass off he started running with me in the cart that shit was scary me holding on to my dear life until we got there "let's get this, this , and this" I pointed to Tequila, cherry vodka, and Captain Morgan rum. She handed them to me "and these" she through in 3 packs of wine coolers there so good and she tree in fuzzy navels. Ok let's go find the boys we spoke about to turn the corner until we pumped into a cart me almost flying out of the cart "found them" I slurred seeing the boys having a cart full of vodka and beer "how are we gonna buy this shit" I asked since were all under age " fake ID's duh!" Niall spoke showing his to me "oh you guys are so bad" I giggled making them chuckle "ok let's go check out" Niall said pulling the cart towards the cash register "excuse me but you can't be in the cart...Ms." The lady said looking me up and down "oh ok I'll... Just look for my fucks to give then get out"! I smiled sarcastically getting every body to look at me like I should just shut the fuck up "Ms. I don't tolerate your language" god she's annoying "it's lexi.... And I'll get out cuz your killing my fucking vibe!" I giggled standing up and pulling my dress down a little before I put one leg over then the next. "Let's get the fuck out of this ghetto walmart" Perrie slurred me nodding.

The boys put the alcohol in the trunk and hopped in. What ever drug he put in my drink wasn't very good it just got me really drunk! "Were are we going" I slurred to harry him looking at me "home, your gonna feel horrible tomorrow" he said looking at Niall so he can take us home "your gonna feel horrible tomorrow" I winked giggling "buzzkill" I mumbled turning my head towards the window smiling like an idiot. He turned my head to look at him "a buzzkill you fucked" he mumbled only for me to hear making me giggle "you loved it" I smirked straddling him again and pushed down "ya" he spoke looking back at my lips and leaning in only for me to quickly pull away and giggle "you can't touch me until we get home" I whispered to him. "And what if I do" he smirked "you'll be jerking off all by your self calling my name begging for me to do it" I held my smug smile "oh your bad .... You should be punished later on" he winked "ooh kinky I like it" I whispered in his ear "I guess I'll have to wait for my punishment" I spoke bitting his ear top and kissing down his neck to his jawline "you guys know your still in the car" zayn laughed "ya whatever" harry said sharply making me giggle "ok were here text me later" Lena and Perrie said letting me nod my head and get out of the car pulling harry along.

"Can you unzip me?" I asked him turning around. He pushed my hair to the side and unzipped the dress letting it fall to the ground I bent down quickly my ass on Harry's dick and my face towards the ground so I could take my heels on "well then" he chuckled making me turn around seeing him tower over me now but I quickly put my finger on his lips "I didn't say you could talk" I snapped trying to be serious "Now lay down" I instructed him stumbling back and laying on the bed "strip" I spoke sharply making him go straight to his pants then taking his shirt off "leave those on I'll take care of them" I spoke talking about his boxers. I straddled him as he looked at my bra and laced red thong. I started to grind my hips on his hearing him moan "do you wanna touch me" I giggled bitting my lip. Him nodding moving his hands up to grab my hips making me grab his wrists and put them above his head "to fucking bad." I spoke grinding my hips harder "I thought you got a punishment" he whispered making me almost giggle. "Shh don't talk" I slurred but before I knew it he flipped us over him between my legs and him holding my wrists. "What the fuck you can't ruin it." I whined with a giggle "it's my turn" he said kissing my neck and grinding his hips into mine. "You suck" I moaned into his ear "and you swallow" he spoke making me pull back and giggle uncontrollably "that was a good one" I giggled until he pushed his hips into mine "scoot up" he spoke looking at the head bored making me scoot up until my back hit it. Harry coming by my knees grabbing them and yanking them open and grabbing my panties pulling them down. And bringing his lips to the corner of my mouth then to my jaw line and on my neck lingering every kiss. My breathing hitching as he cupped my left boob his right hand unhooking my bra and tugging it off. He pulled me down a little so I'm laying down and goes to my stomach kissing me lightly "thank you" I whispered but it coming out as a moan "for hitting Luke" I kept going him not doing anything just kept kissing down "id do it over again" he said getting closer to my lower region my breath going rigged "your so slow" I giggled only to feel his smooth tongue on me making my hips buck up only for him to push me down lightly "ah.... Fu...ck" I mumbled grabbing ahold of Harry's curls and pulling on them feeling the ringlets go between my fingers tugging on them hearing harry moan " you taste so fucking good" he spoke looking at me making me feel so vulnerable him licking his lips. He held up his finger putting it to my mouth for me to lick it. I put his finger in my mouth my tongue on the bottom and went up slowly making eye contact with him and bitting the top. He pulled his finger down looking at me then stuck it in my making me take in a sharp breath and sitting on my elbows. He went in slowly but started to go faster me barely breathing "harry.... God" i spoke grabbing the bed sheets and fisting them throwing my head back my legs tightening my thighs him still pumping in me. "Harry I'm gonna" I couldn't even finish my sentence my walls tightening "cum" he whispered in my ears letting me release around his fingers. Him pulling out slowly and bringing his fingers to his mouth letting him watch. I pulled him up slamming my lips into his "I'm gonna have the biggest hang over tomorrow" I giggled through the kiss. Him humming in response as he made out with me "you taste like...." I spoke trying to think of the word "you" he finished the sentence for me making me chuckle and let my hands wonder his chest "lexi you don't need to" he whispered through the kiss while my hands fumbled with his boxers "but I want to" I said going to his ear, I grabbed his shoulders and pulling him up so he's kinda on me and I tried to pull down his boxers but he helped pulling them down and grabbing his hard member "ugh.." He moaned I went slow at first hearing my name fall from his lips was amazing I went a little faster him turning us around so I'm on top. I went between his legs I don't really know what to do. I mean I never gave a blow job.... I'll just wing it "come here" I whispered towards the side of the bed. He went to the side his feet hanging off and me on my knees on the ground. I grabbed it again pushing my hair back and slowly going towards him then rapping my mouth around his length him grunting and tensing under me I went down slowly my tongue sliding down him fisting my hair witch was really hot to move me faster I didn't think he could fit in my mouth until his tip it the back of my throat I felt is eyes on me making me look up through my lashes feeling him twitch in my mouth "lexi" he spat bitting his lip as he hit the back of my throat again then all of a sudden warm liquid went in my mouth me swallowing then whipping the corner of my mouth. Harry pulling me up on him "that was fucking amazing" he whispered out of breath "how about that movie" I whispered sitting up but in the middle of his stomach. Before he answered he bit his lip and let his eyes trail down my eyes following seeing I'm still naked and sitting on his stomach. He handed me his shirt me smiling and putting it on "let's go watch that movie" he said pulling me up I stumbled towards the door "I need water first"

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