Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



5. why

I wake by the sound of a car door slamming and it's like it hits me with everything that happened I want to scream.

I see a tall figure but my door I look for my phone but it's gone. He opens the door

" don't hurt my please" I whisper. He ignores me and pulls me out of the car bridal style I felt so weak. He then whispered in my ear saying "your ok now"

I have this massive head ace but I'm so tired

he opens the door and walks in going straight to a closed door it was a bedroom most likely his he lays me on the bed and tells me to rest

But I get a glimpse of him

I know him from some where ?

His dark brown curly hair and his emerald green eyes spark something in me that almost feels like pain and happiness? "Who are u" I ask "I'm harry" and with that he left while I collected my thoughts.... It hits me I run out of the door until I fall to the ground and look up to see him....

"You" I mumbled " you pulled me out of the fire, you save me but ended me at the same time I whisper....."why didn't you leave me WHY"!!! "My mom.... You.....why I cried

I look up to him when he looks down and whispers " I'm sorry I'm your monster" then he left me there.... Thinking running it all in my head I could of been with her I could see her smile again but instead I'm in hell......

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