Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



8. the day after

Lexi's POV

I laid there silently no emotion in my eyes no feeling in my heart just laying in this cold bed ...

I heard a knock at the door but didn't bother to say anything the person on the other side of the door knocked again making me whisper a small yes barely audible....the door swings open revealing harry I focus my eyes back at the wall seeing him walk towards the bed and lay down right next to me

"So will you tell me why you where out in that neighborhood alone at midnight?" Harry tried to lighten the mood "because" I said sharply "lexi I'm not gonna hurt you I'm here to protect you". He stated "HARRY CANT YOU SEE I DONT NEED TO BE PROTECTED YOU PUT ME IN HELL AND yo-you took everything from me " my voice going quite at the end making him stand from the bed coming towards me making me sit up

"Lexi I didn't take anything from you,I gave you something your mom begged for you to have, I carried you out of that smoke, that broke everything in me lexi every fucking bone in my bottom crushed just seeing the pain in her eyes when she begged for me to get you and her smile when she knew you were safe in my arms.......your mom was hope" at that point tears were tugging at my eyes "I'm sorry...." I whispered

He nodded and turned away walking towards the door "WAIT"! He quickly turned his head towards me "can you stay with me"

I begged he turned around all the way around and walked towards the bed and sat next to me it was quite...

"You know every time she smiled she just lit up the room,and she was the nicest person you could ever meet ,and when she you where telling her something she always looked so interested , she w-"

"Lexi stop it's ok you don't need to"he told me grabbing my hand slightly " no but I want to I want to tell you the good things about her"


We talked for hours about my moms smile until I found myself crying slightly into his shoulder before pulling away whipping my eyes " thank you harry" I whispered harry kissed the top of my head in a friendly way before whispering " thank you"

I sat there staring at him and looking at his beautiful features

His dark chestnut curls with those magical emerald green eyes with the mysterious ink that only he knows what means sketching on his glowing tan skin,and his muscular form with his perfect jaw line....he's just utterly breath taking.

Wow look at me gawking over the guy who saved me twice but I barely know.

"Do you want to go get some food or something"? Harry asked politely. I actually wanted to go to the store to get more close cause I didn't get to bring most of mine and I need them for school.....SCHOOL! "Um can we go to the mall I need to get some new close" I asked shyly "of corse love" he smiled sweetly showing off his dimples "can I still go to school?" I asked hope lacing my voice. I didn't have any best friends but I always liked school. "Ya but you will have to start over at a new school of corse, aren't you going into senior year?" Harry asked interested "ya what about you and how am I supposed to start a new school in a very dangerous city?" I told him impatiently "cause I'll be there" he said cheekily making me giggle "harry how old are you?" I was thinking he was like 19 and some with school but guess not "I'm 18 going into senior year to!"

"Ok well I'm gonna get changed so we can leave" I opened my bag to get my usual a crop top and a pencil skirt or a skater skirt but I had a pencil skirt.

I put my black crop top on short sleeves and it had a little silk bow on the back by my neck in the center. My pencil skirt had kind of a jean feeling but wasn't tacky denim it was black with little white poka-dots and black flats......wow for me running away and this is what I packed makes me look like I'm some snob but I'm not I had to steal these ya sucks I wish I could take them back but I can't.

I pushed my hair up to the front on both sides and walked out I went towards the door but turned around to get my wallet then finally walked out.

I went to the living room I'm guessing and was admiring everything this house is beautiful.... I turned my gaze to the hall and saw harry standing there perfectly in black skinny jeans and a white shirt that you could see his tattoos an muscles through I looked up to see he had a smirk on his face obviously catching me staring "sorry" I whispered blushing he took in my appearance giving me second guesses until his lip was brought between his teeth "it's ok"he winked making me blush even more "k let's not stand here and check each other out and let's go shopping" harry chuckled "I wasn't checking you out I was just observing your outfit" I said with a smile "ya ya me to" harry said with an award winning smile

~at the mall~

"Were do you wanna go first?" Harry asked me "um let's go to forever21" I love that store it's so amazing I got most of my close there and Charlotte Ross.

When we entered forever21 I went straight to the crop tops it's just my style I ended up getting 5 tops the first being a light gray the second being a black and white with geometric pattern the third is loose it's white with pink geometric shapes an some have purple and yellow on them it was all over there shirt it was kinda light it was beautiful it was my favorite the forth a graded black and gray and the fifth being coral my favorite color! I got them for 20 bucks that's a really good sale the next shop was Charlotte Ross for my bottoms "harry I'm sorry I'm taking forever I just have to go to one more shop and we can leave" I felt bad he looks bored." It's ok your fine you probably didn't bring a lot of close" he doesn't even know I ended up sticking 7 outfits in there and 2 pares of shoes my convers and these flats

"Um ya" in that store I found 6 bottoms the first a pencil skirt that was white the second being denim shorts but they were bleached at the bottom white and the top blue they went to my belly button they were my favorite the third was a skater skirt it was black and white with a geometric pattern it was so cute my fourth was black shorts they were cute it wasn't like a jean material but it was like a jegging material just thicker and kinda spandexy , then my fifth was a pare of skinny jeans my sixth was a Maxi skirt it was black.

"Ok harry I just need to go to Victoria secrets" I blushed making his head shoot up to look at me " you can wait outside if you want..." I trailed off my cheeks redder than a tomato "oh I'm fine I'll join you " he said with a smirk

Every rack I went to harry followed picking out random things and putting them against my body making me laugh " what about this one harry laughed pulling out a black bra with lace over it and a matching thong "if I by this will you shut up for the rest of the time were here?" I asked adding a giggle at the end " deal" he rushed the words out making me blush

" now let's get the bra a little but bigger I laugh putting away the A cup he pulled out and looking at him butting his lip making me poke his cheek " k let's go" I took a step forward only for harry to take my 4 pairs of undergarments "I'll pay"

"Nooooo, I'm paying" I stood my ground only until he pouted his lip " fine" he payed for all of them and when we were about to leave the store harry made sure there was no guys coming so he didn't look stupid making me laugh

"Now let's go get some dinner!"

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