Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



10. school

My alarm went off at 5:30 giving me 2 hours to get ready so I went straight to my bathroom and jumping in the shower letting the warm water hit my back releasing my nerves for today what if I look like a bitch. Something's gonna happen.

I put the watermelon body wash on my loofa and scrubbed every inch of my body smelling beautiful.

I stepped out of the shower getting into my coral robe I found under my sink and getting out my white hair dryer blowing out my hair (hehe blowing...sorry) after 30 minutes my hair was completely done I turned my wand off looking at my curls there so.... BOUNCY!

After my hair it was already 6 I need to get changed. I decided to wear my black crop top that's long sleeves with my shorts that are kinda going in an angle down there like jeanish color but kinda graded with black in them there cute they kinda go to my belly button but you can still kinda see my stomach, I wore my moms necklace witch is a gold butterfly matching my black heels I picked up before me and harry left the mall I love then they have gold studs on the back matching my necklace and earrings.

I put lotion on my legs then walked up to the mirror I like my outfit it's the usual just a little twist sorta I'm really scared what if I get jumped or something..... Deep breaths your ok.

I went to my vanity and applied a little eye liner on my water line and put mascara on making a natural look.

I grabbed my black nike duffle bag and put my black nikes with a white swoosh harry gave me for gym... He really is nice I sighed happily. Ok back to packing I put black spandex with a white line going down the side with little black words that say "nike" and the black sports bra with the bottom band saying "nike" in white letters it's a really comfy outfit. I zipped the bag up and slung it on my shoulder.

I walked down the stairs hearing the click of my heals making me smile I turned the corner seeing Harry's shadow making me take a few breaths

" I'm ready!" I chirped making him jump to look at me and his eyes going wide "shit is it bad" I said turning around Slightly "No No it-you.... You look gorgeous. He said blushing making me blush "not to bad your self "I giggled he did he had on black skinny jeans and a black short sleeves with white converse. "I mean u look really good" I smiled confidently "let's go" he winked taking my hand and walking out.

~at school~

Harry swiftly around his range rover to my side and opened the door helping me out "k let's go get your schedule, but remember our principle is a perv and a dick" harry chuckled "ok"

I ended up getting P.E photography , history with harry and math on A day and on B day I got P.E , history, art and science. Today was a B day so I get most of my classes with harry so I won't be alone. Harry waited with me in the principles office so we could walk to art together

I kept getting looks while we were walking making me go closer to harry I got so scared I held his hand the hole way to the art room.

Once we got there I went straight to the back harry following "you don't have to sit by me you can go sit with your friends" I told him quietly "it's fine they will probably come back here" he shrugged it off and that's when 4 bad boys came strolling through the class like they own the place.... They all looked around until one with a dark quiff saw harry and started walking towards him. "Holy fuck" I muttered to my self

"Hey harry!" The blonde one spoke with a thick Irish accent "hey Niall, zayn, liam , louis, this is lexi she's new here." Harry spoke making me smile "hey" I said smoothly. "HI ! I'm guessing louis yelled making me smile then Niall punching him in the arm adding a giggle to my smile.

After they sat down the teacher came in he was young I watched as he went to his desk and pulled out papers until he landed on one

"Ahh Lexi Hotts?" The teacher spoke looking around the room and every body's eyes shifting towards me making my cheeks burn. I raised my hand half way until he looked at me "um why don't you introduce your self up here". He pointed towards the board making my nerves sky rocket up." Sure". I mumbled rolling my eyes this is so fucking dumb.

I felt all eyes on me as I walked up there and turned around. What the fuck am I supposed to say? "I'm lexi" I said annoyed hinting in my voice. I took a step forward until the teachers mouth opened "where are you from?". OH MY FUCKING GOD! "Where the fu- London" I caught My self I took another step towards the back "but you have an American accent" who gives a fuck how I talk. "And you have British accent" and I finally sat down. Harry's little gang giving me smirks making me giggle.

The bell rang and I picked up my stuff about to leave until some body tapped on my shoulder making me turn around. "Hey I'm Lena!" She said very peppy giving her a smile "lexi" harry was still talking to his friends so I didn't care "what class do you have next?" She asked interested "um history " I really hope she has it to she seems nice "Great me to! She squealed grabbing ahold of my hand. "Can I see your schedule?" I pulled it out and unfolded it "sure" maybe she has P.E with me I really like PE so I hope she does to. "OMG we have all our classes together!!! This is so great!" I like her "yay!" I smiled we walked into history when there was only a few students so I grabbed Lena's hand and pulled her to the back row.she just sat right next to me until every body else came in.

"This class is so fucking boring.." I whispered to Lena "tell me about it PE is really fun though we just get to run on the track for an hour!" She tried to whisper to me but was much louder then expected "yay I love PE"! She just gave me a nod and a big smile. We just sat there until the bell finally rang making her jump from her seat and pull me up making me trip on my heal but catch my self "LETS GOOO"! I walked as fast as I could and It was pretty fast for being in heels.

"Let's go we can pick lockers right next to each other" she pepped really excited for this class I'm guessing making me really happy. "Let's get corner lockers" I don't know why but I love corner lockers.

We walked in the gym seeing all guys and like 2 other girls in this class sitting down "can't we just go and get changed" this is kinda dumb but it's probably cause of me. We sat by the 2other girls learning there names Perrie, and Eleanor

"Hey new girl" I heard some guy say with his little group of wanna be thugs ,I turned my head "it's lexi" I snarled having everybody's attention now "well Lexi this class isn't for Barbies" he smirked trying to act cool with his dumb ass friends "well good fucking thing BARBIE isn't here!" I spoke anger clearly in my voice he opened his mouth again probably for something dumb to come out, god where's harry...

"Shut up bitch" I heard him mumble "what the fuck was that "I said shut up BI-" his words got cut off by some guy standing up blocking my view "have shut the hell up and leave her alone" and he walked away .... "Lena who was that"? I pointed towards that guy "hector." She whispered so he didn't hear "he's really nice." All I did was nod... Finally we were aloud to go in the locker room and get changed hopefully I wasn't the only one who had an outfit like this

I got changed and was tying my shoes when I heard Els voice "omg Lexi I have an outfit like that to but you look way better in it with your boobs and ass." She giggled making me giggle with her "thanks you look good to!" She rolled her eyes with a smile and we walked out. The boys came out of the locker room and at the end of them all there was louis,harry,zayn,and Niall

Harry looked good black basket ball shorts with a dark gray shirt. He smiled at me and started walking over with the boys towards us louis' eyes glued on Els body making her blush.

"Hey"his words dragged on looking down my body and back towards my face. "Hi....." I giggled "he came towards me like really close to my ear "I like that outfit it's pretty...ah sexy" making me just play along I ran my finger over his waist band putting my index finger a little in it "yours to" then I pushed him away with a wink! I think I like harry I've only been here for 1 week Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I sat by myself in that room then the rest of the week harry sat with me just staring at me it was funny but just how he did it was amazing.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the teacher telling us to get on the track and he'll be back in an hour.... Letting me Lena Perrie and Eleanor go grab our bags and head to the track "do you wanna go to the zoo or something" Perrie asked "um isn't it abandon and there's like no animals in there "ya..... So"! I thought about it first "sure we all walk across the football field until someone grabbed my arm "where are you going" Harry's voice broke my thoughts "to the zoo" I said peppy giving him a smile "why are you going to the zoo" ughhhhhhhh! "Because it's boring here" Yolo harry fucking Yolo "I don't want you going to th-" really are u serious.... " let me stop you right there ok, k I'm going to the zoo with them do u want to come? Harry rolled his eyes at me making me giggle "fine let me go get the boys" I turned my attention back to the girls "sorry he's just stupid...." Perrie and El started smiling "it's ok I'm dating zayn and Els dating louis and Niall has a big crush on Lena." I nodded giving them a smile until harry grabbed my hand I'm his and smiled at me "let's go."

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