Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



7. her

Harry's POV!

"Please don't hurt me" she mumbles into my chest...." I promise I would never" I whisper into

her beautiful brown hair....

I know her I know her from some where but where?

When I open my bedroom door and set her on my bed and I looked into her brown eyes and saw the pain.... I've seen before

I left the room thinking of that night......


"HELP HELP" I hear a women scream and makes me follow the voice then I see a house burning to the ground. I run to the door hitting it with my shoulder until it pops open and dart to the voice I look at her and take a step when she stops me.." NO GET LEXI" she yells through tears and points to a closed door I try to take a step towards her again and looks at me with hope "GET MY BABY SAVE HER" I run towards the door kicking it until it opens an see a beautiful girl on the ground barely breathing.. I run to her and take my flannel off and cover her with it I run out of the room and look down to see her staring at me and mumbles " I love you mom" and she shuts her eyes... I look at the women when she smiles with tears and whispers "I love u to my angel" she looks at me and lips "keep her safe" then the roof collapse.... I run out running straight towards the hospital

When I hit the doors I start to yell " HELP ME ! A women come stunning towards me and rushes her to a room I get pushed back and look at her one last time" I'm sorry I'm your monster".....

*end of flashback*

I heard the door open and foot steps until I felt her body collide with mine

" you pulled me out of the fire she whispers... You saved me but ended me at the same time" her voice cracks she hits the ground " why didn't you leave me" "WHY"!!! I look into her eyes and her mums far of pain flashes through it.... "I'm sorry I'm your monster"

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