Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



17. hangovers & jealousy

"Ughhhhhh!" I boomed making my headache hurt even more "what time is it" I whispered to harry putting my head under the blanket "1:30" he chuckled pulling the blanket from my head showing me that the room is dimmed letting my eyes adjust "take this" he handed me Tylenol and a cup of water "thanks" I mumbled and swallowed my pill "do you want to go to a burger place or something" he said rubbing my temples "I'm a vegetarian" I spoke bluntly kinda feeling bad that I'm being a bitch. " really what about mcdonalds?" He questioned "I had French fries" I whispered closing my eyes. "Oh that explains a lot" he chuckled he's so cute. " we should get salad that sounds so good" I looked up at him seeing he had a smile on his face " what?" I questioned with a small smile on my lips "nothing your just cute when your hungover" he giggled making me roll my eyes " a salad sounds greats" he said pulling me up seeing that I'm pretty much naked besides Harry's shirt I wonder if he wonders about not using condoms? I think it would be funny to scare him with it but that's to mean maybe I'll just tell him I'm on birth control because of my period..... Ya no "let me get changed" I mumbled dragging my feet on the ground to my room and throwing on some black skinny jeans and a tight white V neck I threw some white converse on and brushed my hair out then brushing my teeth and walking to the hall. Right when I saw harry wearing black skinny jeans and a white shirt I looked up and started to laugh my ass off him noticing that were twinning "I'll be right back" I giggled going back to my room and putting on my favorite crop top that's loose and has a geometric pattern then throwing on white daisy dukes with lace on the top of them and walking out "much better" I giggled seeing harry leaning on my wall him checking my outfit out and him nodding with a smile. "Now you look to hot to go out" he said undressing me with his eyes "suck up" I giggled him just kissing my cheek

"A booth for 2" harry spoke sharply god he's a dick I just noticed it but he's nice to me so what ever! The waiter led us to the table and sat us down then pulling out his notepad " what can I get you to drink?" He asked looking at me not even glancing at harry making me giggle "um water" I spoke trying not to laugh "ok... Um you?" He spoke rudely to harry my smile dropping and me grabbing his hands on the table "ya babe what do you want" I smiled with a chuckle him smiling "I'll take the same" he said looking at the waiter him kinda just staring at me "that's all" he said coldly to him. "Jealous or what?" I cocked an eyebrow at him with a smirk " I wouldn't say jealous....but he shouldn't look at you when I'm standing right here" he spoke nonchalantly "ok go stand over there" I giggled him rolling his eyes

Are waiter that I learned his name was chad came back to the table with our water finally." Do you need a minute" he stared at me making me look at harry to see if he's ready "no were" ready he spoke looking back at me "ok I want the Italian vegetable salad please" I spoke as he wrote it Down on his pad "and I'll have a Caesar salad" harry said closing his menu and throwing it at the end making me giggle and set mine down on top.

"Your such a dick" I giggled as chad walked away "I get told that a lot" he chuckled making me laugh even more. After I calmed down I drank some of my water then took out my phone harry was looking at the window and it was the perfect picture I had to do it! *snap* the camera held the beautiful picture in front of me as Harry's face quickly shot up "did you just take a picture of me" he said looking at my phone then me like something horrible is gonna happen "ya" I kinda dragged on the A looking at it again "but you look good" I spoke to him as I showed him the picture he just rolled his eyes "I don't do pictures" he spoke with a weird tone it was annoying like it's just a fucking picture.... Ok this is just my inner bitch today calm down..... "Well I don't do bad boys and look were I'm at now." I held a smug little smile "I guess every body changes" I sighed sarcastically with a small giggle at the end making him chuckle "here let's take some pictures now!" I suggested as I got out of the booth and slid into his side then pulled my phone up "smile"! I said with a peppy voice seeing he showed off his dimples witch were so cute! "Um let's do a silly face" I blew my cheeks up and crossed my eyes while harry gave me a weird look it almost made me giggle cause he didn't know what to do. I looked at him and kissed his cheek while I snapped the pic "my turn" he said turning my head and smashing his lips into mine as we took the picture "um your food" I heard chad clear his throat making me shoot up and go to my side of the booth " sorry" I whispered while he nodded and handed my food to me. There was a little piece of paper thrown into my bowl witch is really disgusting but I picked it up and it was his number harry looked at it i saw his jaw clench " excuse me chad?" I hollered for him to come back and he quickly walked back to my table looking at me " hi id like you to meet my boyfriend harry" I spoke putting my hand towards harry then looking back at him and handing him back his number "keep it and text me when he dumps you" he winked making harry stand up making all eyes on us this is horrible and punch him straight in the face but chad pushed him making harry go down with him but he was on top and beating the life out of him. " HARRY GET OFF!" I yelled grabbing his arms and pulling him off "get the fuck away from us" I said to chad then looked up at every body else "ah Togo boxes please?" I questioned but harry just grabbed my hand and pulled me out to his range rover "well then so much for a salad" I mumbled looking at him " are you ok?" I examined his face seeing he had a busted lip but that was about it "ya I'm fine" he spoke anger still in his voice. I crawled over to his seat sitting in his lap and feeling him relax under my touch " I told you you where jealous" I whispered with a small smile only hearing him chuckle I kissed his busted lip feeling the blood get on my lip me quickly whipping it off " remind me not to kiss you until we clean that." I giggled him nodding with a smile "you should let me drive!" I said peppy him giggling and pulling out his keys to hand them to me "be careful" he said before he slid out from under me and walked to the other side of the car "ok!" I said happy scooting up since he's much taller then me.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!" I yelled through the rolled down window at the other car her telling me to pull over. "We just have to make one little stop" I spoke to harry seeing that he was holding that bar for his dear life "oh calm down I'm not gonna reck or anything" he scoffed looking at me "you have horrible road rage" he spoke to me "and you have a horrible temper" I smirked looking back at the road to see that the girl got out of her car on the side of the road waiting for me so I swiftly turned "touché" harry chuckled then turned towards me "are you really gonna get out?" He spoke concerned

"I'm not gonna do anything stupid just tell her to not drive fucking slow in the fast lane" I shrugged leaning to get out of the car harry following. " why in the hell would you drive slow in a fast lane" I shouted at her making her step back she's like 22 maybe but she has no sense "why would you speed"! He yells back at me making me turn around and get back to my car "stay out if the fucking fast lane!" I shouted and sped off.

"See I told you I wouldn't do anything stupid!" I smiled while I pulled into the drive way. "You know you have a beautiful house" I spoke taking in everything "thanks but you know you live here to" he spoke turning in his seat facing me "well ya but it's your home" I turned in my seat facing him a he just stairs at me "now let's go fix you up! I giggled poking his busted lip and stepped out of his car and skipped to the stairs but harry beating me. I went to step up a stair but be me I tripped landing on my knee. "holy FUCK Lexi are you ok!" Harry shouted me rolling on my back laughing my ass off.... He stuck his hand out me taking it and him slinging me up.

"Sit!" I instructed pointing towards the counter "ooh are you gonna play nurse." Harry winked me slapping his shoulder and him slapping my ass making my mouth fall open and him just laugh " your are the horniest guy I have ever met" I rolled my eyes at him "and your the most sexiest girl I've ever seen" he shot back with a smirk me rolling my eyes agin and bending down to get a cloth "wow so now your just teasing" he said throwing himself off the counter and slamming his hips into my backside making me shriek and come right back up "I told you to sit" I pointed to the counter again he is a horrible listener "fine" he sighed and slumped on the counter.

I put peroxide on the cloth giggling cause I know it's gonna hurt like hell. "This is gonna burn" I giggled again then put it on his lip dabbing making him squirm "sit still" I giggled making him rap his legs around my torso and pulling me between his legs. "This is pretty hot" he spoke making my finger move that was on his lip and just pulling back. "Everything is hot to you" I said kissing his lips then pulling back "only if your doing it" he pecked my lips then unwrapped his legs from me and jumped down pushing me to the wall. I leaned in then quickly went under his arm and ran to the living room laughing. "Do you wanna do something" I asked thinking of things we could do "ya....you" he winked jumping on the couch straddling me "anything besides that" I giggled "what about yoga!" I boomed cause that's a good idea "can't we do something that doesn't involve you in tight close and bending" He spoke pushing down on my hips." Well you could sit here while I do yoga!" I spoke peppy "I guess" he sighed with a smirk then getting up so I can get changed. I ran upstairs and threw on some short spandex and a sports bra! I had to push up my boobs cause they looked saggy and they can't be saggy when Harry's around. I put lotion on my legs and arms then I twisted my bangs up so there not in my way and went back down stairs. " ok I'm ready" I spoke walking in the middle of the living room floor "ya me to" harry winked. I decided I wouldn't face him so it would be funnier while I stretched. My first stretch was to touch my toes witch that was easy. Then my second I had to turn around on this one to see what his face looks like. I picked my leg up and brought it to my side I remember when I had to learn how to do this it was so hard. He moved in his seat making me smile cause he's stupid. My third stretch is going in to the splits and facing harry then bending my front down between my legs " why didn't you tell me your so fucking flexible" he moved again "because it's not important" I giggled while I turned around and put my but in the air and my face down like planks when you hold your body up by your forearms there tough. "Um yes it is" he whispered getting up from the couch and coming In front of me "how" I spoke standing back up and putting my other leg to my side "cause I could fuck you while your in the splits" he spoke deeper making me laugh "of course you could" I put my leg down and looked up at him " I don't think yoga is gonna work today" I spoke above a whisper then kissed harry but he deepened It making me have to stand on my tipy toes. I couldn't stand like that any more so I broke the kiss " do you want to go swimming" I asked having to look up at him since our heights him nodding and pulling me to my bedroom.

I pulled open my closet door and pulled out my black bikini the top was just black strapless with fringe going down it was so cute then the bottoms were black I love this bikini it's so plain! I walked back into my room seeing harry in his swim trunks and me just sitting here staring at my bathing suit "well?" He sated looking at me to "ya sorry" I grabbed my spandex and wiggled out of them leaving me in my white thong "you take forever getting changed" he said looking at me then through me on the bed "so I'll just do it" he smirked taking my panties off then slowly putting my bottoms on "I can change myself" I huffed making him chuckle "but I'm doing it." He said ripping my sports bra off. "god could you be gentle" I shouted him straddling me again so I don't move "just put my top on already" I slammed my head on my mattress while he put my top on and pulled me up. "I'm gonna take you swimming a lot." He winked making me giggle and grab his hands and pull him to the pool.

"Holy shit" I mumbled stepping into the water from the steps seeing harry in the middle since he jumped in "it's cold" I hopped down another step it going to my thighs now. "It's not that bad" he Swam closer to me rapping his hands around my thighs "don't you dare." I whispered him just winking and dunking me under, when I come up I slap his shoulder "harry I'm cold" I pushed at his shoulders one more time before rapping my self around his torso and putting my arms around his neck "Ill keep you warm" he smirked me pushing his back to the wall "ya" I bit my lip looking down at him " and you said I'm horny" he pushed his hands down so he's playing with my bathing suit bottoms "shh" I spoke before kissing him he tried to deepen it but I pulled away and went to his collar bone then looked up at him and swam. I swam to the other side laughing when I turn around I saw harry with a devilish smile " that was a good one" he spoke before dunking into the water where I can't see him. I decided to try and move until I felt my legs slap open and my mouth gape and harry come up with a smirk "take them off" he whispered to me referring my bottoms in a very commanding voice all I did was swallow hard " fine I'll take them off" him still using that tone. He didn't lie right when he said that he ripped my bottoms off... "Remember last night in the car" he said messing with his bottoms under water me nodding "well here's your punishment" he said going straight to my neck and going harshly "harry" I spoke air lacing my voice from the harsh contact but it was really sexy. By now his bottoms were off but he was teasing me by going by my entry then pulling away I was about to say something when he pulled his bottoms up and ran out of the pool and in the house leaving me there stunned I quickly put my bottoms back on and ran into the house and up the stairs. When I entered the room the lights were off and the door slammed shut then me getting pushed to the bed and a hand on my mouth. I felt his body move then a light flicker on in the corner so I can see Harry's face him holding up handcuffs? Who the fuck has handcuffs he's so stupid but hot at the same time. He pulls his hand down going to my top ripping it off by pulling the strings to untie it "handcuffs?" I questioned his eyes shooting back to mine "don't talk." He spoke sharply to me this shit is crazy but exciting!!! "Now scoot up" me slowly going to the top of the bed "faster" he whispered him stepping out of the light so I couldn't see him until I felt his hand grab my wrists and bring it to the side if the bed *clink* then metal is on my skin and I couldn't move my arm far since it was handcuffed to the bed then the next one so both of my hands were handcuffed on each side of the bed. Then I felt the bed cave in a little signaling harry was by my legs. My legs where spread open and his hips slammed into mine his member going straight in me his hips digging into mine then pulling out slowly. And going in but this time he started pushing his hips harder and harder again. I tried to move my hands only cutting my wrists creating chaffs.


"Lexi wake up we have to get ready for school" harry spoke shaking my shoulder making me slowly get out of his bed and walk to my room. I look down at my wrists and see the red chaffs letting me remember last night making me smile even though they hurt like hell.

I grabbed light denim skinny jeans throwing them on and looking for a shirt. I decided on a loose crop top the pattern being a light floral and I put on a rope belt. My shoes had white flowers on them and the soul being tan... I'm so tired. I went straight to my vanity and put on some mascara and eyeliner on my water line. I brushed my hair out letting the beach waves flow and then I braided my bangs to the side. I went to my bathroom brushed my teeth and put some perfume making me smell like roses and then put on deodorant. I looked at my appearance and just shrugged I don't give a fuck what I look like today.

"Hey you look good today" harry said pecking my cheek bringing a smile to my face an looking at him seeing he's in black skinny jeans and a black v neck "you to" I smiled sitting down on the stool grabbing a water from the fridge. I looked at my phone checking the time seeing we only have 3 minutes tell the bell rings making me shrug "we only have 3 minutes until the bell rings" I told him standing up And grabbing my water and walking to his car him following along "are you ok you seem so down" he asked giving me a small smile "just tired" I shrugged and him handing me a red bull making me giggle and take a chug of it and hand it back to him and turn the music on hearing the fray making me jump up in my seat and turn it up!

"Lost and insecure you found me you found me lying on the floor where were you where were you just a little late" I sang along to the song quietly until we arrived to school....

"Hey babes" Perrie chirped to me as I gave her a smile "hey" I dragged my words her sticking her hand out me taking it and her dragging me to her locker "here you can have one" she handed me the red monster me instantly taking it "thank you!" I popped it open as we walked to our first lesson witch is science chugging it down.

We all sat down el by the window Perrie in the middle and me on Perries right having one seat next to me..... Only if Lena was here "um is this seat taken?" I males voice broke my thoughts making me look up to see that guy that stood up for me in gym " no it's not" I smiled friendly turning to him "I never got to say thanks for sticking up for me" I looked at him as he sat down and turned to me to say something "no problem " he showed his perfect teeth me giving him a small smile and about to turn around "I'm hector by the way" he whispered as the teacher walked in me turning in my seat "lexi"


*Ding Ding*

The bell rang making me shoot up in my seat about to leave since the girls already had to leave to there cooking class "hey what class do you have next?" Hector said standing In front of me making me look up " math you?" I smiled grabbing my empty monster can and tossing it "same can I walk with you?" He asked nicely me nodding with a smile as we walked side by side to math.

"Knock knock" hector spoke his face red from laughing mine probably as red as a tomato "who's there?" I giggled "BOO" he spoke louder then I expected making me laugh even more "Boo who?" I spat out trying to stop laughing "awe don't be sad it was just a joke" he laughed making me laugh where I couldn't breath over how corky these jokes are. We walked into the class laughing as I scanned the room until I met those green eyes him smiling then looking to my side and his smile dropping making me roll my eyes "come on!" I pepped walking to the back and sitting by harry "hey" i waved at harry him leaning over his chair and kissing me on the cheek "hey" he said smoothly making me roll my eyes because he only did that because of hector " this is hector my new friend" I giggled remembering his joke as hector smiled at harry and said hi harry just giving him a small smile and turning around facing the front.... "Hold on hector" I turned facing my back to him as I tapped on Harry's shoulder him turning towards me "what's wrong" I asked nicely him looking at hector and scoffing then turning around "whatever he's just a friend" I said before rolling my eyes again then turning back to hector.

"Ms.Hotts please be quite your disrupting the class" the teacher yelled at me while the class looked at me and hector me giggling "sorry" I mumbled covering my mouth to stop laughing but it didn't help. "You to in the hall now and compose your self" she yelled even louder making me and hector laugh so hard as we walked out of the class room me almost crying of how great this was. "Did you see her face" hector hollers me nodding and clenching my stomach to stop laughing "ok let's go back in" I whispered trying not to laugh him letting me go first as I walked in everybody's eyes on us and my face turning even more red making me bite my lip to not laugh and running back to my seat with hector behind me.

"Guys he was being such a dick and so jealous just because me and hector were talking even though were just friends" I boomed in the locker room as I tied my shoe

"He's just jealous that's all" Lena cooed trying to comfort me and el opening the door for us as we walked towards the boys hector talking to his friends.

"Lexi what the hell happened to your wrists" louis yelled making my cheeks turn red as he pulled my hands so he can examine them "are those fucking chaffs?" He chuckles as he looks at harry me pulling away and hiding my wrists "well that's fucking embarrassing.." I sighed with a giggle as the girls laughed i could feel Harry's eyes on me but I didn't dare to look at him as I talked to Perrie.

"I'm just gonna ignore harry today" I shrugged as she nodded

"Lexi will you help me with something" hector ran up to me pointing to the roof seeing his football stuck. "Sure I shrugged the girls following me as we went like 3 feet away from the guys "ok I'm just gonna boost you up so you can get my ball" he put his hands together so I can step in them and he pushed up my ass going straight in his face... Harry probably doesn't like this but I'm not doing anything wrong "a little higher" I yelled signaling I almost got ahold of it. "got it!" I clutched on to it as he brought me down slowly me handing it to him as he thanks me and I turn around to see Harry's face red with anger making me March over there to see his jealous ass.

"What's wrong now" I sighed me really close to his chest me feeling his hot breath on my forehead causes are heights "did you not see what just happened! Oh wait you couldn't of cause it was your ass he was looking at" he shouted making me roll my eyes at his stupidity "I was helping him get his ball." I spoke promising my self I won't raise my voice " Now calm down where just friends" I tried to explain to him seeing him look at me as I put my hands on his chest "I don't think he knows that" I spat "trust me he does" I rolled my eyes "prove it" he said through gritted teeth making me jump up and slam my lips into his him quickly grabbing my hips so I won't fall down.

I broke the kiss from loss of air and looked at him "see now stop being jealous he's just a good friend" I said harry looking at me "he better stay that way" he huffed making me pull away from him and roll my eyes "your so immature" I spat before going to hector.

"Hey lexi" he smiled "hey do you know what were doing today" I questioned sitting down right next to him "I think were just going out on the foot ball field" he shrugged me nodding as the girls walked towards me and sat down next to us.

"Hey Lena Perrie and Eleanor!" Hector spoke nicely them all saying hi.

"Every body head to the football field now!" Coach yelled us girls getting up as we walked to the football field together.

"Everybody line up in lines of 8 now! He yelled as every body got in a line mine being me, Perrie,el,Lena, zayn,louis,Niall,and harry....

"Ok you guys are all in a teams" he spoke to only 2 lines seeing there's only 16 people in this class. "Now where gonna race until there's 4 people on each team" he said making me happy since I'm first in line and I will be racing that dick Alex!

"Lexi Alex you will run across the field and back who ever comes back first stays and the loser goes to the side lines" he spoke as I got ready to run waiting for that one word "GO!" He yelled making me sprint hearing my team telling me to run making me laugh. I quickly make it to the other end turning around as I start to run the other way seeing Alex had a quarter until he finished one side making me run faster just making me smile. I reach the other side looking at my team "yay!!! We WON!" El cheers so peppy me giggling and going back to the end of the line meeting harry.

"I'm sorry" he looked at me apologetic making me roll my eyes "whatever" I sighed kissing his cheek "make sure to win" I said as I watched Perrie book it across the field and shortly after her coming back them loosing another player making them 6 players. Next was hector versing Lena I looked at her and she started to laugh "ok so we all know I'm gonna loose!" She said happily before she starts to run, she's a head at first until they turn around hector beating her barely.

We already lost Lena el and louis leaving Perrie me zayn Niall and harry so either Niall goes or harry goes.

"Niall is racing some really tall guy "GO" coach yells the millionth time and niall walks it making every body laugh except the coach "HORAN GO SIT DOWN!" He yells making Niall laugh and go straight to Lena

"Your up!" I said to harry kissing his cheek and looking at the guy he's racing he looks like a football player.

"GOOOO" he hollers this time me cheering harry on even though he takes off like a fucking line backer. I saw him touch the line to the other side of and sprint back laughing at the guy who hasn't touched the line yet and then made it back to us going straight to me and kissing me like he just won the Olympics making me laugh.

"Ok lexi' team is the winners of today tomorrow is basket ball for the people who lost we will have a competition tomorrow to get it up to 6 people on each team so be prepared! now go get changed

"Good job lexi" hector spoke smiling at me before harry opened the door for me and we walked into our separate locker rooms me quickly getting changed

"Hey babe" I heard Harry's deep voice me turning around blushing cause he's never called me babe before!

"Hey" he slung his arm around my shoulder as we walked to the canteen together me just getting an apple from Harry's food tray him leading me to the table since it's my first time actually having lunch here... And it was insane

"What class do you have next?" Harry asked me while he munched on his Fries "photography" I smiled thinking of all the great images I'll capture "me to" he spoke making my smile grow even more "I thought you didn't like pictures" I smirked remembering the restaurant him cocking an eyebrow " I didn't sign up for that shit" he shrugged kissing my cheek he's really sweet right now I love it

"Come on let's get to class" I giggled since we've been sitting here for about 5 minutes him just like making out with me "I guess" he chuckled me grabbing his hand and pulling him to our class.

We quickly sat down in the back grabbing a camera and listening to instructing us to go find a spot and take pictures we think are captivating. When the teacher released us, harry quickly grabbed my hand and took me to this stair case leading to the roof my mouth opening at how beautiful it is.

"Harry this place is beautiful" I smiled as I turned around harry snapping a pic making me giggle "I thought you would like it." He whispered him walking towards the edge putting his hands on the railing me facing his back as I snapped the pic it was so pretty but when he came by me I saw the prettiest view it was the London eye I snapped my last picture before I set the camera down and walked towards harry. "Let's just stay here for the rest of class. He sighed me nodding and laying down waiting for him to come beside me then feeling his body lay right next to me.

We sat there until the bell rang but it was quieter harry standing up from his seat 1 more class and where leaving he smiled as we walked to our photography class gave them the cameras then walked to history with harry.

"This fucking sucks " I whispered to harry him chuckling and nodding

"Ms. Hotts what travel did Christopher die in" the teacher questioned me knowing that I don't know "his last" I spoke rolling my eyes as harry chuckled

*ding ding*

I grabbed harry out of the building and quickly ran to his car wanting to get home.

"I'm gonna take a shower" harry said kissing my cheek "you could always join" this made me roll my eyes playfully and turn around so my hands are on his neck "In your dreams" I giggled pecking his lips.

"Oh no I dream of something way different but you might not want me to tell you" he winked making my mouth drop because it's probably true "of course you do." I giggled pulling away since I'm gonna go to my room and get out of these close.

As harry went in the shower across from me in his room I changed into some booty shorts and a loose white crop top that says "FUCK" I love it, it makes me laugh.

I sat on my bed and ten minutes go by and I hear the shower go off and Harry's bathroom door opening giving me a funny idea I ran to my door locked it and started to jump on my bed

"OH HARRY.....UGH HARRY YA YA YA!" I yelled trying not to laugh as I made the bed move I didn't hear anything until the door handle jiggled making me silently laugh since he won't be able to get in "YES OH MY GOD! HARRY" I yelled putting air through my words trying so hard to not laugh until the door opens and harry leaning on the frame.... That bitch picked the lock.

"Your so stupid lexi" he chuckled making me giggle. I look as he still in his towel and it is a good sight the water on his tan skin then the towel showing his V line its AMAzing! "Your stupid your The one who picked the lock" I giggled stopping my bounce so I'm just standing there laughing. "Um because you were moaning my name I had to see what was happening" he shrugged walking a little closer to the bed

And what did you think was happening" I cocked an eyebrow trying to not giggle anymore "just thought you were touching your self and thinking of me" he smirked making me gasp. " or I could of been having sex with another harry" I shrugged making him tense and me laugh. He came by the bed lightly grabbing my ankles until he tugged on them both sending me straight to the mattress.

"You really like to tease me" he whispered me nodding with a smile as he just sat on me with only a towel on. I grabbed the towel and ripped it off giggling as harry just shrugged making me laugh even harder "if you wanted me to be naked you could of just asked" he shrugged making me laugh. I through the towel back as he went to his bedroom and changed coming back to my room in only black sweats.... He looked so incredible

"Let's walk around the house I've never gotten to see the whole thing" I asked as harry rapped his hand in mine him nodding with a smile as we walked down the hall.

I saw a bunch of rooms until we landed on these big French doors witch were beautiful and when harry opened the door I almost dropped to my knees at the sight of the beautiful grand piano...... "Harry this is so beautiful" I spoke as I took in the seen me instantly going to the stool of the piano.

"Do you play?" He said referring to the piano me having to take my eyes off of it "just a little" I giggled touching the soft keys my smile brightening even more by each key.

"Can you play for me?" Harry asked playing with my hair that fell on my shoulder. My cheeks burned from this question "I have horrible stage fright" I looked away when I said this. My mom was the only one who's heard me play the piano and sing so for now I'm gonna keep it that way. "Maybe someday" I sighed and smiled after getting up and looking at it one last time as harry shut the French doors.

"I love the shirt by the way" harry laughed as I looked at my cropped sweater and in bold FUCK! Stood there making me laugh "ya it's pretty awesome so be jelly" I winked as I walked down the stairs. Thinking of Harry's abs mmh mmh mmh! I thought to my self as I plopped on the couch I'm bored

"Do you wanna go on a walk?" I asked harry turning my head on the couch so I can see him "ya sure I need to get a shirt on first" he said getting up from the chair and walking to his room "ya I need to get bottoms on" I mumbled to my self racing up the stairs in my room. I decided black pants that the crotch part is really low (the one Niall wears but for girls) that go to my ankle and I put my nikes on. And put my hair in a perfect bun on the top of my head then bumped my bangs.

We walked all the way to the bridge ( where "you and I" was filmed on!) we carried small talk, but I kept wondering about Harry's parents for some reason he doesn't have any pictures of them..... Well of anything actually. " how come you don't have any pictures in your house" I said out of no where him tilting his head to me.

"Pictures are memories" he shrugged like that's a bad thing? He saw my confused face "I don't want memories from my past" he looked away with something in his eye making me sad,take his hand an drag him to a little shop "stay out here" I spoke as I ran inside.

I came out 5 minutes later carrying a little thing covered in tissue paper "open this" I handed him it as he nodded and opened it to reveal a black galls picture frame for a night stand.

"I want you to put a picture in it that every time you look at it you feel something I want you to put something that's worth your wild an you never want to loose" I smiled up at him as he looked at it with thoughtful eyes.

"Your like Jesus" he chuckles softly making me roll my eyes an laugh "way to ruin the moment styles" I pecked his cheek as he rapped the picture frame again. We walked on the bridge coming to the middle as a group of guys where on the left side gawking at us making harry move me to the other side of him so he's closer to them then me.

"Hey babe" I heard a kinda high voice for a guy his age holler at me making me tighten my grip on Harry's hand then another guy whistling making harry turn around to look at them.

"Ok you fucking idiots shut the fuck up do you not see me walking with her what do you think we are brother and sister so close your god damn mouth and turn the fuck around" harry spoke me tugging on his shoulder to keep walking I just want a night of drama free you know?

"Dude calm the fuck down she's hot that's all I'm saying" the high voice guy spoke making harry tense his jaw locking.

"I said shut the fuck up u prick and don't talk about my girlfriend like that" harry said stepping closer me pulling back.

"Whatever" he said turning around with his gang harry turning towards me "that's what I fucking thought" he yelled as we walked towards the end of the bridge

"Are you ok?" I asked looking at him with a small smile. "Grand" he snorted as he leaned down and kissed my cheek my cheeks blushing a little "what do you think we are brother and sister?" I mocked giggling him looking at me with a cricked smile and a a little chuckle "those fucking idiots" I whisper nodding my head laughing as he laughs.

"Let's go look at the London eye yeah?" He asks nodding me to the left as I nod with a smile.

"The London eye is so beautiful..... I just..... Just love it" I sighed happily looking at it taking the capture in all at ounce. I looked at harry since he didn't respond and saw that he was staring at me with lustful eyes making me turn while body his way and I watched as he slowly leaned in and kissed me.

This kiss was different then any other kiss we've shared it was so.... Passionate that there's not a word that could describe it an if there was it word be a beautiful word. Harry broke the kiss from lack of oxygen and he leaned his forehead on mine and just stared at each other.

"Your truly something else" he whispered his hot minty breath fanned my face me blushing "is that a bad thing?" I questioned softly as I studied his eyes there like a jungle a magical tropical jungle. "Not at all" he whispered before kissing my cheek and push a strand of hair behind my ear.

He grabbed my hand and led me back home... Well his home I would say.

"What time is it?" I asked as I took another bite of my carrot sticks harry eating a ham sand witch. "10:16" he said whipping his hands with his napkin. I put my carrot sticks away and smiled at harry as he took his last bite of his sandwich. "I'm gonna take a shower" I skipped around the island in the kitchen to harry. When I walked by him I let my hand slide across his pants me giggling and walking by the stairs and turning around.

"Care to join?" I asked innocently as I took my shirt off and threw it on the ground making me look at it and tell every bone in my body not to pick it up. I looked back up at harry and saw he was completely turned looking at me with an eyebrow raised.

"Well?" I spoke going up 2 stairs and unbuttoning my pants to reveal my pink lace panties. I saw as he got up from the stool and walked up the stairs meeting me on the 2 and took my hand and dragged me up them.

As harry turned the water on in my room I wiggled from my pants and let them drop to the floor. I felt to hands go on my love handles from behind me. " it's warm" he spoke moving his hands down a little further. I turned in the mirror so I'm actually facing it seeing harry behind me and took my hair down letting it flow down my back. "Your so beautiful" he mumbled in my ear making me blush and look at him Threw the mirror "thank you" I giggle a little an look towards the shower seeing a bath..... "I haven't taken a bath in forever" I try to think of the last time but it never coming to me "me either" he said in thought as he got in letting me climb in and lay between his legs as he rubs my arms.

"You know where sitting in our dirt" I said softly leaning my head back on his shoulder. "Well that's nice" he chuckles his chest going deeper in it was cute making me giggle

"What?" He asked referring to why I'm laughing making me bend my neck to look at him. "Your just cute" I shrugged with a smile as he held a silly smile.

" just cute?" He giggled cockily "sexy" I winked playfully kissing his jaw bone since that's as far as I can reach since I'm really comfortable. He chuckled and looked down at me "much better" he puts his head down to kiss my lips he went to pull away but I quickly turned my body around and grabbed his curls to deepen the kiss. Our tongues fighting for dominance Harry's winning like always. We broke the kiss leaning out foreheads on each other's and my arms draped around his neck as we stared at each other.

" I think I bit your tongue" I giggle softly making him roll his eyes laughing "just a little" he giggled making me put my head down a little from my stupidity giggling "sorry" I chuckled looking back at him. "You apologize a lot" he gave me a small smile making me smile since he notices all these little things.

"Sor- ya" I caught my self him giggling, I like his giggle it makes his dimples show a little and when he laughs his eyes light up it's so cute!

We got out of the bath and dried off an got dressed me putting on spandexy under wear like boy shorts sorta and a loose black pajama crop top. I brushed my hair and my teeth then hopped in my bed waiting for harry. He came in 2 minutes later wearing boxers his curls damp and he crawled under the blankets then grabbed my waist and pulled me to his chest.

"Goodnight harry" I whispered softly my eyes going heavy. " goodnight beautiful" he whispered and kissed my cheek. That was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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