Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



13. fun

WARNING: SEXUAL scenes in this chapter

I waited impatiently for harry to take his shirt off he is already in his boxers! So I decided to do this my self "put your arms up" I said sternly trying to hold in my drunk giggle "why?" He said cocking an eyebrow "because I want you to be in the pool today, now arms up!" I Couldn't hold my smile back when I said this but he finally put his arms up. I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it up my hands kept touching his amazing abs "don't get to carried away" harry spoke making me rip his shirt off to see his dumb smirk "oh shut up" I slurred making his smirk grow bigger "make me " he barely said over a whisper "ok" then I grabbed his arms and pushed him in the pool, he decided to grab ahold of my arms and pull me with him. I watched him before we hit the water how he pulled me closer into his chest making me giggle then finally we hit the water. When we got up Harry's face was like smashed into my boobs it was funny "hey get out of there!" I giggled pulling his head up he was laughing his ass off. "See I made you"! It took harry a few seconds to understand what I'm talking about until he rolled his eyes and slammed his lips into mine... Does he not like to kiss people gently? I went with it until my back hit the pool wall making Harry's lips release from my lips and go to my neck he kissed every were until I moaned making him kiss harder and sucking on the skin making sure to leave a bruise he went back up to my lips hungrily my hands finding his curls pushing him closer to me "fuck" he whimpered threw the kiss "what" I tried to get some air when I said this but it didn't really work and harry didn't answer me.

He slammed his hips into mine making me feel his boner.... Ooooh that's why he said fuck! Well this isn't going to help. I pulled his hips closer to mine and started to move my hips against his making his moans fall from his lips. He was so perfect " Lexi if you don't stop I'm gonna take you upstairs and fuck you" this made me giggle I'm not really drunk anymore I just kinda have a buzz but I'm not stopping I looked up at him bitting my lip and pushed my hips further down against him. He licked his lips with one last moan until he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the stairs to the pool. I looked at Perrie and El in the hot tube and all they did was wink making me giggle some more. Harry pretty much dragged me out of the pool "eager?" I whispered behind his back making him stop slam me against the hallway wall and come very close to my face."ha you don't even know" he spoke into my ear giving me goosebumps.

When we reached the stairs I decided to take my sweet time hopping up one by one with a giggle "are you serious, you can look at the stairs another Time." He spoke before he came towards me and threw me over his shoulder. His shoulder was stabbing me in the vagina it didn't really hurt but at some points it did, he didn't even through me over his shoulder the right way I wasn't facing his ass my face was in his dick. If he wants to do this I guess we should start now. I grabbed ahold of his erection and moved my hand over him making him stop in his tracks "L-exi" he stuttered "yes?" This is to great "what are you doing" wow I'm just gonna act like nothing is happening "waiting for you to take me upstairs!" I said rubbing him a little deeper all he did was moan and try to walk faster up the stairs.

Finally we got up them harry going to the nearest room and slamming the door shut "hey harry, I need your help taking this off, will you help me?" I turned my back towards me so he can I clip my bra I'm just gonna tease him it will be so fun! He unclasped my bra pulling me to the bed. I through my bra to the ground and looked at Harry's boxers while I nodded my head side ways, I went to the hem of them pulling on it with my fingers and looking at harry " these have to go" he's just to damn sexy. I pulled his boxers off harshly letting them fall on his feet and him kick them off. I looked down and my eyes went wide holy fucking shit he's huge. I bit my lip and sucked in a sharp breath " this Is gonna be fun" I whispered making harry push me into him and grab the hem of my panties and pull them down slowly "I guess these should go to" he spoke rather slowly. Is he teasing me? He pushed my back down on the bed and came on top of me but supporting his body with his elbows and knees I felt his hands travel down my body causing me to moan "fuck harry" god his hands can't move faster "eager?" He used my words agains me making me flip him over so I'm on top. I grabbed his member and started to rub up and down "just a little" I smirked "lexi your so bad" he whispered trying to spit those words out "ya is that all?" I raised an eyebrow pumping slower now. "You don't want me to continue" he smirked grabbing my hand and slamming his hips into mine "mmh" I moaned pushing my hips down. "Are you gonna fuck me or not" I smirked looking up at him this made his eyes turn a darker green but it was sexy. He flipped us around one more time so he's on top "you don't even know" he spoke before he pushed him self in me. I am a virgin but when I lived with Craig he threw a sex toy at me and told me to use it until there's no pain... He was such a dick. Harry pumped a little faster causing me to tighten under him cause of the pain "Lexi I can stop" he spoke with air lacing his words "No No keep going" I can't let him stop it will feel better in a minute..... Hopefully

"Say my name lexi" harry spoke through gritted teeth pumping a little harder. I couldn't all I could do is moan over and over again. "FUCK Lexi say my name." He grew louder him going deeper inside each thrust. I opened my mouth but words wouldn't fall out. I felt my walls tighten and him go faster and faster , deeper and deeper until I was about to cave in "HARRY" I moaned when I released making Harry's head fall back and him release.he right next to me breathing heavily and me gasping for air "that was fucking incredible" he spoke looking at the ceiling "ya" I whispered letting my head fall on his chest and let my eyes flutter shut.

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