Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



14. embarrassment


•We can't stop - Miley Cyrus

•clarity - Zed

•Brave - Sarah Bareillies


"Well that was an interesting first day of school" I spoke to a half awake harry."Ya it was, at least we have 2 more days till we go back." He tried to say enthusiastic but didn't succeed...at all. I sat there drawing on his, tracing his tattoos. "Do you wanna go to Starbucks"? I asked kinda just in that mood to walk and have some coffee with no problems..... "Sure, it's not that far we can walk." He spoke in my hair adding a yawn afterwards "ok let me get changed" I said while standing up and taking the sheets with me and leaving harry in bed completely naked. He didn't even care it was so funny. I quickly took my bra and panties and put them on..." Ugh I smell like pool water" harry looked up at me "and sex" he smirked making me giggle "ya that to" I rolled my eyes and threw Harry's shirt on and my sweats "can I wear this until he get down stairs so I can get my top" I trailed my words "ya sure" he spoke with his sexy morning voice and got up from the bed and slung on his boxers took my hand and walked my down the stairs until we reached the pool area. When I opened the door I laughed seeing the sight of Perrie and el laying on the ground and louis and zayn cuddled next to a chair. I quickly grabbed my shirt and Harry's pants. I chucked his pants at him and went in the hallway with him "I'm gonna switch my shirt really quick" I turned towards the wall only to be turned around again "ok" he spoke nonchalantly leaning against the wall and gawking, I just stood there "come on we just fucked and you can't even get changed?" He smirked making my cheeks burn "don't use that word for it!" I whispered making him chuckle "do you not recall saying, are you gonna fuck me o-" I slapped my hand around his mouth only for him to lick it and me to roll my eyes and take his shirt off and put mine on "ok let's go." I grabbed his arm and pulled him out the door and headed to Starbucks

"Hi can I get 1 grande French vanilla latte light on the foam and a grande hazelnut latte same with the foam please." I spoke nicely to the Starbucks lady and handing her 20 while harry went pee. She nodded with a smile taking my name. I sat down by a window waiting for harry, and 1 minute later he came back sitting across from me. "LEXI!" The Starbucks lady yelled making a group of girls maybe sophomores I watched as the snickered while I grabbed the coffees and heads back to harry. I could feel there eyes on him making me giggle "why are you laughing" I heard one say making my head turn quickly to there direction while I set the coffee on the table. "Because it's hilarious that you guys are gawking over him." I spoke with another giggle falling from my lips "whatever bitch..." I heard one mumble. "Whatever whore.." I spoke a little louder so se can hear me mock her, I decided to sit down and smile up at harry with a surprised look on his face. His eyes flickered to the corner making mine follow seeing the girl stand and walk towards me I just rolled my eyes and took a sip from my coffee "what did you call me?" She questioned with an attitude "a whore" I shrugged turning my body to face her. "Is that a problem?" I asked trying to hold back a smile. "You know your just a slut, your probably sleeping with him that's why he's hear" she said with a smug smile making me laugh "No No I think he's hear cause he wants to have some coffee with me." I could see the anger she was trying to hide "Lexi let's go" harry spoke in a deep voice looking at me but I didn't dare to turn my gaze. "Lexi is it? Well Lexi why don't you and this sexy lad meet us at the park later so we can settle this, you can bring some friends so they can watch you get beat up to." She shrugged pushing her flat ass out this bitch is like a twig and who the fuck plans a fight! "Sure what ever." I shrug again standing up with harry following after as I leave.

"Lexi are you crazy?" Harry raised his voice kinda "no not really but I hope I don't have plans in an hour cause I'll be a little busy" I giggled earning a stern look from harry "relax are you gonna come and see what actually happens?" I said giving him the puppy eyes "fine but if it gets out of hand I'm taking you home "ya whatever"!

"Lexi!! I'm bored" Perrie yelled in the bathroom in her room filled with me her El and Lena. The boys were down stairs harry telling them everything that happened "guys I'm getting in a fight in an hour." I dragged the words "what the fuck why" Perrie yelled "OMG" El screamed and Lena's mouth just dropped "ya some bitch at star bucks told me to meet her at the park so why not" I shrugged again "oh can I barrow some close Perrie?" We seem the same size "of corse" she said tossing me black yoga booty shorts and a gray sweat shirt. I tossed it on my ass only hanging out a little. I threw my hair up In a high pony tail and put some mascara, I slipped my nikes on and walked out of the bathroom and flipping on the bed. The girls came out in v neck long sleeves cause it's getting colder and some skinny jeans and flats. "Ok let's go kick some ass" Lena spoke with a smile. I walked down stairs seeing all the boys on the couch "ready to go"? I questioned them all nodding

We get to the park seeing the girl in a v neck and some sweats, then three other girls and two guys "lexi if another girl jumps in I'm jumping in"Perrie spoke towards me making me nod "look the bitch actually showed" she said looking back at every one " ya I would of been earlier but you know since he came to the coffee shop with me I had to pay my dews. I shrugged whiled every body behind me giggled. It was kinda like a scene In a movie where everybody is behind you and your in the front. "So are you gonna try to beat my ass?" I whispered to her I need to get her angry so she hits me first. "Shut up you bitch!" She says before she shoves me back me first instinct to grab her hair and pull her to the ground and jump on top of her. I felt her hand collide with my cheek making my hand fist and go up going down over and over again imprinting her face "get her off me" she yells then I felt some one pull my hair back and I keep punching her until that person kicks my back I look at Perrie seeing her quickly grab the girls head and slam her back to the ground "NO fucking double teams"! She yells distracting me letting the girl flip me over I quickly react to this grabbing her hands so they don't punch me and flipping us over instead of punching her I grab her hair with both hands and start slamming her head into the ground. Until I feel two strong arms pick me up and rapping there hands around my waist. I have to much adrenaline pumping in me I kick there leg so they will drop me and quickly go towards her "ARE YOU READY FOR ROUND FUCKING TWO!" I screamed coming after her until i see her pull out a sharp blade and point it towards my throat. "I'll stick you bitch." She spat in my face making me step forward only for her to slam against the base ball fence "bitch cut me!" I yelled in her face "you won't DO IT CAUSE YOUR A PUSSY!" My voice raising her hand shaking making me quickly grab her wrist only for her to drop the pocket knife. She tried lunging at me only for me to grab her neck and slam it back into the wall "If I ever see your face again I swear to fucking god I will smash your fucking face in a side walk" I told her a her face turned red only for me to release and her hands go to her throat "you stu-pid cunt" she said gasping for air and spat right next to my shoe. I grabbed her hair one more time and kneed her in the face since she was crouching down I watched the blood drip down from her nose. I crouched down bending my knees "I promise you next time I won't stop". I stood back up facing every body as there mouths are dropped, I walked towards the girl who pulled my hair. "And if I ever see you again I'll knock your teeth down your throat." I spat really close to her face my voice was really loud when I threatened her only hearing her gulp loud "DO YOU HEAR ME!" I yelled "yes..." She whispered

"Let's go guys" I said looking at them harry walking towards me and just kissing me I kissed back raising my hand towards the girl and flipping her off. After we broke the kiss I turned backed to them "you guys should really make sure your friend doesn't run her mouth again, I would hate to give her another busted lip." I spoke coldly and turned towards the guys "LEXI YOU DID AMAZING!" El yelled getting a giggle out of my "shut the fuck up." I heard a guy voice from the behind my hearing some one sigh I turned around quickly looking at him "excuse me?" I lowered my voice "TELL YOUR SKANK FRIEND TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He yelled in my face making me grab his balls making him lower so he's not towering me anymore "if you say a another fucking thing I will rip your fucking balls off and shoved them down your throat he looked at El cocking his eyebrow and louis tensing "your friend can suck me off anytime" he spat making sure she heard before I could do anything I watched louis deck the kid in the face " if you ever speak about my girlfriend like that or any other girl I will cut your fucking throat from ear to ear." Louis yelled making me let go and walk towards the girls "I'm a little hungry do you guys wanna get some food?" I questioned like nothing happened "well of corse your hungry you just BASHED SOME GIRLS FACE IN!!! Lena yelled laughing "ya I guess it works up an appetite" I spoke making them all laugh

"lexi you were fucking amazing, my favorite part is when she pulled the knife out and you acted like it was plastic and you were all like BITCH CUT ME!" Niall laughed clenching his stomach while we waited for our order to be done "no the best part was when you came up to the girl Perrie pulled off and you were all like AND IF I SEE YOU AGAIN ILL KNOCK YOUR TEETH DOWN YOUR THROAT! Lena said with tears in her eyes. I was dying of laughter it was to great. Zayns mouths opened and shut then opened again before he spoke "my favorite part was when you grabbed the guys balls and threatened to shove them down his throat" this made my mouth gape "are you serious did I really say that." I spoke a little lighter that's embarrassing like I'm a animal... "YES! Then you also smashed the girls face in to the ground, and you where like ARW YOU READY FOR ROUND FUCKING TWO! That was great your like a gangster". Daniel spoke my mouth gaped "eww that's so trashy I can't believe I did that." I scrunched my nose only for harry to kiss my cheek " that wasn't trashy that was hot." He whispered in my ear "well she got one hit on me, it wasn't that bad." I said with a giggle "thanks for jumping in Perrie that bitch was trying to jump me!" I said laughing a little harder " no problem, you should of seen your face when she kicked you, I thought you were gonna beat her ass with Barbie!" Perrie said trying to calm down.

"That is so embarrassing." I spoke picking up a French fry "you wanna know what's embarrassing getting woken up by hearing" niall spoke pausing to stop laughing me curious on what he's gonna say next "HARRY"!! He yelled getting people to stare and every one in the booth laughing as my face went white. " are you fucking serious." I asked hope lacing my voice that maybe he's kidding...... They all nodded me turning to harry his face red from laughing making me punch him in the arm "hey what did I do." He laughed "your the one that told me to say he name." I started to laugh as his face went a little white making me laughing harder. That was until harry grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the booth and towards the family bathroom.... Hopefully he knows I was playing around.

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