Pain,Tears,Anger,And Love....

That describes her..... She is my



18. 3 crazy days

"Lexi get the fuck up" harry straddled me and was jumping up lightly. "NOOOO" I spoke putting my head back in my pillow.

"I didn't want to do this to you but ok" he chuckled and all of a sudden I felt two fingers push in me making my eyes fly open and my mouth drop open with pleasure as I looked at harry.

"I'm up" I stutter him shaking his head no "I like to finish things I start" he chuckled me gasping as he pumped in and out making me clench the blankets "your a dick" I whispered as my hips went up him smirking and pumping harder as I ride out my high.

"I'm getting in the shower really quick" I ran to my bathroom jumping straight in the shower and washed my body and hair then shaved really quick and jumped out.

I decided to wear a black short sleeve crop top with the word "MEOW." On it written in bold white and put some black sweats on. I threw on my converse and went to my vanity. I did my usual make up then French braided my hair. I quickly ran to my bathroom brushed my teeth fixed my necklace then put my deodorant on an sprayed my self with my perfume then went down stairs and saw harry in his usual but white V neck. "Hey cutie" I skipped to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Well your happy I should finger you every morning" he chuckled smiling cheekily and me gasping with a giggle. He pulled me between his legs by the front of my sweats so you could see my panties there actually the ones harry bought me that day at the mall. He looked down in my sweats "your wearing the ones I bought you" he giggled making me move his hands so they would sling back so he can't see any more. " thought i should give them a try today" I shrugged him licking his lips

"You thought right" he looked up at me so smoothly Making me roll my eyes yet again. "Take your shirt off" he instructed not breaking contact. "Were gonna be late" I spoke looking down at my shirt.

"Who gives a fuck just take your shirt off" he shrugged Making me pull it off and set it on the counter. "Happy" I reached back for my shirt but harry snatched it before me "ecstatic" he whispered as he looked at my bra.

"Can I put my shirt back on now so we can leave" I moved on my feet reaching for my shirt in Harry's hand him just pushing my shirt behind him making me get on his Lap and push my boobs in his face just to get it.... He's so smart I roll my eyes at his cheeky smile and put it one.

"Have I ever told you , you put your shirts on sexy" he winked making me giggle "No cause that's stupid" I walked away to grab a water.

"You should become a cheer leader" he spoke making me turn around with a disgusted look.

"So I could walk around in tiny skirts and a shirt that is ugly and do this every day" I spoke then flipping into a round off then landing in the splits and sticking my hands in a Y above my head "GO TEAM!" I say with a high pitched voice laughing as I got up and turned around to see Harry's mouth hanging open. "Jazz hands!" I spoke going on one knee and wiggling my fingers and laughing my ass off.

"Ya No" I spoke going back to him seeing his mouth still open. "Holy fuck what did you just do" he speaks stunned making me laugh " a round off" I shrugged him looking at me like I'm a freaking angel. I checked the time seeing we had 30 minutes until we had to leave so I sat down next to him. "Do it again" he looks at me so stupidly I laugh as get up from my seat and stand next to him as I go into a round off and land it.

"Why do you act like that's nothing" he spoke still surprised "because it's nothing I learned it in dance" I shrugged sitting down again.

"Of corse you were a dancer" he mumbles making me laugh. "Do something else" he said pointing at the spot I was just standing in. I got up rolling my eyes and deciding on just doing an Ariel... These where so hard to learn but I love them when I landed it I looked up at harry him rushing towards me and slamming his lips into mine and my back hit the hallway wall his arm going above my head mine instantly going to his neck pulling his curls at the bottom. The kiss was getting heated really fast. Harry letting out a throaty moan.

"Your such a turn on" he whispered threw the kiss "shut up" I whispered threw the kiss as I kissed pushing my back off the wall using all my strength to keep walking with harry going backwards until we hit the coach him falling me going on top of him.

"I could take you right now....but we have school" I had to pause to say that but got some air. "I need you now" he spoke going to my neck me pushing him down by his chest. "U'll have to wait till schools over" I giggle sitting up about to get off but he grabbed my arms making me stay sitting on his crotch. He just stared until I started rocking my hips an jumping up and down "OH HARRY.... YES YES YES!" I giggle looking up at the ceiling "GIVE IT TO ME......UGH FUCK" I laughed traveling my hands down my body laughing uncontrollably. "YES!! RIGHT THERE ....YA CUM FOR ME BABY" I laughed rocking my hips harder looking down at harry him laughing.

"UGH LEXI! YA" he chuckles pretending he's out of breath my laughing never stopping "FUCK LEXI RIGHT THERE....YA" he laughs really hard as he bucks his hips pretending he's coming undone me arching my back pretending to shake then me falling on his chest out of breath from laughing his breath rigged to.

"Best pretend sex ever" I giggled getting up from him helping him up as he laughs " yup" he whispers kissing me again but I didn't deepen it. We broke the kiss "ya cum for me baby" he mocked making me laugh again. " it was the first thing that came to my mind" I giggled him laughing his cheeks tinted a little pink. I took a step forward then tripped on fucking air making me fly into harry him loosing his balance and we both going to the ground I quickly grabbed Harry's head and shoved it in my breast so his was wouldn't hit the ground... It was the only place I could think of. We hit the ground me laughing as I release my hands from the back of Harry's head so he can get his head out of my boobs him having a cheeky smile again. "Sorry... I didn't want you to hurt your head" I blushed of how stupid I am him smirking "your fine" he winked giggling "but at first I thought you where trying to suffocate me" he laughed making me slap his shoulder and giggle.

"We have to go" I spoke getting up from on top of him and helped him up. Then finally grabbing my water and walking towards the car.

"Sneak peak of tonight GO!" He rushed the words making me turn around slam my back on his car and make my hands go by my sweats " touch me" I whimpered making my self die of laughter as harry did to. "Your such a good actor" he giggled opening my door for me . "Who said I was acting" I winked playfully and shut my door before he could say anything. He jogged around the car hopping in.

"I can't wait for P.E today" I smiled widely as I turned on my side in the car facing harry as he pulled out of his drive way.

"You looked really hot running yesterday" he chuckled looking over at me with a smirk on his face. "And you took off like a fucking line backer" I laughed remembering him running. "But I like that it's sexy" I winked making him chuckle.

"Hey babe" Perrie greeted me as we walked towards our lockers to find Lena and El.

"It sucks we have history first period on A day and it sixth on b day" I sighed as we walked to the back of the class seeing the boys coming in the class going towards us.

"Um boys I want you to sit over there" the teacher pointed at the row I front of us, us girls scoffing as they all took a seat In front of us harry sitting exactly in front of me.

Right when the teacher started talking a piece of paper landed on my desk making me roll my eyes.

"Cum for me baby" it wrote in nice hand writing making me start giggling. I wrote back saying "FUCK LEXI RIGHT THERE" in all caps and throwing it back hitting him in the head with it making me giggle even more as he turned around laughing and picking it up and turning around opening the note and start laughing.

"UGH HARRY!" He wrote back making me have to cover my mouth from laughing so hard.

"Ms.Hotts are we passing notes in my class?" The teacher said sternly coming towards me harry quickly putting his hand out under the desk so I quickly through it in his hand and he shot his hand back when the teacher came by.

"Nice try styles had it over" harry huffed and handed him the paper and him walking to the front harry turned around and signaled me to sit on his lap so I got out of my chair and jumped in his lap giggling. "Where gonna be in so much trouble" I whispered laughing as the teacher opened it me bitting my lip as his eyes going wide.

"Mr. Styles and Ms.Hotts shame on you!" He spoke shaking his head in disgust as harry started laughing really hard making me laugh. "I'd like to keep that" harry chuckled putting his hand out for the teacher to bring it to him. He looked back up at us noticing how where sitting.

"Lexi sit down now" he raised his voice making me roll my eyes. "I am duh" I motioned to Harry's lap him giggling. "NOW!" He yelled making me laugh "holy fuck I AM" I yelled the class looking at us all "watch your tone with me" he stepped away from the white board harry sitting up straight. "What the FUCK are you gonna do?" I challenged getting comfortable on harry.

"YOU TWO BOTH TO THE PRINCIPLES OFFICE NOW!" He screamed making me and harry laugh, I got off Harry's lap him standing up and grabbing my hand as we walked towards the door. The teacher still holding the note so when we walked by him I snatched it from him and all of a sudden my arm was ripped out of Harry's grip making harry turn around quickly.

"Give that to me now" he spat in my face getting me angrier by the second " let go of my fucking arm right now or I'll break your fucking mouth!" I raised my voice him tightening his grip on me so I kicked him in the balls and watch his hands go straight to his crotch. We were right next to his desk so I grabbed his head about to slam it into his desk before to arms grabbed me before I could do anything.

" you touch me ever again I'll break your fucking knees" I yelled through gritted teeth him looking up at me. "I'll press charges on you" he said standing up stepping closer to me

"step back now" I heard Harry's voice speak making him step another step closer. PRESS FUCKING CHARGES BITCH YOU TOUCHED ME" I shouted even louder harry stepping towards the door about to leave. "ILL SEE YOU IN FUCKING COURT!" I yelled and spit at him it landing on his jacket he came up to me in my face about to say something but harry dropping me so he wasn't looking at me since I'm smaller then both of them but harry the tallest. I moved from the middle as harry got in his face making the teacher having to look up.

"Mr.styles get your whore of a girlfriend out of my class now" he clenched his jaw as Harry's hand flew up but instead of punching him he rapped his hand around his neck and slammed his head against the wall and punch him making me run up to harry quickly and pull him out of the room.

"are you ok?" Harry asked me "what the fuck yes are you ok?" I shouted him nodding and walking towards the principles office holding my hand "your not a whore" he told me before we turned the corner. " I know but thanks for sticking up for me you seem to do it a lot" I smiled up at him when I saw his smile. "I told you were gonna be in big trouble"

"Ya did you seriously get the note?" He laughed me nodding and showing him. "You scared the fuck out of me when you slammed his head in the wall" I told him with a small smile " you scared the fuck out of me when you where telling him U'll see him in court." He chuckled looking at me then opening the door to the principles office.

"You to sit down now!" He spoke sternly "why in the world would you lay a hand on a teacher" he yelled looking at us me talking first. "He laid a hand on me first it's fucking self defense" I shouted sitting up in my comfy chair. " watch the fucking video" I pointed towards his computer as he turned the video on and let us watch. I started laughing as it showed harry grabbing me making harry laugh to "this is not funny" he shouted this time as he brought his attention to us after it was over.

"Why didn't you listen to the teacher" he sighed looking at us "I did I was sitting down" I shrugged leaning back in my chair "in your own seat" he said more frustrated in his voice " well he didn't ask me to go in my own seat but if he did I would of" I smiled like a bitch would.

"What did the note say" he asked looking at harry but I decided to speak. "Our project" I shrugged "what project?" He questioned that me rolling my eyes "for photography" I said bluntly him getting me annoyed. He picked the phone and called the teacher 2 minutes later him walking in and sitting down by me.

"What did the note say?" He asked the teacher harry shifting in his seat as I giggled "very disturbing things" he said not even looking at us "like what huh?" I asked giggling. Him shifting in his seat.

"Like cum for me baby..." He mumbled me laughing and harry laughing "how dare you accuse us of righting such horrible things" I gasped putting my hand over my heart the teachers mouth opening and the principle giving all of us a stern look "she did and there was other things!" He yelled like a 2 year old

" harry do you believe this!" I shrieked giggling him giggling to and shaking his head no.

"Since you put your hands on her first you cannot press chargers but you will have to leave for a few days so this can blow over" he instructed the teacher nodding and getting up then leaving. "And as for you two, your both suspended for 3 days and shall return next Monday" he spoke writing it down as me and harry stood up and walked out.

"This is really stupid" I spoke as I grabbed my phone from my locker and grabbed my binder. "Ya but at least we get 5 days of nothing!" He pepped referring to the weekend to.

"Do you think what happened back there was stupid of me" I asked as we walked down the halls together approaching the doors.

"Of corse not he's a bitch and touched you" pointing to my arm seeing the bruise forming.

"At least when we get back home I can go back to bed this day has been so exhausting" I giggled him looking at me with a questioning face "how so?" He asked as he opened the door for me and I stepped out " getting woken up by my boyfriend an unusual way, pretend sex, and a big or deal with our teacher , it's pretty exhausting" I giggled him nodding

"But that pretend sex was pretty sexy" i giggled opening the back seat and pushing him in and climbing on top of him. " if you want any action today I think you should take me home right away" I shrugged giggling and climbing to the front and harry jumping out of the back and going straight to the front my shirt already off sitting in my bra and pants. I put my legs up so my knees where next to my face and I opened my legs harry looking at me as we stopped at a red light me stepping out of my shoes and slipping from my sweats. I looked at him as his mouth was parted then he brought his lip between his teeth and looked up and down then back at the light as it turned green he sped through the streets. "I'll keep these on for you" I winked as took my hair out and ruffled it as it came out in long waves.

He parked in the drive way and ran out of the car then he ran to my side taking me out carrying me bridal style running to the door. "Get ready for the fuck of your life" harry winked making me giggle "get ready to give me the fuck of my life" I laugh as he though me on his bed. "Oh I'm ready" he smirks as he rips his shirt off and jumps on me kissing me instantly it turning into a make out session "take your.....pants off" I spoke through the kiss Harry's hands quickly going to his pants ripping them off as he climbs more on me making me go down on the bed more. My hands going to his boxers. "Them to" I whispered again through the kiss him smiling "yours first" he spoke making me giggle as I removed my hands from his neck and wiggled from my panties as they dropped from my legs. "Your turn" I ran my hands up his thigh to his abs and broke the kiss bitting his bottom lip and pulling back until it glum back to his gums him taking it between his teeth and looking at me as he took his boxers off me taking this chance to flip us over so I'm on top.

"Touch me" I whimpered with a giggle like earlier him catching on as he laughed to. I sat up on him me still in my bra grab his member and look up at him as he licks his lips. And stuck him in me a moan falling out of my mouth as I slowly started to move my hips up and down teasing harry. I heard the little moans fall from his lips. "Faster" he whispered making me giggle with a moan at the end. "Say my name and I'll go faster" I winked him bitting his lip at me "lexi" he moaned as I dug my hips in and went a little faster but not to fast. "I can't hear you" I stuttered him going deeper in me every push. "LEXI" he yelled so the fucking world could here making me go faster and deeper every thrust mine and his moans growing louder. He grabbed my hips and slammed me down over and over again as I yelled his name over and over again. Harry flipped us over my legs opening wider as he grabbed my thighs and spread them open and fucked the life out of me. "UGH HAR-RY!" I yelled reaching my high making my hips slam up, my back arching as harry kept going. "Cum for me baby" he winked as we came undone under each other's touch. My breath was rigged as harry laid next to me. "Holy fucking shit" I giggle out of breath looking up at the ceiling his eyes following. "Wait till tomorrow" i could feel his smirk when he said that making me giggle.

I looked at the time seeing it's only 12:43. "What in the hell are we gonna do for three days" I sighed looking at him seeing he has a smirk on his lips "we could always fuck through it" he spoke smoothly making me laugh "you would want that" I rolled my eyes playfully at him while he nods his head yes. I got up from the bed taking a sheet and walking towards the end of the bed snatching my panties then walking out.

I wanted to be comfy but look cute at the same time. So I grabbed black booty shorts and my black pajama crop top. And walked to Harry's room again seeing he's in those black sweats and a hoody saying "SEXY" in white letters. "Hey words are my thing" I giggled referring to his sweatshirt him rolling his eyes and giggling. "Do you wanna go get a tattoo?" I questioned looking at his inked arms and my bare arms I want to get the word "Emotions" just above my hip bone written in cursive" I sighed with a smile as harry looked at me with something in his eyes. "Oh come on please?" I begged making him roll his eyes.

"You know they don't come off right?" He asked like I'm 2. "Well no fucking duh!" I giggled as he sighed "first let's get you in these" he smiled throwing his sweats at me " i can just wear mine" I giggle handing his back but him not taking them. "Just wear these" he spoke walking towards the door as I slipped them on and ran to my room to put on my my slippers and walked downstairs to see harry by the door.

"I was fucking kidding I'm not ready for a tattoo!" I giggled as I walked by him " your supposed to talk me out of that shit not take me to them!" I giggled even more as he rolled his eyes. "I wasn't really going to go to a tattoo parlor I was gonna take you to a fucking icecream shop" he chuckled as he grabbed my hand and pulled my down on the couch letting me be on top. "Don't you ever get sore?" I asked with a giggle as he gave me a weird look for me to continue " you know fucking every 5. Minutes" I giggled playing around "never" he chuckled grabbing my ass to scoot me up so I'm on his crotch.

"have you ever seen Vines?" I questioned harry looking down at him "ya?" He spoke wanting me to continue "have you ever seen them do the grind on me dance?" I giggled at all those silly vines "ya..." He trailed his words with a chuckle at the end "ok so do it!" I pepped smiling at him "I'm not humping the ground"? He stated making me roll my eyes "I'll be under you" I shrugged with a smirk "ok " he spoke grabbing my hands as he sat up and setting me on the ground "this is gonna be so hot!" I squealed as harry stood in front of me and went down pushing his hips on mine killing me. When he finished he grabbed my hands and pulled me back on him on the couch " that was so fucking sexy" I whispered as I looked down at him again.

I started rocking my hips back and forth slowly it feeling really good and to see Harry's face expression! "Le-xi" he stuttered "yes?" I questioned innocently. "What are you doing" he asks like it's not obvious making me go a little harder with my hips. "Just sitting here" I shrugged trying to suppress a moan and a giggle. "Fuck" he mumbled making me giggle "fuck" I mocked in the same tone making him look up at me bitting his lip why does he do this to me.

"Ugh lexi your so dirty" he chuckles a little at his words. I think he's going for round to in this pretend sex. But before I could say any thing he flipped us on the floor so I'm on the bottom. This is just to great. He opens my legs and lays between them and winks up at me.

"ya harry right there.... Your so good" I giggle looking up at him seeing he's still in my legs an his arms are right next to my head so my face is under him.

"Why don't you ever say these things when I'm actually fucking you?" He asked with a cheeky smile making me giggle "because I can never speak" I state like it's the obvious until he went down on my hips making me moan and him chuckle.

"Right there?" He laughs referring to my earlier statement. "Ya babe.... UGH! I get louder with him laughing my ass off.

"FUCK...YOUR SO TIGHT!" He yells making me look at him and laugh so hard I can barely breath. "OH FILL ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I can't breath at all now from laughing and seeing Harry's face when I said that. "OH YES BABE FUCK!" He giggled leaning his head on my shoulder.

"FUCK THE LIFE OUT OF ME STYLES!" I yelled making my hands go on his back pretending to scrape it with my nails. I quickly turned around so now I'm on top and rocking my hips like crazy and grabbing my hair like one of those crazy girls.

"OH LEXI YOUR SO FILTHY!" He shook his head while saying this being so dramatic as I laughed. "OH YA.....RIGHT THERE....FUCK....FUCK FUCK!" I shouted as my hands went to my body pretending to touch myself making me laugh and Harry's eyes never leaving my body. "OH IM GONNA CUM!" I yell as pretend to slow down and grab Harry's shoulder acting like I need support. "UGHHHHH!" I giggled and fell on his chest him laughing so hard.

I sat back up and was about to mock him until his mouth opened "OH FILL ME YOU SON OF A BITCH" He laughed making me laugh "you called me a bitch" he giggled "no I called you a SON of a bitch" I corrected him with my own giggle at the end "but we all know your my bitch" I mumbled and slid my hand under his chin like every body did in middle school making his mouth gape open "I'm nobody's bitch" this made me laugh cause how he said bitch was so hot in his accent.

"FUCK YOUR SO TIGHT!" This time I mocked him like where does he come up with these things? " I was only stating a fact" he laughed as I swatted his arm. "Wait this is my favorite" he laughed having to pause from his laughter "FUCK THE LIFE OUT OF ME STYLES!" When he said this his head rolled back and his eyes squeezed shut at how funny this was. I was laughing like a mad person to. "I love how you say my last name.... It just rolls off your tongue" he laughed "very smooth but that was the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life" I laughed as I let my hands go on his abs.

"How are you so built and sexy if you only do PE for an hour?" I asked lifting up his sweatshirt without permission an feeling his rock hard abs. "I go to the gym and the sexy part I was just born with" he winked so cockily making me roll my eyes. "How come you haven't been to the gym lately?" I asked as I looked up to see the clock the time saying 1:25 then looking back at harry. "I've been spending time with you" he shrugged making me feel bad that I took away the gym for him.

"Why don't you go right now?" I smiled up at him "are you sure?" He asked me making me smile again "ya I'm not your mom you don't have to ask" I giggled " why don't you come with?" He smiled this time " I don't want to take something away from you that you do by yourself" I looked back at his abs me just wanting to freaking lick them! " I don't care I want you to come" he pepped fixing his curls. " are you sure I'm ok with out going" i giggle while I travel my hand towards his V line tracing it. "I'm sure your coming!" He laughed making me laugh but think for a second. " I don't want to get changed" I giggled then looked at the stairs. Him chuckling to. " I'll change you then!" He laughed as he sat up grabbed my like a baby you know when you have to rap your legs around them!

While he was walking up the stairs I started kissing his neck giggling then going to his jaw bone. "Do you want me to drop you?" He moaned referring to me kissing his neck. "You won't" I said going back to his neck finding his sweet spot. "How do you know that?" He cocked an eyebrow. "Because you promised me you'd never drop me" I looked into his eyes him thinking back to the night when I was drunk and him shaking his head yes then kissing me as he reached the top and going straight to my room never breaking the kiss. Until he set me on the bed. "Just keep that shirt on and I'll put these on" he chuckles holding my black spandex. "Oh I have a matching sports bra to those!" I told him happily "just keep your shirt on" he smiled up at me making me giggle. "How come?" I cocked an eyebrow "because you look to good in a sports bra and I don't want you getting checked out" he shrugged while he ripped my sweats off and was about to go for my thong "No stupid you keep them on!" I giggled slapping his hands but he just kept playing with the sides "why?" Sometimes he's stupid "because those aren't underwear there spandex" I laughed and pointed to them. "Fine" he sighed with a chuckle and slipped them up my legs me having to lift my ass off the bed for him to slip them on all the way.

"Ok let me go get changed and we can leave" he spoke getting up from the room.

He came back in black basket ball shorts and one of those tight shirts it was so sexy "I should make you change cause you look to good" I giggled and winked as he stuck his arms up ad flexed Making me laugh harder. "Let's go" he spoke sticking his hand out me taking it and walking down the stairs.

"Let's do something really stupid" I giggled as I stayed on the 3 step and let him walk to the bottom. "Ok what?" He chuckled "I'm gonna jump off then catch me and we'll spin around like one of dumb movies" I giggled and got ready to jump.

"Ahh!" I yelled as I jumped off the stairs and fell into Harry's arms as he spun around with me laughing as I bent me knees and kissed him. He set me down then leaned his forehead on me. "That was stupid" I whispered with a giggle. "It was cute" he chuckled as he slammed my bum making me shriek and jump closer to him.

"Come on let's go" I giggled and walked towards the door dragging him along. I hopped in the car harry starting it and taking off.

"Where here" he smiled as we parked in a shagged gym. I stepped out of the car and going straight to Harry's side. "Can't wait to get my work out on!" I chirped giggling him rolling his eyes and rapping his arm around my waist.

We walked in to an empty room with 3 punching bags, a boxing ring, pull up bars, and weights. Harry walked towards a bench set his bag down and took his shirt of! What the hell he can walk around without a shirt but I can't! Oh hell no what he doesn't know is when he was changing I put my sports bra on. I walked by him and took my shirt off and threw it in the bag. "What are you doing?" He asked turning me around so he could see. "Taking my shirt off I don't want it getting ruined" I shrugged "and plus there's nobody her and you took your shirt off" I spoke about to walk away but he grabbed my arm lightly turning me back around

"Your a horrible listener" he huffed with a smile "that's not true I just really love that shirt" I giggled and walked away to the punching bags.

"Can you tape me?" I asked harry turning back around to face him "sure".


*Harry's POV!*

"Sit here" I pointed towards the bench as I grabbed the tape and put her soft hands in mine.

While I was finishing up her right hand a group of guys came in and one girl. But they didn't have work on close they just sat down staring at Lexi and I.

"Hurry up so we can go!" She smiled at me as she punched the air and switched weight on her feet like a boxer but she was giggling. I sat down letting her tape my hands until a females voice spoke.

"Heyy" she spoke in a flirting way but Lexi didn't see it as she turned around and smiled friendly while she waved "hi" she spoke sweetly to the girl and turning back around to me.

"I'm Jackie" the black haired girl spoke to lexi her turning around again "I'm lexi" she smiled again but you could see she just wanted to turn around but she's to nice to be rude.

"Cute name" she said licking her lips still flirting with her but Lexi probably thinks she's just being nice. "Thanks" she giggled lightly.

"So Lexi do you have a number?" She picked her phone up shaking it like Lexi doesn't under stand. "Oh I'm sorry I don't know you very well to give you them" she said politely about to turn around again. I would say something but I'm making sure these dicks aren't checking her out. "Well you seem nice if you give me your number we can get to know each other" she smirked this girl is totally hitting on Lexi an she doesn't even know it. "Uh... I guess" she smiled reaching for her phone and walking towards the girl.

"But only you can have it" she whispers to the girl her nodding an looking at the guys. When she walked away the girls eyes were glued to her ass making me roll my eyes and grabbed her walking towards the punching bags.

"I just made a new friend" she chirped "she was flirting with you" I stated the obviously giving the girl a dirty look. " Noo she was just being really friendly" she giggled but whispered so the girl couldn't here her. "She was undressing you with her eyes and that's my job" I winked turning her around so she could punch the bag. "No she wasn't your just seeing things" I could feel her roll her eyes as she went to jab the bag but it didn't move at all making her turn around and die of laughter making me laugh. "I suck at this" she giggled her laughter dying out. And I jabbed at the bag it swinging making her mouth fall open and a cocky smile on my face.


After an hour of making out, working out, and wondering hands. We where about to leave " I'll get the bag" I told Lexi as she threw her shirt on the girl still gawking. I grabbed her hand and walked towards the door with her.

"By Lexi I'll text you later on tonight" she winked at Lexi making her giggle " bye jackie!" She chirped as we walked to the car.

"She's pretty nice" Lexi shrugged as she slid in the car and checked the time seeing it's almost 4. "Ya she's really nice to you" I scoffed and hopped in the car. "She wasn't flirting with me I swear" she giggled at me and turned on her side. "Ya she was all she was thinking about was probably fucking you" I turned in my seat to face her and saw her face red making me smirk at how embarrassed she gets talking about things like that. "No she wasn't how do you even know that" she cocked an eyebrow at me like I don't know anything. "Because I was thinking about fucking you" I shrugged and giggled at her slapping my shoulder. "She's a girl not a guy we don't think like that" she giggled and sat up. "But she's into girls so she thinks like a guy" I leaned towards her as she rolled her eyes. "You don't know if she's into girls and if she is it doesn't matter she's my new friend and she wasn't thinking of doing that to me!" She Leaned in towards me making me giggle since she said Doing that instead of fucking "doing what?" I chuckled wanting her to say it. "You know" she laughed and started blushing. "Say it" I kept pushing towards her making her go backwards "fucking me" she mumbled and rolled her eyes as she leaned towards me making me back up as she climbed over the counsel and in my lap. She was about to kiss me until her phone went off making her sigh and grab it. I saw her cheeks burn red as she red it.

*lexi' POV*

My cheeks burned as I red the text from Jackie it saying

*loving the show;)* referring to me and Harry's little moment

*ha...sorry* I sent back as I looked at harry him looking at me in thought.

"Let's go home" I giggled and set my phone down my cheeks never turning back.

It took 5 minutes to get home harry telling me stupid but hilarious jokes the hole ride home.

I skipped to the house opening the door and running to my room to get changed.

I threw my red lace bra on and matching thong on then put my white loose crop top on it showing my bra but it's just me and harry. I put black yoga shorts on but had to change them to white cause they aren't matching. This fabric was a little thicker so you couldn't see my panties in these. My phone went off again signaling I got another text from Jackie. I picked my phone up and read.

*I need a picture of you for your contact* I didn't really know what picture to send so I ran downstairs and asked. "Harry what's your favorite picture of me?" I giggled as he looked up at me he looked so cute. "Your bikini one duh" he shrugged making me roll my eyes and send her that pic.

*didnt know what pic to send so ya lol I need one for you!* I sat down in the chair waiting but I zoned out until my phone went off but it was a text not a picture.

*your fine you look good in that pic;)* she's really funny and cheeky.

*thanks!:)* I sent back giggling until my phone went off again seeing I had a picture. So I went back to text messages and clicked on the pic seeing a full picture of her naked on her bed.... I screamed and threw my phone making harry jump up and look at me like I'm insane.

"What!" He shouted coming towards me. "Ewwww look at my phone" I pointed to it him going to look at it but I quickly shot up and jumped on him and made us both fall my phone flying out of his hand. "Never mind don't look at it it's nasty" I whispered and him rolling his eyes. "What was it?" He asked looking at me then my phone I pushed to my chest.

"It was her" I whispered to him "so?" He's so stupid "of HERRRRR" I yelled motioning my hands to my body and his mouth go in an O shape "and she didn't shave" I whisper again pointing to my lower region making him giggle "I told you she was in to you" he shrugged making me roll my eyes. I closed my eyes and deleted the pic harry laughing at me.

*ugh Jackie I'm sorry but I'm not really into that I'm sorry* I sent to her harry grabbing my phone from me and scrolling threw our messages. "Well know fucking wonder she sent you a nude you sent her your bikini pic" he laughed looking at the pic and me grabbing my phone "you said you liked that pic so I used that one" I shrugged not getting off of him. "Ya for me to jack off from not her" he chuckled me slapping his shoulder until my phone went off me reading it.

*oh I'm sorry do you think I can come over so we can talk about this?:/* she wrote back making me feel bad I looked at harry and told him what she said "she's coming over" I sighed as I texted her the address and looked down at her.

"I really want to tell you I told you so" he chuckled making me roll my eyes. " go for it" I shrugged and looked at him but he kissed me then pulled away. "I told you so" he whispered making me push his chest so he goes back down on his back "I also really want to touch your boobs" he chuckled looking down at my shirt seeing my bra me looking down and bitting my lip.

"Go for it" I looked up at him seeing his eyes go dark and his hands going up. "I'm just kidding" I slapped his hands laughing as he rolled his eyes and put them on my hips.

*DING* the door bell rang seeing Jackie was here I got up from the ground and helped harry up as we walked to the door together.

"Hey lexi!" She chirped holding vodka and 2 cups "hey Jackie" I held a small smile and let her in pushing harry to the couch since he was laughing his ass off.

"Why don't we go to my room" I smiled and pointed to the stairs her hopping up them. "You to don't have to much fun up there" harry chuckled making me glare at him. "Shut the fuck up" I whispered and walked up to my room with her.

"Here" she smiled handing me a cup of vodka "Mmh thanks!" I chirped a we cheered and sat on my bed.

I chugged mine her filling it up again "so I'm sorry about what happened earlier" she smiled at me making me giggle since my buzz is kicking in. " it's ok who cares!" I giggle putting my hand on her shoulder "fill me up" I laughed and stuck my cup out but all she did was take my cup stand up and go by my door and locking it making me giggle. "Hold on I just need to get changed" she smiled and held out her pjs "ok" I giggled and put my hands over my eyes

"You don't need to cover your eyes I'm not shy" she giggled and took my hands off my eyes to revel she's naked making me scream and close my eyes and fun towards my door and ran down stairs and jumped on harry then opened my eyes.

"She said she was getting changed so I covered my eyes and then she said You don't need to cover your eyes I'm not shy! And she took my eyes off and her freaking hairy VAGINA was in my face"! I screamed and stuck my tongue out and harry have me a disgusting look "go get her out of my room" I whispered/ slurred to harry as he nodded and walked up stairs.

He came back with Jackie in front of him then he looked at me laughing silently making me giggle. I got up from the couch and walked towards her. "I'm sorry Jackie I'm just not really into that....I'm into that" I pointed to harry making myself giggle and her roll her eyes. "bye Jackie" I smiled and opened the door but she turned around and slammed her lips into mine me backing up but she had her hand on my ass so I couldn't move so I pushed her off and whipped my lips then harry getting in between me "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU BITCH AND GO FIND SOME OTHER GIRL TO TRY AND SUCK OFF" he spat at her and slammed the door and turned around seeing me stunned and my mouth open "harry your mouth is so dirty" I slurred making him roll his eyes and step towards me.

"Come on let's go in my room" I giggled and went upstairs with harry in my hand. "I don't want to be in these" I giggled taking my close off and jumping on my bed until I saw the vodka bottle "ooh!" I giggle and jump towards it "Mmh do you want some" I handed harry the bottle but him denying it so I pushed him on the bed and straddled him "just a little" I slurred and giggled he rolled his eyes and took a swig. " have I ever told you, you look good when you drink" I giggled taking a swig. And winked at him.

"I feel like we should go do weed or something" I laughed really hard as harry looked at me crazy " I've always wanted to say pass the weed!" I laughed a little to hard on this one cause Harry's face.

"Oh I'm just kidding but let's dance" I got up and tried to grab his arm to pull him but he wouldn't budge. "Why don't you dance for me" he winked but I rolled my eyes. "What am I supposed to grind on the fucking door" I giggled and pulled him up this time he came with me.

I put my back to his front and started swaying my hips to his. I put my hands over my head and put them on his deck and went down. "When I came back up I faced him and cupped him and he took a sharp breath in. "I thought you just wanted to dance" he tried to laugh but he was moaning since I was rolling my hand over his sweats. "You could really put this mouth to use" I smirked at him as I bit my lip and put my hands in his sweats playing with his boxers.

"I love how your so dirty when your drunk" he chuckled "only for you" I slurred and played with the hem of his boxers. "Why don't we do something else before I put that mouth to use" he winked. "Mmh... Like what?" I giggled standing on my tipy toes "we could put your mouth to use" I slurred up at him "just kidding" I giggled going back down on my feet.

"Let's go down stairs" I shrugged and grabbed his hand and the vodka but harry taking it from me. "Hey give that back" I pouted my bottom lip out ad went to reach for it put he hired it.

"I don't think you need any more" he chuckled hiring it even more "well you don't think right" I shrugged and went to jump again. " please" I pouted my lip again and looked through my lashes and blinked a couple times. "Nice try" he giggled making me roll my eyes and palm him. His eyes going straight to mine and his mouth falling open trying to say something but couldn't speak "give it to me pretty boy" I spoke looking at the bottle and then him as he lowed it me still rolling my hand over his boner. "Thank you!" I pepped as I grabbed it and skipped in my panties and bra chugging it down the stairs. I decided to go in the kitchen and lay on the island and bending my knees while my back is on the counter part.

I heard Harry's steps down the stairs until he walked in the kitchen in just his sweats..... Literally I could see his V line and his pants where slung low.

"Well fuck me" I say under my breath as he comes by me hearing him giggle. "Mmh I would but I have to put that mouth to good use remember" he hummed in my ear making me giggle and nod my head. "We could always do that to" I shrugged bitting my lip and looking at him. He grabbed my waist and tugged my off the island and kissed me hungrily but I broke the kiss looked at him and dropped to my knees and looked back up at him seeing his eyes dark but so hot.

"Get ready to make my mouth useful" I speak and rip his sweats down to see his huge member throbbing for my mouth. I rub him at first and look up.

"Am I the only one who can make you feel this good?" I look through my lashes up at him ,me going down and coming back up slowly. "Yes..." He whispers looking at me "tell me and I'll suck you off right now" I but my lip as he moaned.

"Your the only..... one who makes... me feel this ....good" he spoke having to pause from his moans making me laugh.

I put his length in my mouth slowly having my tongue on the bottom and slowly going down.... Until his hands found my hair fisting my hair in both hands and slid his length in and out of my mouth literally fucking my mouth. It hit the back of my throat so many times but I didn't gag cause that's gross...

I felt him twitch in my mouth making me look at him through my lashes and seeing him bit his lip hit the back of my throat again and kept it there while he came in my mouth me having to swallow.

"Your mouth is so useful" I sighed lousily with a smirk on his face as he helped me up and pulled his sweats up to.

" first I finger fuck you, then we have pretend sex, then we fuck, then we have pretend sex yet again, and to top it off I fucked your mouth." He smirked as we walked to the couch and laid on him as usual. "These are gonna be the best 3 days of your life" I winked giggling as he bit his lip.

"GO FIND SOME OTHER GIRL TO TRY AND SUCK OFF!" I giggled at his words coming from my mouth "ya that's my job" he shrugged kissing me making me giggle and then hiccup making me laugh again.

"Ya I know" I whispered to him then kissing his neck. "Your so horny when your drunk" he whispers in my ear making me look back up at him. " how do just when I'm drunk...maybe when I'm drunk I'm just very open." I shrugged with a giggle and watched as he grabbed my phone and turned it on. A disgusting look came on his face then he turned my phone around to show me yet another nasty picture of her making me slap my phone on his chest "isn't it nasty" I whispered to him like I'm telling him a secret "ya who would want there face in that" he chuckled an scrunched his nose making me slap his chest and laugh "that's gross" I shook my head and stuck my tongue out. "To think she wanted your face in there" he said shrugging making my mouth open and gasp. "She wanted you to work your magical tongue in her the way you do me" he smirked while I covered my mouth. "Then she would try to finger you but you would just sit there since she can't do it like me" he mumbled as leaned on his elbows and kissed my neck. "Then she would want to fuck you with a strap on but it wouldn't feel your needs since it's not my di-" I slapped my hand over his mouth " somebody's watched to many porn" I slurred/chuckled to him "well those lonely nights" he shrugged making me giggle. "Would you be in the corner beating your self off as I sit on the bed wishing it was you..." I whispered to him. "Probably but I would have to finish the job for her cause I wouldn't want her touching you" he whispered as he fixed me on his hips. " then she would ask me to touch my self for her but I couldn't stop moaning your name" I winked as I put my hands down by my panties.

"Are you good with your hands" he spoke kissing my neck again. "I've had a lot of lonely nights to" I giggled "I'm just kidding" I slurred as I pushed him down from his elbows.

"But your pretty good with your hands" I winked and got up from the couch. To go see the time and grab my vodka bottle. The clock only read 8:43.....ugh this day is going by so slow. I walked back into the living room seeing harry reading something on my phone making me grab my phone from him. "There's dirty pics on there" I squealed as I took another sip from my bottle. And held my phone down. " I deleted them but she texted you so i was gonna read it to you" he giggled as I through my phone back at him and he read the message aloud.

"Lexi I'll be fucking myself tonight for you;)......look what I got" he read but when he read the last part it was more in a questioning tone making me grab my phone and look at it until a picture popped up of just her waist down wearing a navy blue panties..... A very familiar pare of panties.

"The bitch stole my panties" I whispered surprised on why some one would do that. This made harry laugh and me texting her back.

*why would you steal my panties they were super cute and know I can't wear them! 😡*

I sent shaking my head. "I really liked those ones to" I sighed looking down at harry him laughing harder "I'll by you a new pare" he shrugged making me giggle and roll my eyes and look back at my phone seeing she texted back.

*just wanted to have a memory of you* did she really text me that like there fucking Kim kardashions panties!

My phone seeing she texted again.... But this time she sent a dick pic it was so disgusting and was like the size of my middle finger maybe smaller.

"Harry she just sent me a dick pic" I spoke turning my phone to him but he slapped it out of my hand. " I don't want to see another guys dick" he huffed making me giggle close my eyes and delete the pic so I can text her back.

*stop sending me pics! I have a boyfriend I only want to see his dick and that's all!!!! So plz stop it's nasty and I think you should delete my number*

I sent to her feeling bad for every word so I took a at least 3 chugs of vodka until it was empty making me sad and drop the bottle.

She never texted back making me through my phone to the side and look at harry. "We should switch spots it gets exhausting sitting in you" he giggle pointing towards our straddle position rethinking "never mind I like having the control" I slurred as he rolled his eyes. "What should we do it's so early" I sighed down at him since my bottle is empty.

"Do you want to go to a bar!" I chirped jumping up and down on him. "Why your already drunk" he shrugged at me making me roll my eyes. " your right we should go up to my room" I giggled and pulled him to my room.

"Why do you want to be in here" he asked as he plopped down on my bed. "I don't know I kinda like the lighting" I giggled just playing around as he chuckled. "And I'm tired of these I giggled taking my panties off and grabbing my sweats and slipping them on. "Ugh much better" I laughed as I jumped on my bed.

"Your so..... Happy" he giggled laying down next to me on the bed. "Ya" I sighed looking at the ceiling as I crawled into my bed and went under thee covers harry following.

"I like it" he whispered softly sleep taking over us.


I wake up from smelling something really good, so I climb out of an empty bed in my sweats and bra... I look into my sweats seeing I'm not wearing panties but whatever.

I decided to put my white crop top back on letting the left sleeve fall off my shoulder and show my bra even more but I just want to get down stairs.

I walk down the stairs a little slow cause I kinda have a headache. "Morning beautiful" I heard Harry's voice from the left making me turn that way until my lips met his, making me feel his minty breath..... I broke the kiss and ran back upstairs and into my bathroom and brushed my teeth!

"Much better" I mumbled to myself as I skipped down the stairs to see a confused harry, so I hopped over to him and kissed him. "Minty fresh" I smiled threw the kiss then broke it. "What smells so good" I giggled as I smelt the air again.

"Pancakes" he shrugs with a smile as I sprint to the kitchen to see a plate of them..... YAY! "So bad boy cooks to" I giggle as I sit down at the bar while he grabs two plates and two glasses. "Just a little" he smiled again making me smile.

"Thank you" I spoke as I took a pancake on my plate I feel bad for only taking one put I can never finish two pancakes. "No problem" he pepped again making me giggle as he sat down next to me with his plate and handed me a cup of orange juice.

1 pancake and half cup of orange juice later I was so full.... Like the kinda full you get when you stuff your self and when you think about it you get even more full... That's how I was.

"Just a fucking little huh!" I giggled at his last statement statement saying he could only cook a little. "Well maybe more then a little" he shrugged with a full dimple smile he's so happy today and that makes me happy.

"Well your really happy today" I giggled as I kissed his cheek and pulled away but he pulled me back.

"Well when you get a boner in the night thinking of what happened earlier you'd be pretty happy to" he laughed making me gasp and giggle.

"That must of sucked in the middle of the night to have a boner" I giggled and poked his chest my finger not denting in at all.

"Oh I took care of it and you helped a lot just sitting there" he winked making me gasp again and laugh. "You know your a deep sleeper.... Cause I was screaming your name" he laughed even harder making me laugh. "Of corse you were"

"Ya I was like UGH LEXI........YA" he moaned throwing his head back and bitting his lip and pumping his hand over his sweats making me laugh as hard as he was. "Your to funny" I giggle and calm down looking at him again as he chuckles.

"True story" he laughed and kissed me on the cheek before going in the living room with me.

"We should go shopping today" I shrugged and smiled since I love shopping "ok we can leave in an hour so it gives us time to get ready" he said having to look down at me. " ok I'll jump in the shower" I pepped about to turn around when he grabbed my hand. "Me to" he chuckled walking up the stairs with me.

We walked into my room since my stuff is in there and went straight to the bathroom. I took no time in waiting and jumped in getting my hair drenched... It felt so good!

After we took our long shower I decided to wear a maxi dress. It was black and white stripped Horizontal so it didn't make me look fat. It stuck to my curves until it loosened right under my ass so it made my body look good. I put on black sandals and let my hair flow down. I put the usual make up and my deodorant on but today I put on "Paris Amour" from bath and body works perfume on.

Harry came in but today his pants where tan and he was wearing a white v neck he looked really good. He had white converse on that went with his shirt.

"You look nice..... I like that dress" he spoke undressing me with his eyes. "Thanks me to" I giggled as I put some Chapstick on and walked by him.

"I like your pants today" I smiled up at him and he dipped down and kissed me. "Do my lips taste like watermelon!" I giggled after he broke the kiss him nodding with a smile and grabbed my hand while we walked down the stairs to the car.

"What about this one?" Harry held up a coral lace bra and matching panties, he's such a good shopper ! "Ya I love that color" I smiled looking back at the racks but when I looked back up at harry he was cupping the bra making me giggle and walk over to him. "What the fuck are you doing" I giggle and see the other girls in the store laugh a little to. "Well I don't know your size and you fit in my hand so I was just guessing" he shrugged making me laugh and grab it from his hands nicely to see he actually grabbed the right size. "Well good job but I wouldn't do that again you will probably get kicked out of this store" I giggled walking back to my rack harry following.

I already had 4 sets in my hand one is navy blue since the bitch stole my other pair, the second is coral since harry liked that one, the third is a dark purple one, and the forth is lavender color with the trim being black and the now in the middle black, there all lace and I love them.!

"Why don't you try them on" harry asked with a smirk making me roll my eyes "ew no other people have probably tried these on so they would be gross to wear until I wash them" I giggled walking towards the check out harry rolling his eyes and following me.

"Excuse me ma'm but I couldn't help but notice your figure and your quiet beautiful" a women with a brief case stopped me in the store saying this making me cheeks burn red and me smile like crazy. "Thank you" my smile never went away.

"Do you think you would be interested in being one of our angels?" She asked making me turn my body towards her to be more polite.

"Oh well that's really nice but I don't think I can do that I'm sorry" my smile went down a little after saying that making harry look at me like I'm stupid.

"Well if your interested you just give me a call! We would love to work with you" she smiled and handed me her number letting me smile back at her ad go check our stuff out.

Harry waited to leave the store to say something. "Why in the hell would you not want to take that" he shouted making me roll my eyes at him.

"Because I don't want people to see me in lingerie that's weird" I shrugged this time making him roll his eyes.

"I think you should do it have you seen those angels there like fucking TOP TEN MODELS and what she said your beautiful so why not show it!" He is so stupid sometimes...well a lot of times. "Well thank you but I still don't want to do it and would you want guys to imagine me in my panties and bra every time they look at me" I giggled as his face expression changed instantly.

"Your right maybe you should do it just yet" he spoke making me giggle "that's what I thought" I said before kissing his cheek and grabbing his hand so we can go to the next shop.

"Please just try it on for me" I begged holding up a short sleeve lack button up that would look so good on harry. "Fine" he sighed and dragged me to the dressing room and taking his shirt off my eyes instantly going to his stomach...

"Hey my eyes are up here" he giggled as he buttoned the last button making me giggle at him "you look so good" I jumped up looking at him again. I turned his body so he can look in the mirror. "I'm buying you that" I giggled as he rolled his eyes and took it off.

I ended up buying him 3 one being black with black buttons, second black with white buttons, and the third was white. I knew he liked them he just wasn't going to admit it since he's stubborn.

"Now I get to pick out something for you" he held a devilish smile at me and turned the corner. "Ok" I shrugged knowing this isn't going to be good and right when I saw the sign I dropped my hand from Harry's and read "Sex Dolls" in big red letters. "I am not going in there" I shook my head at him as he giggled. "Ok I'll go" he smirked making me roll my eyes.

"Ya you probably have a member ship here" I mumbled under my breath as I sat down on the bench across from the store and watched as he stepped in laughing.

It has been 5 minutes since Harry's been in there and I saw a group of guys coming this way making me look down at my phone.

"Heyy babe" I heard a guys voice and the 4 guys sit down on the bench with me making me roll my eyes. "Ooh Victoria secrets... Why don't you show us what you got?" He tried to say smoothly "why don't you just get the fuck away from me I have a boyfriend" I said looking back at the store seeing Harry's back of his head. "Oh you have a mouth" he snickered and Scooted closer to me making me stand up from the bench and grab my bags "fuck off" and I walked in the store but I knew they were following so I quickly went towards harry side and grabbed his hand making him turn around to look around.

The guy looked up at harry as he toward over him making me giggle at how intimidating him that easily.

"Is this your boyfriend?" He scoffed making harry roll his eyes and turn around with me making me giggle.

"Babe I said show me what's in your bag" he ordered me making harry turn around swiftly and his crew backing up a little. "Piss off" harry spoke a little louder but he wasn't getting angry yet witch is good. "Come on just a little peek" he said grabbing the edge of my bag harry quickly taking his hand and twisting it until the guy yelped making harry going harder. "Get the fuck out of the store now" his jaw tensing a little but not scared at all. The guy nodded and right when harry released his grip he literally ran out of the store.

"Ya your right about the whole angel thing" he chuckled and turned back around to the rack. "Can you just hurry up I don't want to be caught in a sex store" I giggled as he pulled out a fire fighter slutty uniform and laughing. All it was, was a red corset with a fake badge, a little hat, and the bottoms were red panties but they were small so they wouldn't cover your ass but it wasn't a thong. "Oh hurry up and get it so we can leave this crazy store." I giggled as we walked up to the lady at the counter.

"Well hi! Your stunning" she shouted making me giggle "thanks" I smiled up at her. "You know I know a guy who is filming a sex tape and I bet he would love for you to be the star" she smiled making my face go white and start laughing. "I'm sorry but I can't do that" I had to bite my lip from laughing as she bagged the outfit. "Well if you change your mind you go right ahead and call me! You know you just go right ahead and call me if you need anything" she giggled writing her number down, she was about my age maybe in college but she was young and pretty. "Um ok I will!" I laughed as she reached over the counter and hugged me making me giggle and hug her back. "I'm Lexi by the way" I smiled up at her "I'm Brandi " she chirped and waved as we left the store.

"First a Victoria Secrets Angel and now a porn star" harry chuckled and kinda just looked at me. "I just can't believe you got asked to be in a sex tape... I mean if I was a director like that I would want you in my video to" he chuckled making me giggle. " your such a dork" I laughed a he walked me towards the doors. "A dork you fucked" he shrugged making me laugh and look at him. " and I would gladly do it again" I shrugged laughing and taking the bag from his hands and hide it in my bags.

"So when are you gonna wear that sexy outfit for me" he asked as he started the car. "The same day you where your shirt" I giggled at him.

When we got home we kinda just sat there on the couch. "I'm gonna go get changed" I said before going upstairs and changed into some yoga spandex that are black with a red stripe going down the side and I put on a red loose crop top. I hopped down the stairs and jumped on harry. "I'm back!" I giggled landing on his hips hurting my vagina.... "Ow you hurt my vagina" I said looking down at my hips and his. And his eyes following and flipping us over making us hit the ground.

"I'll make it feel better" he whispered as he slid down to my stomach kissing me lightly going down making my breath hitch. He didn't break eye contact with me while he slid my spandex down my legs my panties going down with them. "I'm gonna make you feel really good" he whispered to me, separating my legs. And I felt his finger rub against my clit making me take a sharp breath in.

"I'm the only one who's ever touched you like this" he spoke looking at me with his lustful eyes. "I'm the only one who can make you scream" he went a little faster going down a little making me moan. "The only one who has seen you so vulnerable under my touch" he spoke sticking a finger in me taking the breath out of me.

"Ugh..." I whispered from the pleasure. "Lexi I'm the only one" he stuck another finger in me making little moans fall from my mouth. "Tell me I'm the only one" he whispered as he pumped in me at a very slow paste.... "Your.... Your the only one" I stuttered looking at him but having to close my eyes. " open your eyes I want you to look at me" he whispered and I used my strength to open them to see him before his mouth was on me. Making me moan his name over and over again. My hands found his curls fisting them making him moan with me.

He kept going faster his tongue working me..... "Lexi you taste so fucking good" he mumbles making me tighten my grip on his curls and my hips shooting up but I still held onto his curls so I was just shoving his tongue in me more my eyes screwed shut bitting my lip. "Harry.... Ugh... Fu-ck" I stuttered and whimpered as I came undone, harry looked at me while he went up one more time before coming towards me about to kiss me.

"Don't kiss me yet.... You'll taste like me." I said air lacing my words and him chuckling. "I'll be back" he giggled and jogged up the stairs.

When he jogged down the stairs he came back to me again but I had my spandex on now. He jumped on me kissing me. "Much better" I giggled as his minty breath fanned me.

"I'm gonna go to my room" I smiled getting up from the ground but only being pulled back down and his tongue stuck down my throat... "Bye" he whispered with a chuckle as I skipped up the stairs.

When I got to my room I changed into my bathing suit and decided to text Brandi so she could have my number.

Me: hey Brandi it's me lexi just wanted you to have my number!

Brandi: hey lexi! I'm at work but when I'm off can I text you?

Me: of corse have fun bye!:)


After that I threw my phone on the bed and went down stairs and jumped on harry holding his swim trunks. "Let's go swimming!" I giggled squeezing his cheeks. "Ok" he shrugged making me smile. "If you tell me how good of a fucker I am" he laughed making me giggle. "Your a horrible fucker" I laughed lying obviously. "I want the truth" he winked making me laugh again. "Your an amazing fucker! Now let's go swimming" I chirped jumping on his hips like a little kid.

"Ok" he got up from the couch me handing him his trunks. "Turn around" he chuckled making me roll my eyes at him and turn around.

"Hurry up" I sighed turning my head to see him still In his close and just staring at my ass... "Are you fucking serious get changed" I giggled facing him "fine but you can't look" he giggled. "You weren't thinking that when you where fisting my hair" I giggled as he but his lip and changed.

"Ok I'm just gonna ease mys-" harry cut me off by jumping in with me. "You suck" I giggled at him as I splashed water in his face. He swam towards me rapping my legs around himself. "Let's do something fun tonight" he smiled up at me making me smile. "We should like get drunk and then arres-" harry cut me off by putting his hand over my mouth laughing. "Ok I'll think of what we should do" he giggled moving his hand from my mouth. "Well maybe that was to crazy we should go to a kick back!" I giggled happy with this idea and rapped my hands around Harry's neck. "Or we could go to a football game" he laughed grabbing my hips. "American football!?" I asked excitedly "sure" he shrugged making me smile again. "I fucking love football were are we gonna go?" I asked my smile never leaving my face . "Our school I'll call the girls and the guys" he smiled up at me while I nodded. "Yay I need to go get ready!!!" I squealed a wrapping my legs but he didn't let go of my waist. "No you don't it's only 5 it starts at 7" he shrugged kissing my neck. "No time for that I only have 2 hours to get ready" I laughed grabbing his shoulders to push him down so I can look at him. "You should wear your black shirt.... It looks super cute" I pecked his cheek as he swam stepping out of the pool with me making my grip tighten.

He set me down when we got to my room and I went straight to my phone texting Perrie , El, and Lena.

Me: hey girls me and harry are going to the football game we should all meet!"

I sent getting a replay a second later from them

Perrie:k I missed u my babe!:*

Lena: ooh! Ok

El: yay ok!!:)

They all texted making me giggle then hop in the shower.

I washed everything and jumped out of the bathroom and plugging my hair dryer in and getting straight to work.

I finished with my hair unplugging my wand and spraying my curls. I threw on black skinny jeans and a black crop top with the number 5 on each side but the back having my last name "Hotts" in bold white letters, they had the 2 stripes going around my sleeves witch were cute. I put my usual make up, perfume and deodorant on and brushed my teeth again. I slipped black high top converses with white laces. I loved my outfit. I sprayed more hairspray in my hair right when harry walked in making me look at the time seeing it was 6:43 making me get excited. When I looked at harry my mouth dropped seeing the black button up shirt on with dark denim skinny jeans that looked so good, he had black Jordan's on making me want to kiss his shoes, and his hair......Oh my god his hair it was up in a quiff and was so sexy. "Lexi are you ok" Harry's voice broke my thoughts noticing I bit my bottom lip "sorry you just look..... Fucking hot" I giggled as I looked back down at him.

" you look really good to" he smirked licking his lips and grabbing my hand. I grabbed my phone really quick and shut my door.

"Have I ever told you that I love your last name" harry smiled shutting my door making me blush cause I'm dumb. "No but thanks I really like yours to it fits you" I smile up at him when he gets in the car.

"Thank you and your welcome" he spoke turning out of the drive way on to the main road. "No problem" I giggled turning to face him like I always do.

"Why do you always so no problem?" He chuckled looking at the cars next to him. " I don't know I guess I feel bad for saying your welcome like I feel like people think I'm snotty or some shit" I shrugged and he took a small glance at me laughing and shaking his head.

"Of corse you would feel rude by saying your welcome" he chuckled turning his attention to me since it's a red light. "What's that supposed to mean?" I giggled and looked back at him. "Your just really sweet to people unless you know they make you mad but other than that your so nice" he shrugged making me blush. "Thanks" I smiled as he started to drive again.

"No problem" he smirked making me giggle. "Fuck you" I said trying to hold a stern look making his head shoot towards me with an eyebrow raised "see I can be mean" I held my face but it was hard making him chuckle and turn back to the road turning left.

It was eating me up that I said that to him so I had to lean over and kiss his cheek. "I'm sorry harry I was kidding" I held a small smile on my face making him look at me with a cute smile. "See I told you" he giggled making me giggle and look at the street seeing the houses until the car slammed to a stop making me fly forward and start laughing as I catch myself from hitting my forehead on the window.

"Oh shit sorry" harry grabbed my arm and pulled me up me still giggling. "It's ok" I smiled calming down before he slammed his lips into mine. It was a soft sweet kiss and I loved it. "I like how your really sweet and innocent" he whispered leaning forward to see my rosy cheeks. "I like how your so bad but have a soft spot" I giggled making Harry's cheeks turn a little pink!

"I just made harry fucking styles blush!" I giggled making him roll his eyes "correction you just made Harry styles blush" he chuckled and started driving. I turned the radio on and heard Ain't it fun by paramour and made me turn it up cause harry hates this song.

"AINT FUN AINT FUN NOW YOUR NUMBER ONE!" I sang to harry laughing making him roll his eye with a smile as he pulled into the school


Were in the second quarter and were loosing it's 42 to 48 .

"HECTOR FUCKING RUN!" I screamed for the thousandth time I'm about to pull my hair out until the buzzer goes off signaling half time.

"Lexi calm down" harry giggled kissing me but I just pecked his lips "no time for that" and I jumped over the fence and hitting the track and running to hector and 22.


"I know lexi calm down" he frowned.

Making me roll my eyes. I talked to him for the rest I the half time about how they suck making me go to the team.


"I'm not listening to you" 14 said making me look at the coach and he handed my his whistle. "GET YOUR ASS ON THE BENCH!" I yelled making him go to the bench.


"WHO ARE WE" I screamed " FLACONS!" They boomed louder then ever. " MAKE THIS SCHOOL PROUD" I yelled breaking the huddle as they run on the field, I looked at harry and see him wink with a smile.

They did exactly what I said and scored a 3 touch downs. It was 60 to 48 I'm happy but not impressed.

The 3rd quarter went by fast them running to me.

"Good j-" I was cut off my 15 "why aren't you yelling! Yell at us" he shouted making me giggle.


"Coach if we win will you have shots with us" 15 said again making me blush from calling me coach "ya" I giggled

"NOW DONT LET THEM GAIN ANOTHER YARD! PUMBLE ANYONE WHO GETS IN OUT WAY BRING HOME THAT TROPHY!" I yelled as they slapped everybody's bums and some one slapped mine making me roll my eyes.

57 seconds left in the game and there not doing any progress until 14 grabs the ball and runs as fast as he could and that was pretty fast. He was almost to the line when one of the eagles jumped on him making him threw the ball before he hit the ground and the stadium stand up until hector jumped and grabbed it while he hit the ground crossing the line. The team went crazy all running to me as the crowd went wild. They picked me up so I'm sitting on there shoulders making me laugh.

"LEXI LEXI LEXI" they chanted some even crying

Only Perrie and Daniel came to the party and the guys. When I walked in everybody cheered making me giggle.

"Lexi are you ready for our shots!" Sammi said making me giggle and nod as I skipped off with him to the kitchen to see the hole football team piled in. I saw as they took out really big shot glasses making my eyes go a little big as he handed me on with a blue liquid in it. I waited till every body had one.

"You have to take one for every player" number 14 laughed making me giggle and look at Sammi as we chugged it down it tasted so good.

"I was waisted by the time I got to 22 shots only having to do acouple more. "Who's next" I slurred and giggled as they cheered me on wanting me to get waisted.

I did my last 3 shots and decided I should go find the girls and harry. Right when I went into the living room I saw Perrie making out with zayn and Daniel dancing with liam. Then harry leaning on a wall talking to some one until he spotted me, he pushed himself off the wall and started walking towards me.

"Hey pretty boy" I slurred and he laughed knowing how drunk I am. "Let's go dance" I whispered and grabbed his hand and went to the


Ugh! I woke up in my panties and shirt holding a football......the game ball!

When I let my eyes adjust I was in Harry's room but the bed was empty. I got out of the bed dragging my feet not remembering a damn thing from yesterday only flashes of images?

"Morning" I grumbled seeing Harry on the couch holding a bottle and aspirin.... He is so perfect.

"What did I do last night?" I asked popping the pill

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