I Fell In Love with Theo Horan

I'm Ana Malik. You all may know me as Zayn and Perrie Malik's daughter. Everyone thinks my life is perfect, but that depends on what happens when I meet Theo Horan. What will my parents, Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis think?


8. The Announcement

It was a normal day since I was heartbroken, my schedule was; Cry, think of Theo, Sleep, Cry, Eat, Sleep, Cry, think of Theo.That is pretty much it. Until dad called me down stairs, and to get dressed. I didn't want to at first but I did. As I went down stairs everyone was there. Even Theo. I was speechless. "Ana, and Theo" dad said, "I give you permission to date" I cried tears of joy. "It wasn't you, nor Theo, it was the fact of you growing up." Niall hugged Me, Dad, then Theo. I cried and ran into Theo's arms. Everyone clapped and mom cried. Soon it was in magazines, and on tv. "Theo Horan and Ana Malik officially dating" Theo and I laughed. We both hugged my dad, it was the best feeling ever.

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