I Fell In Love with Theo Horan

I'm Ana Malik. You all may know me as Zayn and Perrie Malik's daughter. Everyone thinks my life is perfect, but that depends on what happens when I meet Theo Horan. What will my parents, Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis think?


3. On The Path

As we were outside, Theo told me about himself. "We'll, as you know, I'm Theo." We both laughed. His laugh was amusing. So I laughed again. "And I play guitar" "Niall taught me" I smiled at him. "I eat a lot, yes like Niall" we laughed again. We sat down under a large oak tree. Theo brought his guitar, and I had no idea. "Do you sing?" He asked me, with a smile full of green rubber band braces. "Yes, a little" I said. "Great what do you want to sing?" We said at the same time and laughed. How about, One Thing acoustic? I said. He said it was perfect. We sang together like no one was watching. We both admitted we both did and amazing job. I asked him the question everyone asks someone they like, "Do you believe in love at first sight?" Instantly he said "I do now" we just stared at each other like we were in love, and we were. Theo leaned in to kiss me, and we kissed. I was glad Niall or my dad didn't see us. I knew we just met and we kissed already but, it was love at first sight. I knew him instantly like that. He actually asked me out, but told me to keep it a secret. It was our own secret love. When we returned inside, we acted normal. "Did you two get to know each other better?" Niall asked. "Yes" we said, and smiled. I gave him my number earlier so he could text me later on, it was perfect.

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