I Fell In Love with Theo Horan

I'm Ana Malik. You all may know me as Zayn and Perrie Malik's daughter. Everyone thinks my life is perfect, but that depends on what happens when I meet Theo Horan. What will my parents, Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis think?


2. It Started A Normal Day

I was with my dad, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis. We were having a blast in the living room. We were talking about other things and Niall said "She would so like Theo" I was wondering who in this world was Theo. He soon told me it was his younger nephew, who was only a few months older than me. He insisted we should meet up one day, I had no idea he meant today. Thoughts rushed through my mind like; Will he like me, is he cute, why didn't we meet sooner, is he like Niall? I went up stairs to see what I looked like; Straight brown hair, black/brown eyes, white smile, light makeup, skinny jeans, sandals, gray undershirt with a plaid unbuttoned button up shirt. Average me. As I heard a knock on the door I ran down stairs, and tried to act normal as Niall opened the door. Niall was blocking the way of Theo when they hugged. As Niall backed away I saw Theo. Blonde hair, baby blue eyes, 5'9 or 5'10, and braces. Basically Niall, only except he had braces. As I looked into his eyes I saw shyness, when he looked into mine, I fell in love secretly. As he talked I could hear a beautiful Irish accent. He was perfect to me. "Theo" Niall said, "This is Ana" my heart was pounding as he said my name. "Hi" I said shyly. "Hi, I'm Theo, and you have a beautiful face" everyone stared, "I mean name" said Theo embarrassed. I blushed and thanked him. My dad and everyone just smiled. Theo asked if he could take me outside to get to know me better. They luckily said yes. Theo took my hand, and opened the door for me.

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