I Fell In Love with Theo Horan

I'm Ana Malik. You all may know me as Zayn and Perrie Malik's daughter. Everyone thinks my life is perfect, but that depends on what happens when I meet Theo Horan. What will my parents, Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis think?


1. Ana Malik

Hi, I'm Ana Malik. I'm Zayn and Perrie Malik's 15 year old daughter. The day I met the rest of the boys, was we'll, the day I was born. Mom says everyone was there looking at my beautiful face, and crying about being moms, dads, aunts, and uncles. Dad says even Simon was there because he was so excited for them. Now on to more about me… I like to sing, I have I mild fear of water, I like hanging out with my 4 uncles, I play "football" with Louis, I talk to Paul a lot and he tells me stories about the craziest fans and funny moments, my favorite color is purple, and we'll, the rest of my life is basically normal other than the paparazzi that keep an eye on all of us.

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