To Love A Criminal

There are no words to describe Kasey's life. No words.


1. One

I hid in the bushes as I watched Nick Stokes and his team take my Jason away. How dare they! I could feel the rage building up inside me. Jason is my friend, I let him down. I tried to stay hidden, I really did. I screamed, "NO!". I instantly cover my mouth, but it's too late, Jason looks towards me signaling to Nick and his team that there's someone else in the area. 

I rush backwards, wanting to run. I heard a dog barking in the back yard; damn, I was going to forget Dusty. I whispered to him, "I will come back. Jason or I will come back.". He barks in agreement. I continue running into the woods where I stop myself, taking a break. I collapse on the ground and pull my knees to my chest. I rolled my left sleeve up and stared at the tattoo on my left wrist, it said; Jason.

I got it a few weeks ago, right after the incident that they're arresting Jason for. I felt my chest tighten, like I had trouble breathing. I have had enough of this shit. I am going to do something to get Jason out, it maybe the illegal way, but it could be the legal way too. I heard the thumping of boots, signaling me that they're coming for me.

Try and take me, Stokes. I know these woods better than you, I think to myself. I take off again, running towards the river. I can hear the quick swooshing of water, so I must be near. That's when someone tackles me to the ground. I shout at them, "Get the fuck off of me!". I hear a voice say, "Take it easy, Sara. We need her.".  I take a swing at Sara. She pins both of my arms behind me. 

I breakdown, not holding back any tears. Rage and anger is all I feel. Rage because Nick and Sara are crazy and anger because I let a friend down. Through shuddering breathes I say, "'t...regret.". Nick shakes his head and says, "No, can do. He needs to be put in jail.". I'm shaking, the only thing on my mind is my friend. He has lost so much, yet has gained so little.

"Just let me go. Please.". Nick nods to Sara who releases her grip on me. I turn around to them and say, "Now, leave me be. I'm going back to where I belong.". Nick grabs at my elbow, but turns his attention away from me when someone says, "C'mon, Stokes, let's get this guy to the jail. He's actually..." I give the officer a look and he shuts his mouth. Nick nods once again and says to Sara, "Leave her. We can find her later.". 

They walk away to leave me with my thoughts. I couldn't think of anything to do so I head out towards the warehouse, hoping Ryan and Valkyrie where there. Twenty minutes later I find both of them outside smoking cigarettes. Ryan says, "Ey, Kasey.". Valkyrie asks, "Where's Jason.". I look at both of them and say, "Got busted by Stokes and his crew.".  Ryan and Valkyrie's cigarettes fall out of their mouths.

"WHAT!!" They both shout. I recap what happened from the time Jason and I were in the house up to now. Valkyrie says, "Jason got busted.". I nod. Ryan says, "For what happened with his brother.". I clench my jaw, but I nod. I wrap my arms around myself because it's getting cold. Ryan motions for me to come in. I follow him and Valkyrie follows me. I grab a sleeping bag and head to my 'corner', so I can try to sleep and something that I haven't done in three weeks. The last person I would need to be thinking about 'pops' into my head; Jason McCann.

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