London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


9. Chapter 9- Connor


Chapter 9- Connor

    Heidi seemed like an awesome girl but she was a bit quiet, perhaps she needs to get comfortable with people. After picking up Heidi, we decided to stop at wegmans and gets some sushi, soup, and some groceries.

    “Heidi and I are going to grab some milk.” Indie said. I nodded but then I decided to go with them because bradley obviously didn’t want to be with me.

“Oo! Lets get some rum.” Indie said giggling mischievously.

“No! You're going to get drunk!” Heidi yelled in fear.

“Come on! Lets celebrate!” Indie begged. I guess we could have a few drinks. Indie grabbed 3 bottles of rum, beer, and a carton of milk. We rushed to the car and Indie passed a beer to James and rum to Bradley. Tristan quickly grabbed the beer and quickly swallowed it till he passed out. Heidi and i refused and I was pretty glad she was a sober girl. James blasted the radio on and was on full volume. Indie opened up a beer and rum and poured it down her throat at the same time. Crazy girl. I thought to myself. She was so wasted that she got a carton of milk and started mixed the rum with it. She drank it and her and Bradley were obviously drunk. They both popped their heads out of the sun roof . As Indie swayed to the beat of the song the milk squandered all over the roof of the car.

“NO! MY NIPPLE JUICE!” Indie yelled out. She plopped down in her seat and grabbed Bradley by his sleeve. She grabbed his face and put her forehead on his forehead.

“Bradley..” She said while her eyes were drooping.

“Yes?” He said also with a groggy voice and droopy eyes.

“YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!” She said waving her hands in the air and falling into Bradley’s lap.

“Mhm.” Bradley said half asleep. Indie started chuckling and Bradley and Indie both fell ontop of Tristan and passed out on him. Those crazy kids…

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