London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


8. Chapter 8- Destiny

Chapter 8- Destiny

    I rushed to get my suitcase packed. I lunged it into the kitchen. 

“You just came back from finals and you're already leaving.” My big brother, Greyson said.

“Look its just for the summer. And I missed Sara, Indiana, and Natalie so I thought maybe if I visit them and hang out with the band maybe I can have a nice vacation and also see if I can get into that writing college.” I simply said eating my toast,  constantly checking my phone so I don’t get late for the flight.  

“Well, I am going to miss you.” He said while he approached me with a brimming hug.

“We should go now! Oh my god we are going to be late!” I yelled in frustration. Since I lived in New York the airport was about thirty minutes away. As time went by I was rummaging through my handbag to check if I have my passport.

"I am gonna miss you New York." I whispered just in case I get into that college. We drove past the buildings and the sunset made the shadow of the buildings a perfect scenery for photography. I grabbed Sara's old polaroid and snapped the picture.

“Perfect. Sara’s going to love this.” I mumbled. We finally arrived at the airport and I’ve hopped onto the plane.


    Three hours went by and we arrived at London. I was exceedingly animated but I was lost. I grabbed my iPhone 4 out and dialed in Sara’s number. “Are you at the airport?” I stated immediately without even greeting her.

“I wasn’t feeling well so I sent the Indie and the boys to pick you up. I am pretty sure they arrived, they left like an hour ago.” She said with a stuffy nose.

“I am kinda lost.” I said quietly.

“No problem. I will just call up Connor and tell him to look for you. He knows the airport the best.” She suggested.

“Thank the lord. I thought I was going to be kidnapped.” I sighed.

“Don’t worry, Destiny. I’m pretty sure he could find you in five minutes. Last time I visited him, you know, when we were uh together and I was lost and he found me under three minutes. You will be okay, I promise.” She said before hanging up.

“Ok thanks.” I said not really caring anymore.

Four minutes have passed and I saw a charming boy with crystal blue eyes. Woah, I thought. That used to be Sara’s boyfriend? Why did she break up with him? He’s a hottie. Whenever I get nervous I play with my sweaters sleeves and I hide my hands in them, I got so nervous that I didn’t have the grip to hold my bag anymore.

“Hey I am Connor. Destine, right?” He said holding his hand out. I chuckled because he pronounced my name wrong but it was adorable.

“It’s Destiny. But nice to meet you too.” I said while shaking my hand with him.

“We better go before the boys and Indie thinks we are hooking up or something.” He laughed. I nodded and I attempted to pick up my bags but my stupid habit made me drop my bag which immediately made him distinguish that I am weak.

“Here let me take your bags.” He snatched the bag out of my hand. I couldn’t even speak to him he just took off and I followed him around like a lost puppy. We found our way to Indie with a bar of icecream. Indie gave me a big hug and we all introduced ourselves.

“Where’s Natalie?” I asked politely.

“Home. Taking care of Sara.” Connor said. Bradley gave a Connor a quick glare and I could tell he doesn't like him as much.

“What’s Bradley’s problems?” I whispered to Indie.

“Bradley’s mad at Connor because Connor still likes Sara. I will explain later.” She responded.

“Seriously?” I said looking at Indie.

“Ugh drama.” We both said at the same time and giggled. This is going to be an interesting vacation.    

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