London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


7. Chapter 7- Sara

Chapter 7- Sara


    My eyes were shut. I couldn't open them and I didn't want to. Screams and yells were ringing and ringing and I need somebody to save me from this horror. It felt like a building deteriorated on me and I was suffocating and the only thing I could breathe was this loathsome  detrimental gas. As I opened my eyes I saw two young men encompassing their hands out to me. Suddenly their obscure faces were clear and I saw Bradley with his beautiful smile and his adorable dimples. His face was filled with joy that I was safe. But on the other hand, Connor with his nice chiseled face and his comely blue eyes, he was ready to save me and claim me as his own. My hand reached out to whom I cherish, love, and respect. The murkiness arose again and my hand latched onto one of the boys. I kept my hand there and I wanted to know who I was destined to be with till the cloud of murk went away. The cloud was no longer blocking my view but before I got to find out some phone was ringing invariably.

  My eyes quickly opened and the noise startled me. I was glad that my phone interrupted my blood curdling nightmare. But the suspense was killing me. I know it was like some cheesy horror film where the teenage girl was dying and needed her "Prince Charming" to save her. But I wanted to know who I really love. Who was this handsome boy who was going to save me from this random room that was killing me. I realized my phone went to voicemail but the same caller repeatedly was making my phone ring  relentlessly. "Ugh." I said putting the pillow on my head. I grabbed the phone hastily and answered with a groggy voice. "Hello..?" I said in a grumpy articulation. "Hey..Sara..why do you sound so grumpy?" Destiny said. Destiny was my best friend since we were little toddlers. And Indie  knew her since elementary school. And Destiny and Natalie just met 2 years ago when she came to live with us in America. Destiny had finals and her brother was graduating college so she had to attend that also. I've missed her so much. She was like my other half and she was really important in my life. Even though it may seem Indie and Natalie are closer she is as important and I am glad she is coming to London. I forgot to answer because the whole time I was smiling and I was so happy to hear her comforting voice. "Oh uh. I was sleeping." I said rubbing the crust out of my eyes. "Your always sleeping! Okay, so I found a really nice, inexpensive hotel, but it's far away and I found a hotel near the house but it's super expensive and the other hotels have low maintenance and have very bad service." She said really fast. "Okay um maybe I will ask Connor or Natalie if you could stay here. I mean you can be with us and you don't need to take a cab all the time. And maybe if you get that college letter back then you could have that writing job and live with them till you get a apartment." I suggested. "Sara, it's going to be awkward. I mean you are going to be leaving in a few weeks and then I would have to live there. Maybe I can stay for vacation but I am not going to live there." She explained. "No! I know I am going to leave but Natalie is done with her studies so she is living here from now on and I am staying here the whole summer. My parents are in London too but they are staying in another city with family friends. Come on Destiny! Pleaseeeeeee!!!!" I begged. "Fine ask them. But tell them it's your idea not mine!" She said. "Yay! You're coming during the weekend right?" I asked. "Yeah." She said. "You're going to love everyone!" I cheered.

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