London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


6. Chapter 6- Connor

Chapter 6- Connor

I was walking past the piano room and from the corner of my eye I saw Sara sitting on Bradley's lap and giggling. My heart stopped. The girl I love was hooking up with my bestfriend. My body was tingling and my fists were stiff. And my body was filled with rage.

"Sara." I said seriously. She looked at me and her adorable innocent face just stared right into my crystal blue eyes.

"I need to talk to you." I said calmly. She nodded and jumped off Bradley. His face was slightly red and you can tell he was embarrassed.

"What are you doing with him?" I asked. She was quiet.

"I know you still like me but I am over you. I can date whoever I want." She said with an attitude.

"HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU! I KNOW HE IS MY BESTFRIEND BUT WHEN IT COMES TO GIRLS, BRADLEY IS A DOUCHEBAG." He wants to hookup with you and then he's done." I blurted.

"Really?" She said. I was ashamed I even said that but I nodded anyways. Everybody heard my hollering and rushed towards the living room. I looked up to see brad was standing there his fists were clenched and his brown eyes were watery.

"I'm sorry." I whispered. Everybody else was confused but after a few seconds Brad scurried to his room and indie finally understood and took Sara away. James followed them. And Natalie came walking towards me. I was expecting a lecture and a few yells but she just embraced me. I started sobbing.

"I missed you and Sara so much. I would've done the same if James or Tristan did that to you. I am so sorry if I hurt Sara. But I need her." I whispered.

"You have me. Now let's go get some ice cream and go to the arcade. Like old times." She said while letting go of our big hug. I nodded. I ran up to indies room and I cited Sara crying into indies shirt.

"He didn't mean it." James said while sitting next to her and patting her shoulder.

"I know he didn't but I hurt him and I don't do that to my friends." She said looking up to James.

"Well are you breaking up with Bradley?" Indie asked.

"We were never a thing and if con doesn't like it then I won't date him." She said wiping her tears. A crooked smile appeared on my face and Sara noticed me and gave James and indie a signal to leave. They left the room and indie gave me the death stare and James whispered

"Good luck" and patted my shoulder.

"I'm sor-" she interrupted me and enveloped me with a gigantic hug.

"No. You were trying to protect me and I was making a big deal out of it." She said, still caressing me.

"If you like him then you should date him. Just be careful. I trust both of you and it was wrong to doubt him and I know you're smart enough, I mean you were smart enough to break up with me." We both chuckled and she kissed me on the cheek.

"You are an amazing friend, Con." She said.

I smiled and we were interrupted by Nat yelling, "Come on con!"

"Go hang out with Nat. I'm okay." Sara said. I nodded and I rushed downstairs towards Nat.

Natalie and I went to get some ice cream. She got the Reese's cup flavor and I got mint chip.

"Mm this tastes so good can we buy another one?" Nat begged.

"Okay." I said rolling my eyes because I was never a big fan of spending a lot of money. She devoured the creamy ice cream with joy. She grabbed me and pulled me to the board walk.

"Connor! They are playing Girls On TV!" She yelled, she started twirling and jumping and I was actually happy she knew our song. A bunch of fans noticed me and they sprinted towards me. I looked at Natalie and I saw envy in her eyes. I pulled Natalie and handed a fan Nat's phone.

"Can you take a picture of me with her? I am her biggest fan." I said while handing the phone. Natalie had a big smile on her face and I told her that I would take a few more photos then we will head to the arcade.


When we got to the arcade Natalie was too scared to play the games with the guns and bombs, and she was too embarrassed to dance on DDR.

“What do you want to play?” I asked while I looked fixedly on Guitar hero because that was my favorite game.

“I actually want to play Dance Dance Revolution.” She said. I started laughing vehemently.

“You?! Dancing! Oh my god Natalie Isabel Ball! You can’t dance and you will never win.” I said while laughing my head off.

“Ugh! RUDE! I can dance! Its just different.” She said snapping.

"Fine. Let's see your skills." I said gesturing to the machine. We put on Paramore on and we were busting out moves. Natalie was confused so she just kept spinning in circles and putting her feet on every box but the right one.

"I am awesome at this game!" She gloated.

"Not really." I said trying to be honest. She got angry and playfully slapped my arm. She jumped onto my back and put her chin on my head.

"It's almost supper we should grab a cab." She said. I nodded and she fell asleep as I carried her into the car.


This time I carried Natalie bridal style. I wanted to wake her up because my arms were about to detach from my shoulders but she looked so cute when she was asleep. I put her on the couch and thought to myself. Damn. I am a lucky brother. She justs makes me happy. Best cousin in the world.

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