London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


5. Chapter 5- Bradley


There she was. Her hair was in a messy bun. She was still in her vintage floral baseball tee from yesterday. Her black leggings showed off her perfect body. When she talked to me her voice was so soft and comforting.But the fact we are both alone in my room and my towel fell. I can tell she is pretty uncomfortable. I was butt naked. I started laughing because she was acting like she never seen a guys dick before. Was she a virgin? I kept laughing at her reaction. Because she was acting like she has unprotected sex and she was pregnant and her parents are extremely religious.

"Wheres the filtered tap?"

"Are you thirsty because of what just happened?" I said. She playfully slapped my arm.

"Partially. Look, can we just forget that just happened?"

"Oh okay then. I see how it is." She starts laughing hysterically. Her laugh was beautiful. It was mix of giggling and some soft chuckles.

“So..Sara..wanna a tour?” I asked

“Of you?” She said while smirking.

“No. The house. But if you want?” I said.

“ Do you flirt all the time?” She said.

“Only when I see pretty hipsters. And this is the first time I saw a hipster.”

“Oh really?”

    “Well you should get changed and then you can give me that.” She said while winking at me.

Her body was slim and curvy. She was so sexy but at the same time she was innocent. I see Indie walking right past me and she sees me with my towel.

        "Wow. Hey there cutie." She said while pinching my cheeks.

        "We saw each other yesterday why are you already babying me?"

       "We used to video chat all the time! I have the right to pinch your cheeks."

       "Can you do a favor for me?"

       "Depends. Are you going to ask me out again?" She said.

      "That was a joke. And please I am being serious."

      "Fine. What do you want?"

“I need you to find out if Sara likes me.” I said.

“What? No. I am not gonna do that.” Indie said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because Connor likes her.” She said.

“WHAT?! Are you joking?"

"No..." She said slowly.

"But he never liked a girl. Unless he kept it as a secret. Wow. I thought he was gay." I said while pacing back and forth.

"Well he's not gay. And can we stop talking about crushes and all that crap? There is too much romance going on in here and we only came yesterday. Air hockey? In the basement. You and me. Just like old times. Except its in reality and not on the internet." She said.

"Yea sure. Just let me get dressed." Indie strut out of the room so I could change. I put on a maroon colored v-neck and black jeans. I got my fedora on and then I added a antique necklace that my mom gave me.

"Why are you getting dressed up all fancy? Trying to impress the hipster in the living room watching Degrassi with Natalie. And if you want to watch. i suggest you don't go down there. Indie is tackling them because they are not letting her see Adventure Time." James said while entering the room.

"I am not trying to impress her. I am going out. To With Connor. Ask him." I answered.

"We got the groceries yesterday." James said suspiciously.

"The milk expired." I said.

"No it didn't. We got two cartons yesterday." James said.

"We need..uh..eggs." I said trying to think of something to say.

"Shut up." He said.

"Okay." I said while looking at the ground.

"You look hot. Do you know that?" James said putting his arm around me.

"Thanks bro. Your sexy also." I said while poking his cheek.

I rushed out of the room with James and as he entered our giant kitchen I ran downstairs to our basement. Indie and Nat followed me because they were saying something how Sara watches too much Degrassi.

    “Nat. You wanna play?” I asked.

    Nope! I am just gonna watch you guys move the circle thingy into the hole.” She said pointing to the air hockey machine.

    “Okay then..”

Sara scurried down the stair and she was jumping up and down.

    “OH EM GEE! Clair just cheated on Eli with Drew! And Miles and Maia broke up! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD.” Sara hollered waving her hands around randomly.

“Sara, go and do something productive.” Indie said while rolling her eyes at her.

“Indie!” Nat yelled feeling bad for Sara.

Indie rolled her eyes again and continued to play with me.

“Whatever I am going to look around the house.” Sara said rolling her eyes.

“Oh yeah! I will give you that tour!” I said.

“No! One game please and then you can give her that tour.” Indie whined.

“Yeah. So see you later.” Sara said running up the stairs.

After playing a game with Indie, I went to go look for Sara. (Play Then I heard something. I heard Someone playing the piano. The beautiful sounds attracted me to walk into the room. I saw Sara with her eyes closed, she was humming along with the piano piece. Her hand slipped off the ivory keys and her hand landed on the shiny black keys. She was swaying her head back and forth. I joined her on the bench and she opened her eyes and looked at me. 

She stopped playing, "That is beautiful. What is it?" I asked in a charming voice.

"My mom used to hum it to me when I had trouble sleeping. And after a while I taught myself how to play it on the piano." She said quietly.

"Does your mom still sing it to you?" I asked.

"No. She is in rehab now and it's been a while. But I am raised by my grandma now so she still sings it to me. We call it Bella's lullaby, it's my moms name, my grandma used to sing it to her too when she was little." She said while trying to hold back tears when you can tell she is having flashbacks of her family.

"Can you teach me the piece?" I questioned her. She looks up immediately with her beautiful warm brown eyes and gave me an innocent face. She nodded and gave me a little awkward smile that looked so adorable on her. After a while of teaching she finally demonstrated the last few notes.

"Like this." She says while looking at the keys.  "okay i got it." I said with a determined voice so she can hear that I care. I played the song similar to her playing but since it is a original song by her family she could play it more fluently than me.

"Wanna play the song together?" She said. I simply nodded and both of our fingers laid on top of the notes we should play. She quickly released her hands off the key to move her hair out of her face. She landed her hand on top of mine accidentally and our eyes met. She slowly moved it away and she crossed her legs and tried to make her skater skirt look decent on her but she still looked sexy with her smooth, tan legs.  She started moving her hands in a fast motion. I tried to follow her lead and eventually I got it. Both of our piano playing perfectly went to together. As she played the higher notes. I played the lower notes. I looked at her and smiled. You could tell she was enjoying the moment. I moved a little closer to her. The moment was intense but it was so comfortable to be near her and just hear the beautiful sounds that she played. I closed my eyes and just thought of the future. Of the fandom that is growing. My family that is proud. I have the best friends. That I may actually found the love of my life. She made me happy. And someone that likes the same things as me and I just wanted to thank her. Thank her for being beautiful, smart, kind, and different then all the other girls out there. I couldn't stop smiling. The piano piece got to my head. I couldn't think about anything else. She was always on mind when ever she played the notes that enchanted every single thing in the room. I couldn't stop thinking about her. She was the one. She looked at me and pursed her lips. She leaned in and her lips gently landed on top of mine. My hands moved away from the key and touched her belly button ring and I slowly moved my hands towards her waist. She shifted to my lap. My hands were tangled in her hair and she was playing with my hair. She stopped to take a breath and she was running her nose against mine and she smiled. I hugged her and I didn’t  want to let hr go. She pulled away and softly  pecked my lips  and then I kissed her forehead. And the magical moment just happened. She was mine.  

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