London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


4. Chapter 4- Sara

I woke up in some unpainted bedroom.

“Wow how long have I been asleep?” I said to myself.

"Well ever since we came." Nat said while fixing my blanket. I knew something was up because she had the biggest yet awkward smile.

"Was he cute?" I question since I am thinking if she likes a guy.

"Yes. Wait what. I didn't say anything." Nat said quickly.

"Well we know it's not Connor and since I don't know how the other guys look like I will just search them up." I said while grabbing my laptop.

"Please don't. It's embarrassing.." Nat whined.

"Okay so that's Tristan. Nah you can't like him he's too sexy for you. I mean, not your type. Brad. Hmm. He's cute. You can't like him. I have dibs. And um. Hmm. OH. MY. GOD. You and James are perfect! Do you like him? 'Cause if you don't then you're messed up because you guys definitely belong with each other." I said.

"You really think I look good with James? I mean. Uh. Um. I don't care if I look good with him. I don't even like him." Nat says.

"Oh you do like James. You could've just told me." I said leaving the room to brush my teeth.

"Ugh! Sara!" Nat yelled across the room.

"Just admit it!" I said while rolling my eyes and turning away from her.

“Wait did you carry me all the way up here. I mean you are pretty weak and all I remember is going on your back.” I asked Nat.

“Oh Brad took you.” Nat said while looking through Twitter.

“Oh. Thank god it wasn’t Connor.” I said while leaning on the door.

“Sara. You guys broke up a while ago. I think he is over you now. And anyways he would tell me if he still likes you. Oh my god do you still like him?” Nat said.

“I broke up with him. Remember? Why would I still like him?"

"Because..he still likes you."

"He still likes me? Did he really tell you that? Wow. Too bad."

"Go brush your teeth and stop making fun of Connor!" She said while laughing. I was walking towards the bathroom and I see a shirtless guy in a towel heading towards a bedroom. He was well under 6 feet. His hair color was brown so were his eyes. His hair was curly and wavy and you can see the left over hairproducts Still in his hair also he has a smile that is perfect and he has really cute dimples. I bumped into him and my tooth brush and everything else fell.

"I am so sorry." He said picking me and my stuff up.

"No problem. Bradley right?"


"Nice towel." I whispered.


"Huh? Nothing." I said while jumping out of my day dream. He chuckled while rubbing the back of his neck.

"Thanks. Uh. Um. For carrying me upstairs." I said while doing weird hand gestures.

"No problem. Anything for a beautiful girl." I giggled after he said that. As we were both walking away the friend ship bracelet Nat made for me got stuck to his towel. His green towel fell off and I SAW EV-REE-THING.

"Oh shit." He said while he pulled me into his room so I don't awkwardly stand in the hallway and act like nothing happened.


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