London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


19. Chapter 19- Connor

Chapter 19- Connor

    I walked into the living room, so Nat can help me with my tie. But, I spotted Bradley and Sara cuddling each other. I Was filled with rage but I immediately calmed down because I have to respect her choice. When he pulled her in closer, I dropped my big comb.

    “Connor?” Sara said rubbing her eyes and walking over to me.

    “Yeah, why are you still sleeping? We are going to be late.” I said bluntly, still staring at the couch where they were embracing eachother.

    “Oh,Brad and I couldn’t sleep, so we stayed up late.” She said straightening out her hair.

    “So, are you guys-” she stopped me right there in the middle of my question, “I wouldn’t choose without telling you.” She said, “Here let me help you.” she grabbed my collar and was fixing my sloppy tie. Brad finally walked out of the room, heading to the shower. He was glaring at us with envy.

    “Sorry, I forgot how to fix a tie.” She giggled.

    “No problem.” I smiled. When I turned around, Destiny bumped into me accidently.

    “Oh, Destiny can help you!” Sara suggested. Destiny smiled and helped with my tie. I couldn’t help but notice, but she was awkward around me.

    “I don’t bite.” I smirked and pulled her closer so she can do it properly, “Can I ask you a question, Destiny?” I asked.

“Yeah, of course.” She smiled as she did the loops of my tie.

“Why are you so shy around me?” I questioned.

“Um I guess, it’s because you're helping me with my boy problems and its awkward. You know,venting to you about how he likes somebody else and we just met. You know?” She explained.

“So, thats why you're shy around Brad too?” I said.

“Well, he, um I don’t know.”She stuttered.

“Wait! You don’t like that waiter, you like Brad!” I figured it out. It all made sense! The way she takes care of him and all.

“What gave you that idea?” She Scoffed.

“That day he made us stalk the barista. You weren’t interested in him, you were trying to tell Bradley you like him and  he assumed it was someone else. And then you chickened out and told him it was the barista.” I said.

“No, Connor. That barista is my crush, not him.” She explained. I am pretty sure she was lying. Her eyes were dilated and she kept looking at the tie.

“C’mon, admit it.” I teased.

“UGH! JUST-JUST STOP!” She screamed in anger. I felt bad for teasing her like that but who cares if she likes Brad, we are all friends.

“I’m sorry, Dessy. I didn’t mean to tease you like that.” I said touching her shoulder. Immediately, she moved her shoulder away from me.

“No. I am sick and tired of all this dishonesty! I don’t like that barista! I don’t like Brad! I like you, Connor!” She yelled out, I was shocked. How could I have not noticed that she was trying to get close to me the whole time?

“Uh, Destiny. I don’t understand.” I gestured my hands. A bowl behind us drops and we turn around to see broken pieces of glass and Sara standing there in tears.

“I-I’m going to go clean this up.” Sara’s voice was shaking up, she ran and wiped her tears.

“Oh my god. No.” Destiny felt bad. She went chasing after Sara and I couldn’t help but follow.

“I’m so sorry, Sara. But my feelings- nobody can control their feelings towards someone.” Destiny tried to explain.

Sara sniffled, “Remember that time, when we were twelve? You liked the fourteen year-old skateboarder that would ride in the park everyday.”

“Yeah..” She sat down right next sara.

“That day, you told me you had a crush on him. Right before you told me, he asked me out.” Sara’s eyes watered. “Even though, I said yes. I called him that night, and I told him that I couldn’t make it. I stopped going to the park after that because it was so hard to look at the guy you liked and at the same time I liked him too.” She sobbed.

“I’m sorry, Sara. I wont make a move on Connor.” She took a deep breath,”Are we good?”

“You can have Connor. You like him all you want. But, just to let you know. He likes me, and I am not breaking up with somebody else again so you can have them.” She left angrily. Sara past me on her way out. She looked at me deeply and let her shoulder harshly brush past mine. I took a deep breath and I stared at Destiny sobbing. Sara was involved in the middle of a love triangle. And now, I am just sitting there right between Sara and Destiny, fighting over me, claiming who my girl was going to be. Gosh, I needed Natalie’s help.

I walked over to Nat’s room, she immediately indicated I went through something rough because my back was slumped over and my blue eyes weren’t just bright enough at the moment.

“What's wrong, Con?” I sat down next to her and she put her arm around me.

“Why are girls so complicated?!” I said hiding my face with a pillow and just resting my self on the bed.

“What happened?” Natalie chuckled.

“First thing. Destiny is all over this barista dude named Aiden.” I said.

“Oh, Brad told me about him. His name is Andrew, by the way.” She said.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. Anyways, then she tells me she likes me. Sara starts getting all dramatic, but like two seconds before any of that happened. She was literally all over Brad. Then when she ran away dramatically, I overhear her being drama queen to Destiny. She sounded like a total bitch, it didn’t sound like her at all.” I ranted.

“I say, avoid them. Don’t act like you're mad. But, just don’t make it all about them all the time. Its your life, not theirs.” She explained and I nodded, “Now get all the boys in the car. I finished makeup and hair, now all I need is my dress.”

I smiled and gathered all the boys to the car.

“I hope this is going to go well.” I said to James.

“Oh please with those girls? Not a chance.” He smiled and I laughed.

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