London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


18. Chapter 18- Natalie

Chapter 18- Natalie  

    I had my 9 hours of sleep and its 6AM. It was weird, the kitchen had two coffee cups. One with pink lipstick on it, it looked like sara’s pink squeeze lipstick I borrowed for a few frat parties indie used to drag me too when we lived in America. A box of dozen cupcakes, half were eaten. Did Indie stay up last night with Tris? I stopped caring and I grabbed my fruits and made my daily fruit smoothie. I headed to the living room to did my cardio and yoga. Till I see Brad and Sara passed out on the couch, snoring into each others arms. I tried to ignore them as I did my jumping jacks. Looking at the mirror, I spotted James coming from the front door. Guessing from his gym clothes, I assumed he was on a morning jog.

“Hello sunshine.” He smiled. I turned around slowly, I put one hand on a hip and I squinted at him. I got back to my business and I started my exercise again.

“Nice clothes.” I could tell James was checking me out from the corner of my eye. I was filled with rage and I just wanted to walk up to him and slap him.

“You know what?!” I stepped up, sternly walked up to him and I was gonna rant my heart out, “you’re such a jerk! And I can’t believe you would plan something so devious and annoying. And everything you do it irks me, like UGH!” I yelled.

“You’re so hot when you’re mad.” He smiles and leans in to kiss me. I grabbed his neck and I slowly kissed him back. I bit my lip and kissed him even more.

“You’re still a jerk.” I smirked, “Look, Indie and Sara are mad and the boys are kinda-” He interrupted me, “You want us to be a secret.” He said.

“ that okay?” I went on my tippy-toes and pressed my forehead against his.

“Yes, its fine. Plus, its hot.” He smirked and kissed me another time. This time, I slipped my tongue into his mouth and then I stopped.

“Wait, are you just using me for sex because acacia turned you down?” I questioned.

“No, babe. I’m all yours” He whispered. I smiled and I wrapped my legs around him and he started kissing my neck.He tugged my shirt and I interrupted again.

“At 7AM?” I snickered.

“Everybodys alarm should be ringing now. Let’s mind our own business and hate each other.” James winked. We both parted our ways but James got his hand out pulled me in and he kissed my nose and smiled.

Everybody’s alarm on their phone was beeping constantly and I had to give them their shove so they wouldn’t have to press snooze. I first skipped over to Brad and Sara, her head was on the crook of his neck and unfortunately I had to break up this romantic mess. They both squealed and their bed head was practically tangled into each other.

“Ugh Natalie..” Sara said rolling into the floor. Brad just went under the covers again and just snored obnoxiously to scare me away.

“Get up.” I slightly kicked Sara and ferociously shoved Bradley.

“Try to wake me up one more time, I will blackmail you.” Sara threatened me.

“Yeah? How?” I laughed.

She glared at me and gave me a smirk, “Oo James we have to keep it a secret.” She imitated me and did smooching faces.

“You wouldn’t.” I was about to jump on her.

“Oh yes I would.” She smirked, then I jumped on her. “Oh James! I love you!” She mimicked my voice that wasn’t even accurate. I put my hand over her mouth, trying to make her shut up.

“How do you know?” I questioned.

“Um, you made me half-awake when you were yelling at him.”  She got up and gave me an evil smirk, she ran over to James with his towel on and wet hair. She jumped on his back, and started teasing him.

“Natalie loves you! Natalie loves you!” She teased him and almost made his towel come off.

“Does she?” He raised an eyebrow, turned to me, still with Sara on his back. Sara jumped off and was waiting for an answer.

“No.” I rolled my eyes and walked past him, hitting his shoulder.

“She’s sassy.” I overheard Sara. I was still mad at James, this was just a tease. And I am going to teach him a lesson of how it feels not to be loved.

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