London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


16. Chapter 16- Tristan

Chapter 16- Tristan

It's the night before the bafta awards and Joe is coming over. I couldn't wait to introduce him to the girls. Joe is a close friend and also our manager.

A doorbell rang, Indie and I were playing scrabble on the couch.

"Come in!" I yelled.

"You left the door open?" Indie said.

"It's exactly 9:00PM, Joe always comes on point. I know it's him." I explained.

"Hey!" He said giving me a bro hug.

"Hey man, This is indie." I introduced him.

"Hi indie I am Joe." He formally introduced himself. "So, is this the girlfriend?"

"We are not dati-" indie interrupted me, "yeah I am his girlfriend." I gave a confused look at indie.

"Okay, where are my other boys?" He asked.

"Brad is probably moping around and connor is out with destiny. I think they went to go get coffee or something. James is working out in the basement." I said.

"Ah. Nobody had any clue I was coming but you." He said.

"I think they forgot." I said looking around.

"James! Natalie! Sara! Brad!" Indie called.

"Ugh! I hate you! Leave me alone!" Natalie yelled at James.

"Woah what happened to the two of you love birds?" I questioned.

"James is a jerk that used me to get to acacia!" Natalie yelled.

"What?!" Indie and Sara yelled at the same time. Sara was furious and she hopped onto James and pulled his hair.

"Dude. Really?" Brad stated.

"Can somebody be a friend and help me?!" He yelled.

"No!" We all said at the same time. Sara got tired and let go. Indie gave him multiple death stares, brad and I were clearly disappointed.

"Hey where's Joe?" Sara asked.

"Oh he went to go smoke a cigarette before any of this happened." Indie said.

"Hey indie can I talk to you?" I tried to change the subject.

"Of course." She smiled.

"So are we official now? Or.." I asked. She didn't let me continue and she gave me a big, wet kiss on the lips.

"Of course, dumbass. That date was the highlight of this whole vacation so far." She winked.

"Good, 'cause you're awesome and I really like you." I smiled. We held hands both headed back to the living room.

"Hey Joe! My man!" Brad fist bumped him.

"How many beers did you have today, dude?" Joe probably smelt his booze.

"None, I still have the smell from my old drunken days." He said and Sara smiled to realize that he is full on sober now.

"Oh really?" Joe stated.

"Yeah I have started going to A.A. Meetings and they're helpful." Brad said.

"You are?" Sara asked.

"Yeah." Brad bit his bottom lip. Joe saw the chemistry in their eyes and I could tell he was planning to experiment on all of us boys and girls. Connor came through the door with Destiny holding coffees.

"How was the stakeout?" Brad winked and Joe caught him.

"Great." Connor smiled.

"Yo man." Joe greeted connor.

"Hi I'm Destiny." Destiny introduced her self.

"So indie, Natalie, Sara, and destiny." He guessed except he mixed up Natalie and Sara.

"I'm Sara and she's Natalie." Sara fixed.

"Sorry I wasn't here when you came down. I was waiting for connor and apparently he was at a lovely so-called stake out." Joe winked.

"So this meetup was for..?" Destiny questioned.

"Oh yes, the bafta awards. The boys need dates. Rumor has it, your all gay. I need all of you boys to get a date with a girl and this is when you girls come in." He explained, "We can't have anybody giving hate so the couple has to look good. So, James your complexion looks good with Natalie."

"Uh I can't go with him." Natalie scoffed.

"Why not?" Connor said.

"We'll tell you later." I said.

"I don't care if you guys don't like each other that way, but this needs to work." Joe said, "How about connor and Sara. No, Brad and Sara. Your height difference is perfect." Joe said.

"Joe I think your the gay one here." Brad laughed.

"Seriously, come on. Let's focus." Joe said while everyone else snickered, "okay, since Indie and Tristan are already boyfriend-girlfriend, I won't jeopardize that and switch you. Plus, you guys actually work well together." He scratched his chin.

"You guys are dating?!" Everyone hollered.

"Oh no one knew?" Joe was confused.

"Well we kind of made it official right when you asked us." I said.

"Oh okay, and then Connor and Destiny make it perfect so we are good. Make sure every couple matches the girls dresses." Joe explained.

"Wait what if I don't like the color of her dress?" Brad asked.

"Come on, Joe, this isn't prom." Indie whined.

"Do we have stylists or do we need to go buy a dress?" Sara asked.

"I am NOT going with James and matching with him." Natalie complained.

"Can't you just forgive me?!" James yelled.

"Wait what's going on?!" Destiny questioned Natalie and James relationship.

"Destiny likes somebody else! I can't go with her!" Connor argued. Everybody was filling the atmosphere with questions and complaints. This was gonna be one messy night.

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