London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


15. Chapter 15- James

Chapter 15- James

    For two weeks I was pretending like Natalie. Its killing me! She is a precious girl but I just still have feelings for Acacia. And I can’t believe I told her that I LOVED her! Seriously? We literally only knew each other like two or three weeks. What am I going to tell her that I am just using her to get Acacia jealous. Acacia works at the ferris wheel at the carnival so I am taking Natalie on a first date there.

    “Hey!” Natalie said eagerly and went on her tippy-toes to kiss my cheek.

    “Hey..” I said turning around to escape from the awkwardness.

    “Is anything wrong?” She said touching my shoulder. No, besides the fact I don’t like you that much.

    “No.” I simply replied.

    “So lets head to the carnival then!” She squealed.

    We arrived at the carnival in a flash and I spotted Acacia with a red and white collar shirt tucked into a red mini-skirt. Her name tag boldly labeled her name and she was gathering tickets in front of the ferris wheel. At the moment, she was  flirting with a tall, muscular brunette teenager that looked about seventeen.

    “James, I think we should go.” Natalie said lightly holding onto my arm.

    “Why?” I questioned for no reason because I knew she was referring to Acacia.

    “Um its just know what? Nevermind. Where should we head first?” She asked.

    “The ferriswheel.” I bluntly suggested.

    “I don’t think thats a good idea..” Natalie advised.

    “No I think its a great, romantic idea! What do you think?” I said.

    “Um okay?” She sounded confused. We headed to the ferris wheel and Acacia spotted us and glared.     

    “Oh hi Acacia. I didn’t realize you worked here, you seem like a high class girl” I squinted at her.

    “Hi James! Oh and I didn’t know you were going to come here on a first date. You seem like a high class guy.” She squinted back.

    “How do you know this is a first date?” Natalie questioned.

    “I’ve been working here ever since I turned 13. James been bringing girls here for first dates all the time. Later on he admitted it was just to get my attention.” She answered.

    “Just ignore her Natalie.” I walked her to the nearest cart.

    “Oh.” Natalie said passing the tickets to Acacia.

    “Have an amazing time.” Acacia said sarcastically. Damn, why does that girl have to be such a bitch sometimes. Well, its the plan to get her jealous so I guess its working. Natalie tried to climb up on cart 13 but she couldn’t hop on. Oh gosh I have to help her. (Play “All about you” by Mcfly) Despite the awkwardness, I grabbed her waist and gently helped her up. She offered me her hand to help me but I shook my head and hopped on my self. Before the ferris wheel started “Love is on the radio” by Mcfly came on. I couldn’t help but smile because that was my favorite song.

“This is my favorite song!” We both said at the same time.

“Wait, you listen to Mcfly?” I was shocked.

“Yes, a lot actually.” She mentioned. It was pretty cool that Natalie and I had some in common.

“Whats your favorite song?” I was curious.

“Mine is, All about you.” I said, she said at the same time, “All about you.”

“Seriously?! Um, tell me more about yourself!” She said.

“Well, I would have to say I really love Lord of Rings.” I mentioned.

“Hm, never watched it.” She said putting her finger on her chin.

“What?! I watched it five times! Maybe, I can watch it for the sixth time with you.” I offered.

“I’d love to!” She was eager. Acacia never wanted to watch Lord of the Rings with me, she hated Mcfly, and she always made me watch Mean Girls with her. Natalie is different, she's not like Acacia. I mean why do I even like Acacia? Shes a bitch. To like, everybody. And she’s a total slut anyways. We reached the top of the ferris wheel, I think I actually liked Natalie. She may seem a bit nervous, but its cute..I guess. Maybe I’ll give her a shot, but I feel awful for deceiving her.

    “Look at those stars.” I pointed.

    “Yeah their beautiful, right?” She said looking up.

“See that big beautiful star right next to that one?” I pointed.

“Yeah.” She said.

“Thats you.” We both slowly looked back down and ended up looking at eachother. I leaned in and gave her a light peck.

“This is all amazing, James. I am so thankful.” She said.

“No problem.” I smiled. The ferris wheel came to an end and we had to pass Acacia, again.

“Look, I know what you’re trying to do. But its not working, I don’t like you anymore. Your just some desperate, cliche douchebag looking for some real love. Look James, unless you want to sleep with me and take me out for actual fun stuff. Then I will take the offer, but nothing you do will make me crawl back to you, got it?” Acacia grabbed my collar and whispered into my ear. After I nodded and stepped away from her, I couldn’t help but overhear her saying something to Natalie.

“Did he name you after the biggest star? Ugh, he always does that to every girl and then hooks up with them. Please, it happened to my best friend, me, maybe some other girls, and maybe you. Why do you think I went for Brad? All James tries to be is a player that acts like a hopeless romantic at first and then he gets you laid. I know that may be my type but I know for sure its not yours.” She said slightly out loud to Natalie.

“What?” Natalie says softly.

“Acacia!” I yelled.

“Its the truth! And that bitch slapped me so I had to make her shed some tears!” Acacia argued. “You also admitted you were trying to make me jealous!” Natalie looked at me quickly and looked hurt.

“Look, Natalie. She told me that it wouldn’t work if I was trying to make her jealous. I told her that I would back away because I started liking you!” I defended myself.

“Just..leave me alone.” She stomped out and headed for a bus stop. I would have chased her but its for her own good, I am horrible.

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