London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


14. Chapter 14- Destiny

Chapter 14- Destiny

    I stared at Connor as he cuddled with Rex. I had a notepad in my hand and I was sketching him relaxing with his guitar and his lizard.

    “Wow. Thats amazing.” Brad said sitting next to me.

    “Thanks.” I said not even looking at him.

    “Are you drawing..Con?” Brad said,

    “Um..his lizard interests me.” I replied hiding my notepad from him.

    “Well, I came to say thank you. For um, washing me up while I was, you know, drunk.” He said.

    “Well, of course. I would do anything to help." I smiled.

"anything?" He asked.

"Yeah, anything for a friend." I said. "Hot cocoa?"  I asked while I was taking out the marshmallows.

"Yes please." He responded. "So you're close with Sara, right?"

"Of course, why?" I said.

"Well, can you get her to talk to me?" He asked. At this moment, I was kind of surprised he was asking me for help. I thought everybody thinks that I have no guts.

"No! I'm sorry Bradley. But meddling and help are two different things. And I am not risking to lose a friendship with Sara. And I am certainly not making her hate you more." I said.

"She hates me?" He looked heartbroken.

"Oh. No, no. Bradley! I didn't mean it that way! Nobody should hate you. You're a good person." I pitied him. "I'll try to make her understand that you're a good guy, okay?" I suggested.

"Really?" He said looking into my eyes.

"Brad, when I first came to London I was closer to you then all the other boys. Of Course “I'll try to find a way to help you." I said taking a sip from my cocoa.

"Thanks. I would do anything for you too. Like, get Connor to like you back." He smirked.

"Wait, what? No, no, no! I don't like Connor!" I whisper shouted because Connor was sitting on the couch.

"Admit it." He said.

"No! I won't admit it because it's not true!" I shouted waking Connor up.

"What's going on?" Connor said rubbing his eyes.

"Nothing. Just setting Destiny up with a boy." He grinned. I glared at him like it was his last moments.

"Oh what boy? I can help." Connor sat down while grabbing a teapot and pouring himself some earl grey tea.

"Nobody." I said hiding my face because I was very embarrassed.

"Please!" Connor pouted.

"She likes the barista at the downtown cafe." Bradley blurted out.

"Bradley!" I whisper-yelled. He winked at me like it was some part of a plan.

"Well my favor is over. Connor you can do the rest." Bradley said rushing up the stairs.

"Oh I know the barista! His name is..uh I think Aiden. Sorry I only talked to him once." Connor said.

"Um...wait I need to ask Bradley something. One second." I ran up the stairs and barged up to Bradley's room, I cited him playing the newest FIFA game.

"What kind of plan is that?! And I don't like Connor!" I said unplugging his play station.

"Hey! I was in the middle of something!" He said waving his hands up in the air.

"Answer me. Or else your play station goes out the window." I threatened him.

"Jeez, I remembered you being way nicer." He said.

"Bradley! Please answer me! What's the plan?!" I begged.

"Admit you like him first." He said crossing his arms.

"Fine! I like connor! Now tell me!" I almost went down on my knees.

"The plan is..he is going to take you to see the barista but at the same time you guys are going to be on a coffee date. Watch, he'll start liking you while you're on your stake out to talk to the barista." He says.

"That's so smart." I said putting my finger on my chin.

"Yup! Now plug my playstation in please!" He said eagerly. I wasn't sure if this plan was going to work but I headed down the stairs to see Sara and Connor talking.

"Hey! I got the plan." I headed towards Connor.

"What plan?" Sara asked.

"Nothing." We both said at the same time.

"Okay then.." She rolled her eyes and went into the living room.

"The plan is, for two weeks we develop a friendship with him and then we will invite him over and I'll ask him out. But I need you to come with me everyday for his shift." I explained.

"I remember that his shift was the 9:30PM one." He said.

"Oh okay we can stay till it closes." I smiled.

"Sounds like fun." He chuckled.

"Great. 9:30 tonight. You and me." I gazed into his pretty blue eyes.

"It's a date." He winked. A date?! Really? Oh my god! I am going on late night dates with Connor Ball for two weeks! And if he starts liking me we can continue and date! Oh my god Bradley is too smart!

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