London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


12. Chapter 12- Natalie

Chapter 12- Natalie

    I was in shock but for some odd reason everybody was cheering me on. Indie and Tristan picked me up and started chanting.

    “GO NAT! GO NAT!” They yelled in excitement. James looked sad, furious, and many more emotions. I signalled them to stop. I walked slowly towards James. He was tearing up.

    “Three years. I trusted her and loved her. I got her everything she desired.” He responded softly. Destiny took Bradley to clean up. Once he haltingly entered the room, James looked at him with hate. James got his fists clenched and he looked like he was ready to battle.

"James. Be calm. Hes sober now.. He probably doesn't remember." James didn't listen. He got up from his seat and was ready to pounce on him.

"YOUR A BASTARD!" He yelled. Bradley looked at him in confusion.

"Calm down dude. Destiny told me what i did and i am so sorry." He says trying to calm him down.

"No! I am going to get you back!" James replied in an aggressive tone. James takes Sara and pressed his lips against hers. She pulled away quickly. I was so upset. My best friend and crush kissed. James stormed away into his room. Bradley stood there, his eyes were dull and they were staring right into Sara. She was there in shock, she felt her lips and sprinted into the bathroom. All I could think about was how upset James was. I tip-toed to his room and creaked the door open.

"Why would you do that him? You knew he was drunk! Do you really love Acacia? Did she EVER treat you right? And why would you do that to Sara? Why would you bring her into this?" I interrogated him.

"I don't know, Natalie! Why are you always questioning things!? This is MY problem. Not yours." He yelled in frustration.

"Because..I can't stand when my friends are hurt." I said softly. I sat down next to him, my hand on his shoulder. He looks at me with his beautiful green eyes. And sobs. I took him in my arms and I stroked his hair.

"I will never let you get hurt." I reassured him. He nodded into my shirt and I pulled his head back up. Before I said anything, James smashed his lips against mine. I climbed onto him as he stroked my hair. He pulled away to take a breath.

"Natalie. I love you." He said pressing his forehead against mine. I couldn't believe this moment was actually happening. I nodded and pecked his lips.

"I love you too James. But we can't be together." I stated.

"What?" He said in confusion.

"If i want to be with you then i want to be with you properly. I want to go on a date with you." I said. He nodded and we both exited the room. We were both finally happy.

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