London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


11. Chapter 11- Acacia

Chapter 11- Acacia (Play Loyal (east coast version) by Chris Brown)


I hopped out of my mercedes. I was wearing a really tight black dress so I could get laid by James and tell all my friends that I had sex with the lead guitarist of The Vamps. I entered their large home and I made all the boy’s first impression unforgettable.

“Woah.” Bradley said.

“Acacia this is Natalie, Sara, Destiny, and Indie.” James said.

“Oh hi.” They all mumbled. Sara was some so-called hipster, Natalie flat chested blonde, Heidi is some boring ass, and Indie is some wannabe bad ass. They were all “not perfect” and it was kinda funny. After dinner, Sara suggested we played spin the bottle. Oo! I get to kiss the others too! Especially Bradley, he was so damn sexy.

“Rules are: 1. If you are taken then you can’t kiss anybody else but your partner. 2. You only get three passes if you don’t want to kiss someone.” James said. BORING! This was so stupid!

“We need a bottle.” I said crossing my arms. Bradley stumbled into the room like he was drunk and he held up a large empty wine bottle.

“I got one! I finished all by myself.” He said tripping every time he walked. He dropped on the floor and was ready to play.

“Bradley, are you drunk?” Sara asked.

“Yes he is! Can we just play?” James said with an attitude. It was Connor’s turn and it landed on Destiny.

“Um. Uh. Destiny is it okay if I kiss you or should I pass?” Connor said.

“Your a pussy! You don’t need to ask her! Just kiss her!” I yelled. He glared at me but I just rolled my eyes. He leaned into her, not enjoying it as much. But she looked like she was in paradise. He stopped the kiss early because it was obvious he into somebody else. Perhaps me. Then it was my turn. And then the chardonnay wine bottle pointed towards… Bradley. Yes!

“Time to skip him!” James said. I didn’t listen. I climbed onto Bradley and gave him a big, wet kiss.

“Oh. My. God.” Heidi said.

“Acacia! Bradley!” James yelled. Bradley was drunk so he couldn’t control me and wanted me more and more.

“Um…” Tristan said. Then out of nowhere Destiny jumps onto my back.

“You little cheater!” She yelled. I pried her off of me, weirdo.

“What the hell? You ruined my prada bag!

“Oh please! I bet its your moms.” Sara said leaning against the wall. Little bitch. Destiny fell on the floor and then Indie looked furious. Uh oh.

“BITCH PLEASE!” Indie said sprinting towards me and then ‘POW!’ I got a black eye. She shoved me towards the door and then Natalie came towards me.

“STOP!” Natalie hollered. I was so happy, I thought she was protecting me but out of nowhere she slaps me so hard.

“Never. Ever. Hurt my friends again.” Natalie said in my face.

“Indeed.” Sara says. She shoves me lightly, smirks at me and slowly shuts the door in my face. Asshole.

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