London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


10. Chapter 10- James

Chapter 10- James

    So today Bradley seemed pretty, depressed. His lifeless soul entered my room and he just jumped onto the bed. He was literally sobbing. And then I realised… he’s drunk again.

    “Dude! Have you been smoking weed?! You smell horrid!” I questioned while trying to pry him off my bed.

    “What else am I going to do? Live a happy life with my beautiful Sara? SHE LOVES CONNOR! AND WE ALL KNOW IT!” He hollered in frustration.

    “Stop being so dramatic man. You just met her.” I said patting his back.

    “I met her 5 weeks ago! Just. Get me another beer.” He stated.

    “No! Brad ever since that stupid thing happened between you, Connor, and Sara, You’ve been drinking! You’re an alcoholic! This even happened when Camilla broke up with you!” I complained.

“Never mention her name again.” He glared at me.

“I had to.” I mentioned.

“You know I don’t like talking about her.” He said while sitting up.

“I know you’ve been through a lot. But getting drunk is not the answer.” I advised him.

“I can do whatever I want.” He said with an attitude.

“Fine. Get drunk. I don’t care.” I said leaving the room. The phrase I don’t care scared me when it came to my friends. I obviously do care about Bradley and I completely regretted saying that because he obviously thinks now that whatever he does now, I wont stop him. I felt bad so I re-entered my room.

“Acacia is coming over tonight to meet the girls. Please don’t get drunk until after the dinner.” I asked. His eyes were drooping and he gave me a thumbs up. But we all know thats a lie. Acacia was my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for three years now. Even though she was a bit younger than me and was a bitch to society, I liked her and I don’t even know why. I rushed down the stair into the kitchen.

“Why are you blushing James!!??” Sara said pinching my cheeks.

“I am blushing because I invited my girlfriend, Acacia, to have dinner with us tonight!” I cheered.

“Girlfriend?” Natalie stated.

“Yeah. Is anything wrong?” I said in confusion.

“No! Its just that we were going to play spin the bottle so it wouldn’t make sense if your girlfriend was kissing another dude. And Natalie was excited to play so now that you're inviting her we can’t play so…” Indie said.

“It’s fine! If the bottle lands on another guy, I know Acacia wouldn’t kiss him.” I said. They all nodded but Natalie looked a bit upset.

“Uh. I am going to get Heidi for lunch.” Natalie said quickly and rushed out of the room.

“What’s her problem?” I wondered.

“Nothing.” Indie says jumping onto the counter table and eating an apple. Sara approached me putting her hands around my waist.

“Aw. James boo has a girlfriend.” She said giving me an eskimo kiss. Don’t worry. It was just as a friend.

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