London, We're Back.

I am not gonna spoil this little story for you..but lets just say Sara and her best friends go on a wild adventure. BOOK COVER MADE BY MY FRIEND AZZY


1. Chapter 1- Natalie

Me, Sara, and Indie were sitting in the taxi. Sara and Indie were in deep sleep because of their awful jetlag. But I was wide awake. I was so excited to see my cousin Connor Ball. Not to mention he lives alone with 3 other hot guys in a big house. We arrived and Indie jumped out of the car and yawn and she gave me an enormous hug just an excuse to fall asleep in my arms.

“One second.” Indie says letting go and and pulling Sara out of the car.

“Sara! Wake up!” I said shoving her slightly.

“No! Give me a piggyback ride!!” Sara whined throwing her hands up.

“I did it last time. Nat..” Indie said half asleep.

“Ugh fine!” I say while picking up Sara.

“Man, shes heavy!” I yell.

We rang the doorbell and Connor opens it up.

“Hey! I missed you so much! Is that Sara on your back?” Connor says.

“Yeah. She has jet lag. You know her laziness.” I said trying to keep her on my back.

“Wow..Sara is beautiful.” Brad whispers to James and Tristan.

“Well! Sara is hot! Don’t ya think Brad?” Tristan says while teasing Brad.

“Ugh! She is heavy!” I complained.

“I can take her up to her room.” Brad suggested.

“Really!? Thanks!” I said while handing Sara over to Bradley and he held her in bridal style.

“So Indie..How many times have you been sleeping at houses with guys that are sexy and in boybands?” Tristan flirted with Indie.

“Do you want me to help with your bags?” I hear a sexy voice say to me. And there it was. The most beautiful face ever. His name was James. Had one sexy earring and the most beautiful smile ever. His voice was very manly and soft. Connor told me he was 19 and was 3 months older than me. He was skinny but he was slightly buff and he was about 6 feet. I passed my bags to him and our hands touched. It was like a millions sparks were flying across the room.  He started chuckling because I forgot to let go.

“Oh uh sorry.” I said chuckling back.

He didn’t even reply. He was just staring into my eyes and forgot to take the bags too. He finally got out of his trance.

“What?” James said.

“Um I will help you.” I said quietly picking up other bags.

We both headed up to my old room.

“This my room too..” James says

“Oh sorry. Its just that- I used to sleep in this room all the time..But its okay!” I said.

“Its okay. I can sleep on the floor.” James suggested

“Wha- um okay.” I said awkwardly.

“Well thats the last bag!” I said while accidentally tripping over my suitcase and falling into his arms.

“Woah! Are you okay?” James said in the sweetest voice ever.

“Uh yeah thanks. Well I’m hungry! I am going to get some crisps.” I said leaving the awkward conversation.


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