The day one direction got on the bus

This is for Annie Tyson and Freya Simpson


1. walk to the bus

Frey walks round to Annie for the bus.annie opens the door wearing a clown onsie,"what the f**k are you wearing" asked Freya "go get dressed" when Annie came out she was sad because Neal had just dumped her (**** ******).Just before they crossed the road Ben and his dad came flying round in the car "oh no screamed Annie what said Freya they kill my pet zebra Jeffrey this made Annie more sad. When they met up at the bus stand they had they daily convo about 1D Ben would say how much he hated them "I would stick a bomb up there arse" and Freya and Annie would say how they loved them "marry my Irish guy who's name I can't remember" . Then Ben would play his normal game if lolly pop man "run for your life"! Fanily the bus came over the hill and all you could hear was screaming like if some one had a bomb on the bus. The bus pulled up and we walk on and there they where ...

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