The day one direction got on the bus

This is for Annie Tyson and Freya Simpson


2. It was them

Ben looked up with Annie and Freya ether side of him screaming the place downs. Ben now look at the people looked up half death to see the people every one was screaming at . Oh god thought Ben it can't be, it is 1D he look around to Try and find a bomb to do you no what with it. Ben now look at the people now knowing who they are gives them a Long lecher on how crap they are and they chuckle. He looks down to

See Annie and Freya kissing there feet "get away from my sister and cousin you d**ks Ben punches harry in his face and temporally knocks him out Annie in shock faints while Freya drags him to the back off the bus and say nobody look I need this the only girl not screening was Lauren. Neial go's over to her and goes why are you not screaming little girl she replies with "emmm excuse me I am 15 nearly 16 so I am not a little girl secondly I like jb not you crap singers and thirdly your stepping on Annie's face.

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