The day one direction got on the bus

This is for Annie Tyson and Freya Simpson


4. ding ding ding go's the bell

All the girls crowed around them screaming sing a song sing a song "No"! I shout they where just about to sing then Annie's wakes up and screams it's you and you and you. It make sure she isn't dreaming she strokes nialls face slaps harry and smacks zayins arse and faints again. Should we help her said Niall Ben grabs Harry's shirt that Freya had ripped off and put it under Annie's noise that didn't work so he stopped the bus and ran to the fish shop bought a fish and slapped Annie with it 10 times she awoke again and Ben said it you faint one more time you don't want to know where this fish will go.

Play a song said all the girls they started to play Ben tryed to block his ears but it didn't work it ended up Ben hiting his head off the bell repetivly ding ding ding went the bell.

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