Hogwarts and the Wolf in the Fold

Voldemort puts a spy into Hogwarts.
Set during the year of the Half-blood Prince.


3. The Unhappy Child

 The Unhappy Child

David Pryce was sitting up in his hospital bed. He had a broken collarbone and was finding it difficult to pour himself a glass of orange juice from the jug on the table at his bedside.
The neoprene sling that held his arm tightly against his chest just wouldn’t move far enough to let him reach the glass. Smash! David fell back against his pillow and let out a low moan.
For three days now he had been stuck in a room on his own with no television and nobody to talk to. Three days since the accident had happened as they had been driving along a quiet road in the north of France. They had been taking a family break abroad and had rented a small cottage in the countryside.
David had been in the car with his parents. Not his real parents. William and Sarah Beaney were just another pair of foster parents with whom he had been placed. The seventh foster parents that had taken David into their home in the hope that he could be part of a real family.
The car had left the road and plunged into a ditch half-filled with dirty water. David could still smell the mud and filth.
William and Sarah had been lucky to escape without much injury, but David had not been wearing his seatbelt. In fact he had refused to wear his seatbelt and it was during the argument about this fact that the car had suddenly veered off the road and come to an unhappy end.
Strange. It was strange why the car had suddenly done this. But then strange things did happen around David Pryce.
People had the strangest accidents whenever David Pryce was around. Strange disappearances happened all the time. Mrs Mulligan’s cat, the one that had scratched him when he was just a little boy. Disappeared.
Terry Gates, the school bully had been knocked down by a car minutes after threatening to bash David.
David knew that none of these things was his fault but there was a nagging doubt in the back of his mind. Did he have some sort of a guardian angel?
In the corridor outside the room David could hear Sarah crying and William talking angrily.
“If it was the first time then I could understand and forget it. But this is just too much. We could have been killed. The boy is not right in the head. We’ve put up with a lot of things but causing the car to crash.”
David knew what was coming. Another scene of tears and regrets and “sorry but it’s just not working out.”
He closed his eyes and trying not to think about the pain in his shoulder. Instead, he tried to imagine what his real mother and father looked like. It was hard. He was only five months old when his parents had died. He had been told that they had gone out to work as usual but then never came back.
No explanations as to what had happened, just a visit by two women from Social Services who took him to a house with other children and then fifteen years of being shunted around from one family to another.
No memories. He couldn’t really remember what life had been like with his parents around and he had no memory of his mother and father’s faces at all. Even the memories of his first foster parents were getting more and more blurry.
A tear formed in the corner of his eye but it wasn’t for the sadness about his parents. It was in frustration. Why did bad things always happen to him? Why could he not find a family who wanted to stay with him?
He carried on listening to William and Sarah. She seemed to want to give David another chance but it was obvious that William was not going to give in. More crying.
David wished that they would just go away and leave him in peace. He was just thinking of trying to get up when he heard another voice in the corridor. It was someone asking if he, David Pryce was in the room. It was an odd voice. More of a hiss than an accent he could recognise.
Suddenly there was a flash of brilliant green light and all went quiet. David wondered if a light bulb had popped or something. But there was no sound at all now. No arguing voices, no nothing. He wasn’t scared but curious as to what had happened.
The next thing he did hear was the sound of approaching footsteps. He guessed that a doctor had come and asked the Gates to leave. He looked at the door as it opened and was surprised to see a man who didn’t look like the usual type of white-coated doctor enter the room.
The man appeared to be wearing some kind of old-fashioned coat. Not a coat, but something like a teacher would wear in an old film about schools.
He stood there and looked around the room at first then came straight over to David and asked “are you David McKinnon? Son Arcturus and Marlene McKinnon?”
David was too shocked at hearing his parents’ names spoken by a stranger to think of a reply.
“Yes, I see that you are” He said.
“You have the same look as your father. Same eyes and nose” he continued.
“Your parents were valuable death-eaters. Excellent followers and most highly regarded.” Voldemort smiled towards David, but the truth was that the McKinnons had been enemies of his and he revelled in telling such a wicked lie.
David didn’t have a clue what the man was talking about and just stared in disbelief.
“Is there something wrong with you, child? He asked.
“Did you injure your head in the accident?”
“No” replied David now coming to his senses.
“It’s my collarbone. I broke it.”
He didn’t know why, but he felt that he could somehow trust this man. He seemed to give off an aura of benevolence towards him.
“A broken bone is easily mended. Lie still”.
The man took out of his pocket a long piece of wood and pointed it at David’s shoulder. He looked like a conductor about to conduct an orchestra.
“Clavicus Emendo!” he cried.
David gasped as he felt a sudden white-hot pain surge through his shoulder. And then almost as quickly it was gone and so was all the pain.
“What did you do? Gasped David?
“I mended your bone of course.”
“But how? It feels all better now.”
“How?” The stranger laughed a harsh braying noise.
“Why, with magic”.
David felt dizzy with excitement. Was it true? Had this man just mended his collarbone in an instant with a magic wand? No, surely this was too good to believe.
“I see that you have never seen magic performed before” he said.
“No, I mean yes I have” stammered David.
“I saw my mother change a pillow into a teddy bear. I just forgot that I had seen it.”
And in the corner of his mind he could dimly remember seeing his mother waving a stick in front of him and the teddy appearing as if by magic. It was the first memory he had ever had of his mother
“I forgot all about it. I’ve never seen it since then. Is my collarbone really mended?”
“Of course it is. Try lifting your arm now.”
David raised his arm as high a he could, then circled it around forwards and back. There was no pain.
“How did you do it?” he asked.
“And who are you? Did you know my parents? My real parents?”
The man smiled and nodded. The man’s face was a peculiar shape, more snake-like than anything else. He had a really tiny nose, or did he even have a nose at all? David felt no fear and even thought the man looked a bit comical in his strange clothes.
“Do you not fear me?” Asked the man.
“Why should I” replied David.
The man smiled again and a light was in his eyes that made David think that he liked him.
“You have nothing to fear from me” said the man.
“In fact, when you are by my side you have nothing to fear from anyone or anything, ever again.”
“Have you come to take me back to the children’s home?”
David supposed that the man was not a doctor but from Social Services. He would be taken back to the children’s home until another set of parents could be arranged to take him in, another disappointment.
“No. I want to take you away from all of this. Away from the muggles who have twisted your mind and lied to you and denied you your place in the wizarding world. I want to take you somewhere where nobody will ever be able to tell you what to do ever again.”
“But what about William and Sarah? What about the Social Services?”
The man laughed out loud again. He seemed highly amused.
“They cannot touch you now. Come with me, I have much to show you.”
David got out of bed and looked around for his clothes. They were nowhere to be seen.
“I don’t know where they put my clothes” he told the stranger.
The man looked at him with a slight smile and waved a lazy hand in the direction of the door.
“Accio Vestimenta!”
He stood and watched David with a curious expression and almost delight as a rustling sound came from the corridor.
David’s face was a picture of amazement as he saw a full set of clothes walk into the room with nobody inside them. His trainers made a tapping sound along the floor as they rushed to keep up with the jeans and jumper that looked as if an invisible man was taking them for a stroll.
“How are they…” He began, but shut his mouth when he saw the expression on the man’s face. The stranger seemed pleased with David’s reaction to more magic.
“All this and more I will teach you” he said.
“I have chosen you from a thousand other children for a very special task.”
“Of course things will take a little more time because you were lost to the wizarding world for so long. But now that I have found you we can put things back in order. In time you will replace your parents and stand by my side as I carry out all my plans for wizard rule.”
“I really don’t understand” said David as he began to dress and noticed that his socks and pants were missing, but didn’t mention it. He somehow felt that the man might not take kindly to this small oversight.
“All will be made clear. Now come and see what your destiny will bring.”
David finished tying his laces and looked up at the man.
“I don’t know your name. Who are you?”
The man looked directly into David’s eyes and a smouldering glow filled them as he spoke.
“My name is of no consequence child and you will address me as ‘my Lord’. I will call you ‘apprentice’ and you will answer to this name only to me. Nobody else will be told your name and I instruct you not to give your real name to any other. Your old name will be left behind. Forget that you ever knew it. I could force you to do this by altering your mind, but I do not feel that I need to do this. Not yet at least.”
The man then held David in his snake-like stare, unblinking and powerful.
“Will you do this thing for me?” He said.
David looked back at him and knew in his heart of hearts that he meant it as he said “I will” and after a short pause he added “my Lord.”
The stranger seemed assured at this.
“I see that you speak the truth and that is good. So I will utter my name just this one time and you will never repeat it. Understand?”
“Yes my Lord.”
The lights seemed to dim in the room as if a dark cloud had suddenly surrounded them.
“I am Lord Voldemort.”


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