Hogwarts and the Wolf in the Fold

Voldemort puts a spy into Hogwarts.
Set during the year of the Half-blood Prince.


31. The Dark Lord Strikes

 The Dark Lord Strikes

David’s blood ran cold for an instant. ‘What have I done?’ He thought. ‘Stay safe here in my room? What is he planning for tonight?’
He rushed out into the common room, but it was largely empty. Susan wasn’t there and David couldn’t go into the girls’ dormitory to talk to her. He was beginning to panic. He needed to make sure that she was safe.
He saw Ernie MacMillan sitting by the fire in his pyjamas, reading a book.
“Hey, Ernie. Have you seen Susan anywhere tonight?”
“Last time I saw her, she was heading up to the library with Hannah to take back a few books.” He replied.
David’s eyes widened with fear.
“Is anything wrong?” Asked Ernie.
“I dunno.” Said David.
“I just have a funny feeling, that’s all.”
Ernie raised an eyebrow, but sat back and continued in his reading.
David ran out of the common room and sprinted along the corridor and out into the great hall. His footsteps rang and echoed hollowly around him, as he sprinted through it.
He had climbed up two flights of stairs, when he met Susan and Hannah coming downwards towards him. The two girls looked at him and giggle to each other, as David bent over and tried to catch his breath.
“Hi there.” He wheezed.
The girls laughed and taking an arm each, they led him back down the stairs.
By the time they reached the entrance hall, David had recovered his composure. He put an arm around each of the girl’s shoulders and ushered them back towards their common room.
“Where would I be without you girls?” He said, in relief.
“Flattery will get you nowhere.” Giggled Hannah.
“Ohh, I wouldn’t say that.” Countered Susan and ruffled David’s hair.
“How about a quick mug of cocoa and a biscuit before we turn in?” He suggested.
“Sure.” Replied the girls.
“Who do we have to ask?” Said David, wondering who it was that organised snacks and supper in the castle.
“It’ll be here soon, anyway.” Said Susan, looking at her wristwatch and almost at the same time jugs of milk, plates of muffins, crumpets and biscuits, pots of cocoa, tea and hot chocolate appeared on the tables.
Students from each of the houses drifted in and began to sit and nibble, or take a drink and food back to their common room. Ernie came in, yawning and scratching his head.
“You managed to find them, then?” He said and sat down with them.
They were all into their second mugs of cocoa, when there was a terrific noise from somewhere upstairs. It was the sound of an explosion.
They looked at each other and strained their ears for anything further. They didn’t have to wait long. Rumbling and shouting could be heard and the occasional ‘crack’ of a spell hitting something solid.
“Sounds like fighting, or something up on the higher levels.” Said Ernie.
“Let’s get the girls back into the common room.” Said David.
They all agreed and the rest of the students in the hall also made their ways back to their respective common rooms.
Once they were back in the relative safety of the Hufflepuff common room, they wanted to know what was going on upstairs.
“Wait here.” Said David.
“I’ll get Dusty to go and take a look for us.”
They watched and waited in anticipation, as David ran off to his room.
‘I’ll just take a quick spin around the castle. Two minutes.’ He told himself.
He was inside Dusty and out of the window in less than a minute. He swept around the foot of the castle walls and then upwards, where he saw an incredible sight.
High above the school was a greenish cloud in the terrifying shape of a skull, with a huge serpent coming out of the mouth and twisting around it.
Through the windows of the corridor on the seventh floor, David saw flashes of green and red. Someone in there was casting spells. It looked as if a pitched battle was taking place.
There were also flashes of light coming from within one of the towers, the same tower above which the skull was glowing.
David wasted no time in returning to his room and then hurrying back to report to the others.
“There’s a huge cloud hanging over the castle. It was really weird, in the shape of a skull and snake. It wasn’t natural, it looks like it must have been conjured up by someone.”
“The Dark Mark!” Gasped Susan, in horror.
“You know what it is?” Asked David, amazed.
“It’s what Death-Eaters use to let people know that they have killed someone. They leave it hanging over the building, as a warning to others.” She said and put her hand over her mouth.
“There must be Death-Eaters in the castle!” Ernie cried.
“We need to alert the Staff and the rest of the D.A.”
“I think everyone must know that something is up, by now.” Said David.
“That explosion rocked the whole school.”
“Do you still have your Contact Galleon?” Ernie said to Susan.
“A what?” Asked David.
“Yes, it’s back in my room. I’ll go and get it.” She said and rushed off.
“It’s how we used to contact each other when we were in the D.A.” Ernie explained.
“If it gets hot, then we know that a meeting has been arranged. I lost mine over the summer last year.”
Susan came back and shouted excitedly.
“It’s HOT! Meeting, today, right now!” She gabbled.
They all looked at each other.
“Do we go, or do we stay here?” Ernie asked the others.
“I dunno.” Said David nervously.
“Where is the meeting meant to be?”
“It doesn’t tell us that.” Susan answered.
“We always had our meetings in the Room of Requirement.”
“Let’s head up there, then.” Ernie suggested.
“If the others are there, then we can make a plan of action. Otherwise, we’ll come back down here.”
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Said David.
“Oh come on, David.” Hannah said excitedly.
“This is just what we D.A. members have been waiting for all this year.”
At that moment, Biggins appeared and called out to the whole common room.
“Everyone back in their beds! Especially first years. We need to wait here for Professor Sprout to tell us what’s happening.”
David looked around and realised that almost every Hufflepuff was now gathered in the common room, in their night clothes.
“We’re going out to take a look, Biggins.” Ernie told him.
“You keep everyone here and we’ll come back as soon as we can.”
“It’s on your own head, MacMillan.” Biggins warned him.
Ernie nodded and he, David and the two girls went through the entrance door.
“Lock it behind us, Biggins and don’t let ANYONE inside except us. The password is ‘Badger’, okay?”
Biggins nodded and they shut the door behind them.
“Up to the seventh floor then.” Ernie said and gave them all a look of slight fear.
 They raced along to the staircase and began to climb. It was a long way up and they stopped on the fourth floor for a quick breather.
“Quietly now, I can hear voices.” Said David and he drew his wand out.
The others did likewise. Sure enough, the sound of shouting was getting louder. They hurried upwards and as they reached the seventh floor. They ran along the corridor and to the bend, where they were confronted by the sight of four figures in black robes and masks.
They figures had their backs to David and the others. They were duelling a pair of wizards and the air was filled with the smell of ozone and light.
David noticed that the door to the hidden room was ajar. The Death-Eaters must have come out of it.
“Hey!” Shouted Ernie and the Death-Eaters looked around at the students.
“”Behind you!” Screamed one of the figures to another and he hurled a hex at Hannah.
David pushed her out of the way and deflected the spell onto a painting on the wall. It burst into flames.
Immediately, Ernie and Susan began to cast spells towards the Death-Eaters.
“Stupefy!” They both screamed.
The one who had cast a spell at Hannah jumped sideways through the open door, while another one with his back to them slumped to the floor.
The red streak of a stunning spell had hit him right in the middle of his back.
The two remaining Death-Eaters realised that they were surrounded and thinking that they stood more of a chance against the students, they turned from their duels and fled towards them.
They cast spell after spell recklessly at David and the others, who dodged and shielded themselves. The third Death-Eater jumped out as they passed him and the three of them together burst past the Hufflepuffs and sprinted towards the staircase.
The two wizards hurried up to the students and said.
“What are you doing up here? Get back to your common room at once!”
“What’s going on?” Asked David.
“No time for explanations. Don’t be foolish and come back down behind us.” One of them said.
“Professor Lupin!” Exclaimed Susan.
“Come, now!” He cried and pulled her along for a short distance, before letting go of her and chasing after his partner.
The Hufflepuffs dashed after him, but David suddenly stopped and turned back. He ran towards the door to the hidden room. He wanted to take a quick look inside.
He stepped over the comatose body of the Death-Eater and peered in through the doorway. Inside, there wasn’t a room. It was more like a huge chamber, filled with rows of shelves.
It was dimly lit, but he could see piles of items inside. It looked like a junk shop that David had once gone into. Everything looked dirty and dusty. ‘What on earth had Malfoy been doing, hanging around in a place like this?’ He asked himself. “And where did those Death-Eaters come from?’
The sound of a young girl screaming brought David to his senses. Somewhere below and in the opposite direction from which he had come.
Forgetting about Susan and the others, his instinct was to go and help the girl in trouble.
Around the next corner, however, his way was impeded by what seemed to be a black cloud filling the corridor. David took a huge breath and then inched his way into the darkness. He stumbled blindly, trying to use the corridor wall to feel his way through the cloud.
Eventually, he reached the edge of the cloud and came back out into the light. It was beginning to dissipate at its edge, but it would take a little time for it to disappear completely.
David followed the sound of fighting and went down more staircases and corridors until he came out in a more open area. It was at the base of one of the castle towers.
The sight that met his eyes was unbelievable. There were dozens of people duelling and wrestling with each other. There were crashes and the fizzing of curses everywhere.
He recognised a few students, including Ginny Weasley and there were several of the Professors there as well. He watched in awe, as the duellists wheeled and spun.
A large Death-Eater with blond hair hanging from his hood was casting spells with immense power. They caused blasts wherever they hit, on the walls and statues.
One flash headed towards David and he instinctively swerved his head backwards, as it flew past his nose. He then saw a short, but broad, Death-Eater jump behind Professor McGonagall and aim his wand at her.
“Over here!” Shouted David and the Death-Eater turned and cried.
A yellow streak came towards David, as he cart-wheeled sideways and crouched low.
“Immodio!” Cried David and his curse flew at the Death-Eater.
His opponent used a shield spell to deflect the spell onto a window, which shattered brilliantly.
David dodged and used his own shield charm to deflect two more curses in fast procession. The duel seemed to be happening in slow motion for him. He was fighting the Death-Eater, but at the same time he could see the other wizards and witches attacking and defending.
“Stupefy!” Shouted David, as he crouched and pointed his wand with both hands.
The spell hit the Death-Eater in the midriff and he somersaulted backwards and over another body lying prone on the floor.
“Gotcha!” Said David and grinned with satisfaction.
Suddenly, David saw Professor Snape appear from nowhere and at his side was Draco Malfoy. The pair of them looked around and Snape shouted.
“It’s over, time to go!”
There was an almighty crash and David was bundled over backwards by a falling Professor McGonagall. She wasn’t hit, she had slipped over backwards. There was blood or something on the floor.
She jumped back up with a grace that surprised David, but she had jabbed him in the stomach with her elbow and he was too winded to stand up.
He lay there and looked up again, to see Harry Potter leap into the fray and start firing spells at the combatants. He seemed to be wild with anger, his face drawn and white as if in shock.
David was amazed at the fearlessness of Harry, in the face of such opposition. But this allowed one of the Death-Eaters to jump on Harry unexpectedly. A huge shadow knocked him over and bore down on him.
David’s cry of warning was too late, but before the Death-Eater could finish off Harry, Ginny Weasley’s spell hit him.
“Petrificus Totalus!” She screamed and the Death-Eater slumped down on top of Harry.
David got back up and began casting spells at anyone who looked like a Death-Eater. He was trying to be careful not to hit anyone from Hogwarts and it wasn’t easy, because of the noise and utter bedlam of the battle.
Suddenly, one of the Death-Eaters shouted to the others.
“Let’s go! Let’s go!”
There was a flurry of spells and the Death-Eaters fled as best they could. Some went back up the stairs towards the hidden room, while others backed down the corridor where Harry Potter had just rushed after Snape and Malfoy.
“Get them!” Called Professor McGonagall and everyone did their best to try and chase down the Death-Eaters.
They were sending curses backwards and blasting the walls as they fled, so the Professors, members of the Order of the Phoenix and David and the other students could only move slowly forwards.
They eventually reached the entrance, where David found Ernie, Susan and Hannah peering out from the Great Hall doorway.
“Oh, thank God your alive!” Cried Susan and ran over to David and hugged him tightly.
“Are you all okay?” Asked David.
“Yeah.” Said Ernie.
“We hung about on the staircase for ages, waiting for you to catch us up. Where did you go?”
“I went the other way and bumped into the Death-Eaters.” Said David.
Susan gasped with shock.
“The Professors and your D.A. friends were fighting them at the foot of a tower at the other end of the castle.” David told them.
“You should have seen Professor McGonagall. She was unbelievable, fighting two people at the same time. Then Draco Malfoy turned up, with Professor Snape and they ran off this way. The Death-Eaters started chasing them and Harry Potter ran after THEM, on his own!”
“He passed us on his way out!” Said Ernie.
Susan held his hand and looked into his eyes and David looked back at her determinedly. The four of them then went to the front door and looked out over the castle grounds.
There were cries in the distance and the red glow of a fiercely burning fire could be seen.
“Ohh my!” Squealed Hannah.
“It looks like Professor Hagrid’s hut is on fire.
They all stared in disbelief.
There was a sound behind them and they saw that the rest of the Hufflepuffs were coming out of the Great Hall, led by Biggins.
“Where is Professor Dumbledore?” He asked them.
“We don’t know.” Said Hannah.
“Did you see him, David?” Asked Susan.
“No.” He replied.
More students now started filling the entrance hall and Argus Filch appeared, waving a broomstick in the air.
“Make way, make way.” He called and pushed his way through the crowd.
He went out into the dark, calling.
“Professor McGonagall, Professor…”
“Come on, let’s see what’s happening.” Said Ernie and stepped outside too.
The cold air gripped them and Susan snuggled closer to David as the group of students made their way down the steps. They could make out Harry Potter and Hagrid walking towards them. In the far distance, Hagrid’s hut was smoking and steaming.
A shout and scream from around the side made David and the others hurry over the lawn to see what was going on.
There, lying still and silent on the ground was the unmistakable body of Albus Dumbledore. David’s eyes grew wide and there were more screams and gasps of horror from the students as they too saw him dead and broken.
Susan burst into tears and sobbed unrestrainedly onto David’s shoulder. He caressed her head tenderly, but inside he felt a kind of exhilaration. The Dark Lord had achieved his aim.
Everybody gathered around the body and stared in disbelief. Girls began sobbing uncontrollably and even some of the Professors wept openly. David stood mute and transfixed by the body.
Dumbledore looked mostly untouched by the fall, but his glasses were awry and broken. Then, Harry Potter suddenly broke through the crowd and fell onto his knees over the body. He was mumbling incoherently to himself and reaching out to touch the old Headmaster. A hard feeling came over David at this sight. He didn't feel sorry for Harry at all.
Eventually, Professor McGonagall had gathered herself together and with the help of Professor Sprout, began to usher the students away from the body and back towards the castle.
David got caught up in the milling mass of people and lost sight of Potter and Dumbledore. He turned and decided that there was no more to be seen that night.
They passed back into the entrance hall and saw Professor Flitwick being helped along by Madam Pomfrey. He looked as if he had been stunned and was still unsteady on his short legs.
David took Susan back to the Hufflepuff common room and after seeing her safely to the entrance to the girls' dormitories, he hurried back to his own room. He knew what he had to do now. Tell the Dark Lord what had happened.
He locked the door and got onto the bed, with the crystal ball held out in his open palm. A touch with his wand and then he waited.
After ten minutes of anxiously sitting there, the Dark Lord came into view. He had a look of great expectation and barely hidden excitement about him.
“Yes? What news, Apprentice?”
“Dumbledore is dead!” Said David with grim satisfaction.
Voldemort's face lit with joy and he screamed out loud.
“Victory is mine!” He shouted, with a terrifyingly high-pitched wail that made the hairs stand up on David's neck.
“I knew that the old fool would make one too many mistakes. How did it happen?”
David admitted that he hadn't seen him being killed, but that his body was lying at the foot of a high tower.
“My Death-Eaters will return soon and I will know the full truth, but this is the BEST news.”
“I shall reward his killer most highly.” Said Voldemort and grinned evilly.
David shivered at the sight of the Dark Lord in such an agitated state of excitement. He then told him the whole story of what he had done and seen that night.
“I gave you orders to stay out of trouble!” Snapped Voldemort.
“You could have ruined everything! Your blundering attempts to protect your girlfriend could have cost me dearly.”
David now felt very scared. The Dark Lord was spitting venom in his fury.
“That girl needs to be taken care of. She knows too much about you.”
“My Lord?” David blurted out.
“I need to get rid of her and that French boy who keeps sending letters to you at Hogwarts.”
“You aren't going to kill Susan, are you?” Squeaked David.
Voldemort changed in a split second and his face suddenly became inscrutable.
“Of course not. I think that she would be very useful to us.”
David gave a huge sigh or relief inside, but something about the Dark Lord's eyes made him still uncertain.
“I can modify their memories quite easily.” Voldemort continued sweetly, but his eyes glowed yellow.
“I will send for you immediately and you will go back to the Maison and await me there.”
“Yes, my Lord.” Said David.
Straight away, Voldemort began to move slowly backwards and he raised his head up again and gave a victory cry.
David's heart was yammering in his chest and he threw the crystal ball back into the trunk, where it landed with a dull 'thunk'.
He looked around the room and saw Dusty preening himself on the back of the chair, his favourite perch.
“What have I said?” He asked the quivering bird.
“What have I done?”


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