Hogwarts and the Wolf in the Fold

Voldemort puts a spy into Hogwarts.
Set during the year of the Half-blood Prince.


28. News for the Dark Lord

 News for the Dark Lord

The next day, David hid the extendable ear inside his robes and made his way to the breakfast table. He had a plan to listen in on Harry Potter and his friends.
“How’s my handsome apparition expert, this morning?” Asked Susan and ruffled David’s hair as he sat down.
“You’re the expert.” He replied.
“I’m going to have to check my wardrobe every night now, before I get ready for bed.”
Their fellow Hufflepuffs laughed appreciatively.
“Eat up.” Said Susan, looking at her wristwatch.
“You’re late already and we’ve got to get out to greenhouse three this morning.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot. We’re looking at Wandering Cocksfoot plants.” David said and starting wolfing down his bacon and eggs.
The plants turned out to be less interesting than David had expected. He had thought that these plants might be under lock and key to prevent them from wandering out of the greenhouse and around the castle grounds. It turned out that they just grew very long tendrils that hooked themselves onto passing animals and then released themselves later on. It was a way of propagating over distances.
Both David and Susan found themselves yawning profusely as the lesson wore on and they were grateful to finally finish and make their way over to the Charms classroom. This was where David planned to use his extendable ear.
Just as Professor Flitwick called them all in, David grabbed Susan’s arm and said.
“Can you just tell the Professor that I had to go to the bathroom and will be five minutes late? I need to go right now!”
Susan looked at him open-mouthed, as David gave her a quick peck on the cheek and hurried up the corridor and out of sight.
He waited for a minute to let the students get into the classroom and then sneaked back towards the door. His heart raced and he felt hot, as he glanced up and down to make sure that nobody was watching.
He then spread a few books on the floor and knelt down, to make it look as if he had dropped them and was picking them up. Instead of this, however, he took the extendable ear out of his pocket and placed the thin end in his own. He then let the ear wriggle under the gap beneath the door.
It took a couple of minutes before he began to hear Professor Flitwick giving instructions on how to perform the charm that would turn a flask of vinegar into wine.
‘Handy!’ Thought David to himself.
Suddenly a voice much louder came through.
“I don’t know how serious David is taking it, but I’m totally in love with him at the moment.”
It was Susan.
“But what will happen when he has to go back to France? Said the voice of Hannah Abbot.
“I’ll follow him like a dog.” Giggled Susan and David grinned inwardly.
David pulled back the ear and tried again.
The next conversation was between a couple of Ravenclaws who were making plans to sneak a vinegar bottle from the dinner table later that evening and to make themselves a couple of glasses of wine each.
With a touch of annoyance, David pulled back the ear and in desperation tried one last time.
This time he hit the gold. The voice of Harry Potter came through, though it appeared that he was whispering to his friends.
“… so when he does, he said that he would take me along with him.”
“Wow.” Came the voice of Ron Weasley.
“Wow. You’re actually going to go with Dumbledore… and try and destroy… wow.”
David gasped in shock. They WERE up to something.
A sudden noise from somewhere behind David made him yank back the ear and stuff it into his pocket.
“Are you alright, David?” Asked Professor Burbage.
She was walking up from the far end of the corridor.
“Oh yes, Professor.” David lied.
“I was hurrying to my lesson and tripped up.”
He hurriedly picked up the books and opened the door to the classroom.
“Good day.” Said the Professor and smiled at him as she passed by.
David looked at her, but didn’t reply. He was almost angry that he had been denied more time to listen in on the conversation.
He apologised to Professor Flitwick for being late and then went over to stand beside Susan and Hannah. He looked over at Harry Potter and was again amazed to find that although he and his friends were quite close, he couldn’t make out a word of what was being said.
‘They have to be using some kind of spell in here.’ He thought and it was true. The ‘muffliato’ spell had been cast on them all.
His concentration was broken by Susan, who greeted him and then proceeded to show him how to use the charm they were working on. Meanwhile, for some bizarre reason it started to snow in the classroom.
David spent the rest of the day watching the clock and thinking about what the Dark Lord might have to say on the subject of Potter and Dumbledore.
That night, he took the crystal ball out of his trunk and sat on his bed with it in his hand. He was eager to gain some form of approval from Voldemort again, but now there was also a touch of nervousness.
Were the stories about the Dark Lord all true? Were just a few of them true? He wanted to know the truth, but he was scared of asking him. It would be an insult and David felt that the Dark Lord wouldn’t take too kindly to being asked such a question.
It was over an hour before David saw a haze of smoke forming in the centre of the ball. His stomach churned and his ears burned red hot as the image of Lord Voldemort arose and looked out at him.
“You have news for me?” Asked Voldemort, without hesitation.
David stared at the Dark Lord and stuttered.
“Yes, my Lord. I have heard Harry Potter telling his friends that Dumbledore is planning to destroy someone and that he will take Potter along with him.”
Voldemort’s eyes glowed bright yellow.
“I knew it! The old fool thinks that he can use the boy to defeat me. Did you hear anything else?”
David thought for a moment and then said.
“Someone told me that it was common knowledge that Dumbledore has been flying out of the castle on a broomstick, out towards Hogsmeade.”
“He is searching for me. I know this, but he has no chance and he will not face me alone. That is why he is training Potter and will use him against me.”
“One of Potter’s friends passed the apparition test. The girl called Grainger. Potter couldn’t take the test himself, he is too young.” David remembered.
“Of course.” Voldemort said, more to himself than to David.
“So, Dumbledore will have to use side-along apparition or broomsticks to travel with Potter. He wouldn’t use a port key unless he was desperate. Did you take the test yourself?”
“Yes, my Lord. I passed easily and so did Susan.” David smiled as he said this, but then regretted it as he saw the dark look on Voldemort’s face.
“I also was invited into Dumbledore’s office and he told me that the phoenix called Fawkes is his familiar.”
Voldemort again pricked up his ears at this news, but then seemed to grow angry at the thought that Dumbledore had a familiar and yet he himself didn’t.
“There is nothing special in a familiar.” He lied to David.
“They have no special powers that are of use to me. You would do better to rid yourself of yours.”
David stared back in astonishment.
“I do not like that you are also spending so much time with the girl. She distracts you from your purpose. Stay away from her and concentrate on your task for me.”
A tear formed in the corner of David’s eye and his mouth went dry.
“Of, of course, my Lord.” He said and he bent his head down low.
He didn’t want to let the Dark Lord see him crying.
“What else do you have to tell me?” Said Voldemort, with a cruel look on his face.
David took a second to compose himself and then explained to Voldemort, how Ron Weasley had been using the ‘muffliato’ spell to hide his conversations with Harry Potter.
He also told about seeing Hermione Grainger at Slughorn’s party and of the giant three-headed dog that Hagrid kept in the school. He also told him about the giant spider that had died.
“Ahh, I had forgotten about the acromantula. So, it was living in the forest for all these years. Slughorn?” Voldemort whispered and grew grim and dangerous again.
“He will be punished and killed if I find that he had been helping Dumbledore. He has forsaken the ways of Slytherin and hides where he thinks he will be safe. Still, he was a good housemaster in his time and there may yet be time for him to repent and to join us. His skills would be a very useful asset.”
“I will try to find out more about him, my Lord.” David assured him.
“By the way, I did over hear Potter say that Dumbledore was angry with Professor Snape.”
Voldemort smiled to himself and said.
“Do not worry about Snape, but keep me informed if you hear anything more.”
David then remembered the newspaper story and the letter from Jonkers.
“You appear to be nervous, apprentice. What do you want to ask?” Said Voldemort and held him in his stare.
David gulped and finally asked the question that had been haunting him over the past few weeks.
“Did you kill my foster parents? I read something in a French newspaper.”
Voldemort’s face became a mask and then he snarled at David.
“Are you not happy with all that I have given to you? Did I not rescue you from those mudbloods and make you a wizard?”
“Of course, my Lord. I just…”
“Do not make me angry and do not ever question my actions again.” Voldemort hissed.
David flushed and tears again filled his eyes.
“I’m sorry, my Lord. I wasn’t thinking. I was worried about the letters I’ve been receiving from a school friend of Davide in France.”
Voldemort calmed down and this time spoke soothingly at David.
“You do not yet fully understand what needs to be done for wizardkind to emerge from the oppression of mudbloods and muggles. We have to make hard choices and take strong action to achieve our aims.”
David nodded in confusion.
“In time, I will ask you to show me your loyalty and to prove that you have the strength of will to do whatever it takes to fulfil your destiny. I have chosen you as apprentice, because you have to potential to become a leader of other wizards. To be my second in command.”
David’s eyes lit up and once again the Dark Lord appeared to be beneficent and generous, a great wizard that David would follow to the end.
Voldemort was indeed a great wizard, but this was an old trick of his to overcome the will of a weaker mind. He could easily dominate and persuade wizards who came to him with an open mind. David fell under his spell with consummate ease.
“Now, tell me more.” Said Voldemort.
David racked his brains, but it was difficult, as he had become rather befuddled.
“Elves!” He remembered.
“House elves?” Asked Voldemort.
David then recounted how he saw Potter talking to two house elves, but that he couldn’t hear what was being said.
Voldemort thought about this strange piece of news.
“Has Potter met with any other strangers or magical creatures?”
“Yes. I saw him in a corridor. He had been hidden under an invisibility cloak, but then he appeared and was talking to a young woman. I don’t know who she is.”
David described the woman, remembering how she had different coloured hair from the first time that he had bumped into her.
“I had heard that Potter possesses a cloak of invisibility. As for the woman… I think it is likely to be an auror. She sounds like one of the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore’s followers. So, he is protecting the school with members of the Order? Interesting. I will have to take this into account.”
David looked at Voldemort quizzically.
“Some of your information is useful to me.” Voldemort said flatly.
“Continue your work and tell me immediately, if you see Dumbledore leaving the school. It may be possible to track him once he has left the protection of the school grounds and I need to know when the school is not protected by his presence.”
“Yes, my Lord.” Said David.
Voldemort became blurred in the crystal ball and then disappeared, leaving only a smoky outline that faded away.
David broke down and sobbed.


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