Hogwarts and the Wolf in the Fold

Voldemort puts a spy into Hogwarts.
Set during the year of the Half-blood Prince.


7. Flight of Fancy

ea Flight of Fancy

David went to bed early that night and was soon fast asleep. He had felt a bit dizzy himself with all the new memories floating through his head.
In his dream he was back again at Beauxbatons. He was descending a wide marble staircase and opening a wide wooden door that led into a room lit by light coming from windows at one side.
Along the opposite wall was a long seat about two feet high and stretching the whole length of twenty feet or so. Further on there were many small cupboards built into the wall and at their side a passageway leading to another room. This must be a changing-room for sports.
He quickly walked through the first room and found that the passage led to a shower-room, but off it to one side there was another open room. This one was lined with dozens of broomsticks stood upright in holders along the walls.
Some had small labels fixed above them, each with the name of a wizard, the owner of the broomstick. Others had yellow-coloured tape around the end with golden ‘B’s embossed on them. They must have belonged to the school.
He went in and picked up a tape-marked broom. It felt a lot lighter than he was expecting, but he instinctively knew what he was doing.
The sound of someone coming down the stairs and walking through the changing-room made him turn. It was Jean-Claude.
“Hi, Daffers.” He said with a grin and clapped David on the shoulder.
“Hey there, Jonky.” Replied David.
Jonky looked to be around thirteen years old. He was tall for his age and had a flop of light brown hair that fell in front of his brown eyes. He had to keep brushing it back with one hand every time he looked down and then up again.
“Last one to the monument and back gets to pay for the peppermint sodas.” He said with a glint of a challenge in his eye.
“You better get your money ready then.” Laughed David.
They raced out of the room and up the staircase and then along a corridor that had many glass cases fixed to the wall. These contained silver and golden shields and trophies.
There was no time to glance at the names engraved on them. They ran out of the door at the end of the corridor and went through into bright sunshine. They looked out onto a wide grassy field where dozens of students alone, or in groups were enjoying the sun.
“Nothing beats a quick burn-up to clear the mind after a hard day’s examinations, eh?” Said Jonky.
“After three.” Said David.
“One, two, three!”
They threw their right legs over the broomsticks and leapt forwards into the air.
David gasped as the ground fell away from him. He knew what he was doing, he had flown a hundred times before. So why did it feel like it was the first time? This was fantastic.
He flew with his body flat against the broom, to try and get the maximum speed out of it. The wind rushed through his hair and stung his eyes, but the coolness of it felt good against the heat of the sun.
He looked sideways and saw Jonky looking and laughing at him, so he leant to the right a little and bumped his leg against him.
“Hey hey, no cheating!” He shouted.
They were about thirty feet up in the air and the green grass flashed by beneath them. At the far end of the field there was a white marble fifty-foot high statue of a witch. She gazed out towards the school with her hands palm-outwards as if she was presenting something of great worth.
It was the monument to the founder of the school Eloise Beauxbatons. She had dedicated her life to the education of young witches and wizards at a time in French history when they were being persecuted more severely than at any other.
She was proud of her school and the teachers still instil in the students a sense of pride and honour. They believe it to be the best wizarding school in the whole world.
David felt a surge of inner pride as he rounded the statue and turned back towards the school. More than a school, it was a palace of great beauty and elegance.
A long frontispiece with many windows faced the front lawn that was immaculately kept, with many topiaries and fountains. Though he could not see it, he knew that the rear gardens were a wonder to behold. When magic is mixed with garden design the result is something magnificent.
David came out of his reverie to see that Jonky had edged ahead of him and was whooping with joy.
There was nothing to be done. His broom was only as good as the one that Jonky was using. Standard school ‘Meteor 7’s. One day he would buy a broomstick of his own and he knew which one he wanted, a ‘Featherlite’.
Jonky touched down and raised his arm in a victory salute.
“Well done, mate.” Said David, as he touched down gracefully.
“Hard luck, Daffers. Looks like the drinks are on you tonight.” Jonky shook David’s hand and they strolled back towards the entrance with their broomsticks over their shoulders.
In his sleep David smiled broadly and turned over.
He was now up in the air again and flying through low-level clouds. The cold air against his face was making his eyes stream. He pointed the broomstick downwards and his speed increased as he headed towards the ground.
Suddenly he was out of the clouds and dropping like a stone into the middle of a vast stadium. Below him he saw a dozen or so other flyers zipping around, some seemed to follow one of the others. What was going on?
They were passing something between themselves. No, it was two teams of players, one side wearing the read and black colours of Sournoir and the others clad in the blue and white of Cossou.
“Of course! The Quidditch house cup!” David told himself.
“We lost to Rouerie last month and we need to win this game to have a chance of winning the trophy.”
The Beauxbatons Quidditch cup was the highlight of the school year for a lot of the wizards and witches who were mad on the sport. Each house played the others three times and the overall points winner took the cup and title.
David was playing as seeker for the very first time. He was usually the substitute, but a week earlier Genevieve Montreaux had accidentally transformed herself into a holly bush during class. She was still recovering in the infirmary and so David had been elevated to a starting role on the team.
He was looking for any sign of the golden snitch. A glint of sun-on-metal, anywhere around the field.
It seemed like the whole school was packed into the seats on one side of the arena. They were going crazy and making a loud noise that whooshed past his ears.
There it was!
David had been lucky and the snitch was dancing around one of the end goal hoops, just where he was aiming. He chanced a look behind to see if the other seeker was nearby, and saw her thirty yards away trying to pull her broomstick around to give chase.
Too late for her, David closed in on the snitch and grabbed it as it was changing direction again. They had won the game!
The rest of his team gathered around him and they hugged and clapped each other on the shoulders. Then when the congratulations were over they lined up in formation and flew a lap of honour around the stadium.
David laughed and waved to the crowd, holding the snitch up high in celebration. He rolled the broomstick gently to the left and then woke up with a jolt as he fell off the bed.


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