Hogwarts and the Wolf in the Fold

Voldemort puts a spy into Hogwarts.
Set during the year of the Half-blood Prince.


32. Back to the Maison

 Back to the Maison

For the next few days, everyone was subdued in the school. Even Peeves the poltergeist maintained a suitably sombre disposition. That is, until he happened to come across an open tin of paint left in a corridor. Argus Filch had been attempting to repair some of the damage done to the school walls by the firefight.
Unfortunately, he forgot to take the grey wall paint back to his cupboard and Peeves obligingly left it balanced over a classroom door. Wally Fripp, a second-year Ravenclaw, had been the unlucky recipient of the falling paint.
He had to visit Madam Pomfrey, to have his head unpainted and the large accompanying bump removed.
David also learned from Dennis Creavey, that Ron Weasley's brother Bill had been injured by a werewolf during the fighting.
“Has anyone seen Draco Malfoy since the incident?” He asked Dennis.
“No. It seems that Malfoy ran off with Professor Snape, along with the Death-Eaters.” Dennis told him.
“They haven't been seen since. The rumour is, that Snape killed Dumbledore and Harry Potter saw it happen.”
“So, what did Malfoy have to do with it?” David continued to ask.
“Harry says that Malfoy was the one who let the Death-Eaters into the school in the first place.”
“What?!” Exclaimed David.
“It’s true.” Said Dennis.
“He had some 'back door' into the school, operating from inside the Room of Requirement.”
David shook his head to clear the cobwebs.
“That would explain why Potter was keeping an eye on the hidden room.” He muttered to himself.
“Yes. Harry told us that he had been telling Dumbledore that Malfoy was up to something, but he kept ignoring his warnings.”
“The old fool.” David repeated, after remembering what the Dark Lord had said.
Dennis nodded in agreement and put his hand on David's shoulder.
“There's going to be a big funeral service for Dumbledore. All of his friends and the top brass will be coming. The Minister of Magic and many important witches and wizards.”
“I've never been to a funeral before.” Said David blankly.
“I think that the Beauxbatons Headmistress is coming too.” Said Dennis, smiling at David.
“You'll be able to have a good chat with her. In French, for a change.” He added.
David suddenly froze.
‘Oh no. What will happen when she gets here and asks to meet me? She'll recognise that I'm not David straight away’. David thought to himself and gulped.
All through Dinner that night, David sat worrying about the prospect of meeting Madame Maxime. He hardly touched his roasted potatoes and chicken.
“You're quiet.” Said Susan soothingly and stroked his arm.
“A lot has happened these last few weeks.” Said David and looked into her dark blue eyes.
“I wouldn't ever want to lose you.” He said.
She leaned over and kissed his cheek and the warmth of it thrilled his whole body.
“I'm not going anywhere in particular just yet.” She assured him.
David thought about the Dark Lord's words in the crystal ball and another jolt of energy coursed up and down his spine.
“I may have to leave Hogwarts soon.” He told her.
“What?!” She cried out loud and a few people around them looked at her.
“Only to go back to France for a while.” He said.
“I've had word from... my parents.” He mumbled.
Saying the word ‘parents’ had stuck in his throat.
“They are worried about me and just want me back there.”
“When?” Asked Susan quietly.
“I'm not sure exactly, but soon is all I know.”
He looked at her sadly and put his arms around her. Once again her eyes filled with huge tears that rolled down her cheeks and onto his shoulder.
“I knew you would say this sometime, but I thought it would be later rather than sooner.” She cried.
“Don't worry. We won't lose touch and I promise that I'll come back over as soon as possible and visit you.” David tried to assure her.
“Promise?” Susan sniffed.
“I promise.” Said David and kissed her gently on the lips.
“And we can forget this midweek-on-our-own stuff.” He continued.
“Let's spend as much time as we have left together, doing all the things that YOU want to do with me.” He smiled.
“I'll even treat you to lunch at Madam Puddifoot’s.”
Susan beamed happily at him.
“Well, if that's as much as I can expect out of you, then it will have to do.” She grinned and wiped the last few tears from her face.
So, the next day being Saturday, they headed out of Hogwarts and down to Hogsmeade. They visited Madam Puddifoot's Teashop, as David had promised and enjoyed a cream tea with scones and raspberry jam.
They also made a stop at the Hog's Head Inn for a butterbeer. The Three Broomsticks Inn was locked up and had a huge red sign outside, with white letters saying.
When Susan picked up a small stone and tossed it towards the door of the inn, it crackled and exploded into a cloud of dust.
“Anti-intruder jinx, I think.” She said and raised an eyebrow at David.
“Wow. Good job I didn't try the door handle.” He said.
Susan then took him towards the edge of town and to the ‘Shrieking Shack’.
David was disappointed that there was no sound of shrieking, or of objects being mysteriously thrown about the place.
“Doesn't sound very shrieky to me.” He grinned at Susan and she pinched his arm in revenge.
It had been a good day to visit the village and the weather had kept dry, although there had been some cloud in the sky. It was still warm for the time of year.
They strolled leisurely back to the school, buying huge chocolate ice-creams from Honeydukes, to eat along the way.
“I wish every day could be like this.” Said Susan happily.
“Me too.” Agreed David.
“Although, this ice-cream has just melted all down my best t-shirt.” He sighed and showed the brown stain to Susan.
“Typical messy boy.” She chided and then drew out her wand.
“Scourgify!” She called and the brown liquid retreated backwards out of the cloth and then disappeared.
“I wonder where it all goes?” David said, admiring the clean t-shirt.
“Into nothingness.” Said Susan.
“And that means, everything.” She finished with a flourish of her wand.
“Where did you get THAT one from?” Asked David in amusement.
“Any half-trollbrain knows that.” Susan grinned.
“Professor McGonagall taught us, the very first lesson of Vanishment. Didn't you ever pay attention in class?” She laughed.
David pulled a ‘dumb’ face and chased her back towards the castle, along the road.
Along their way came across Zacharias Smith, who was walking towards them, accompanied by a wizard they didn’t recognise.
“Hi.” They said to Zacharias.
“What’s going on?”
“Zacharias is leaving school until I feel that it is safe enough for him to return.” Said the haughty man sternly.
Zacharias looked at them and then looked down at the floor. He was obviously upset at having to leave.
“I guess I’ll see you next year.” He said gloomily.
David held out a hand to him and on seeing it, Zacharias looked up and managed a weak smile.
“Good luck, mate.” He told David.
“It was great to fly with you in the team. If you’re here next year, then I can assure you that there’ll be place for you again.”
“That would be fantastic.” David replied.
“Have a good summer.”
He held out his hand towards Zacharias’ father, who shook it with one short tug.
The pair of them then continued down the road towards the village, leaving David and Susan standing there watching them go.
“There’s only going to be me left here soon.” She said.
“I guess a lot of parents are scared for their kids now.” David told her.
“No worries there for me, then.” She replied.
“Oh, I’m sorry Sue.” Said David and gave her a hug.
“It’s going to be really boring without you here.” She moaned.
“Maybe I can think of a way that we can keep in touch.” He said, consoling her and thinking that he might be able to ask the Dark Lord if he could borrow the other crystal ball from him.
They got back to the castle and went to their rooms to get a quick wash and clean-up. David was surprised to find a large brown owl standing on the back of Dusty’s favourite chair and Dusty standing on the table, looking incredible put-out.
There was a message attached to one of its legs, which it held out towards him. He untied the parchment and the owl opened its wings, before taking off lazily and squeezing through the open window. Dusty jumped up and took a sneaky peck at its tail feathers, as it passed him by.
“Come in, number four. Your time is up.” Said David miserably.
He read the message on the parchment out loud to Dusty.
“You are returning home on Saturday evening at 8.00pm. Pack your belongings and leave nothing behind. The Hogwarts staff have been informed that you are leaving early and they will arrange transport.”
That left him only three hours to pack up, say goodbye to Susan and get down to Hogsmeade.
So, he spent half an hour filling the trunk with everything that he owned. He took the crystal ball, however, and put that in his pocket. Then, he went out into the common room to wait for Susan.
He was surprised to find Professor Sprout entering the room and she smiled widely on seeing him.
“Professor?” He said.
“Well, it’s been nice meeting and teaching you, David.” She said.
“I’m sorry that you’re leaving a little early, but there are no exams and there is nothing left to cover in each of your subjects.”
David smiled weakly.
“The school will forward you and your belongings to King’s Cross Station, when you have packed.”
“I’ve already done that, Professor.” He told her.
“My trunk is ready to go. It’s just in my room. How am I going to get there?”
“You will travel by Floo powder from the Headmaster’s Office.” She said.
“You will be met by your parents at an office in King’s Cross.”
David looked at her, but didn’t reply. He was wondering which ‘parents’ were coming to meet him.
“Good luck and I hope to see you again.” Said the Professor and she shook his hand vigorously.
David had been stunned by the speed at which his return had suddenly come about, but he still noticed that Professor Sprout’s hand was hard and callused. Obviously, from handling dragon dung and tough magical weeds over all those years.
“Thanks. I’ve really enjoyed myself here and please say ‘thank you’ to all the other Professors who taught me this year.” He finally managed.
Professor Sprout took it that David was a little abashed at saying this and she smiled warmly.
“You’ve done your school very proud, you know. The other Professors and I have all been impressed by your attitude in class and the way that you have blended in at Hogwarts. We will certainly be telling the Beauxbatons Headmistress, when she arrives for Dumbledore’s funeral.”
David thanked her again, for her kindness.
“There’s one small thing I’d like to give you, before you go. It’s a personal little gift from myself and on behalf of Hufflepuff House.”
She took out of her pocket, a small black box and gave it to David.
He opened it up and there, sitting on a velvet cushion, was a silver badge in the shape and with enamelled colours of Hufflepuff House.
“Just a little keepsake.” Said Professor Sprout.
David looked at it happily and then, with a sudden rush of blood, he leaned over and gave her a kiss on her cheek.
“Thank you very much.” He said.
The Professor blushed as red as a quaffle and giggling to herself she turned and left. At the door, she called over to him.
“Be at the gryphon statues of the Headmaster’s Office for eight o’clock.”
When Susan came out into the common room and David told her what was going on, she burst out crying and hugged him tightly.
They sat together by one of the windows and watched the sun going slowly down behind the distant mountains. They chatted about the times that they had together over the months and about Susan’s plans for the rest of term. They talked for an hour, before going down to the Great Hall for dinner.
David went to get Dusty first and then they made their way out of the Hufflepuff common room for the final time. David took one last long look around the place before he closed the door quietly behind him.
They weren’t very hungry and ate little. Dusty kept them amused by picking up peanuts and then flying high into the roof of the hall and dropping them onto the students of other houses.
David was slightly cheered when Colin and Dennis Creavey came over and gave him their best wishes. They had overheard Biggins giving an excruciatingly embarrassing speech on behalf of the Hufflepuffs, telling David that he was officially accepted as one of them.
There were tears all round from some of the girls, especially Hannah Abbot and handshakes and slaps on the back from the boys.
Finally, at ten to eight, David took hold of Susan’s hand and called Dusty to him. They left the Great Hall and stopped in the Entrance. David turned to Susan.
“I never told you this, but I want you to know.” He began.
Susan looked up at him with her eyes wet and shining.
“I love you. I’ve loved you from the very first day that we met. I just didn’t know how to say it.”
Susan threw her arms around his neck and kissed him like she had never done before. It was full of feeling and happiness.
“I love you too, you big French loaf of bread.” She grinned happily.
“Let me give you this, before I go.” He said and pulled the crystal ball out of his pocket.”
“It’s lovely.” She said, a little puzzled at this strange gift.
“It’s not just a crystal ball, though.” He continued.
“It’s a way that we can keep in touch when I’m in France.”
“What!?” She said, stunned.
“If you hold it and tap it with your wand, I’ll know that you want to chat.”
Susan smiled with joy and took it.
“Just don’t use it until I’ve got the other one and contacted YOU first.”
She nodded and put it safely in her own pocket. They then hugged each other tightly and then David ran up the staircase, looking back at Susan’s face and waving to her. She continued waving back until David had disappeared.
With a thrill of anticipation, David hurried along to the corridor where the gargoyle was silently waiting. It was only a minute before the gargoyle jumped aside to reveal the spiral staircase revolving and Professor McGonagall coming down.
“Good evening, David.” She greeted him.
“Good evening, Professor.” He replied.
She took him up to the office above and there was his trunk, at the side of the large fireplace. Professor McGonagall then whipped out her wand and flicked it towards the trunk. It lifted up into the air and hovered in front of the blazing fire.
“Could you do me a favour, David and throw a handful of Floo powder into the fire?” She said to him.
David saw the jar of glittering powder that the Professor was nodding at. He took a large handful and flung it into the centre of the fire, causing huge green flames to spurt upwards.
The Professor flicked her wand and David’s trunk floated into the fire.
“King’s Cross Station!” She called and the trunk disappeared in a puff of green smoke.
The flames continued to roar and swirl.
“Well, David. I think there is enough left for you to jump in right now.” She said and looked him up and down.
“Good luck and I hope that you remember Hogwarts with happy thoughts. Hurry now, before the flames die down.”
“Goodbye Professor and thank you for everything.” He replied and gave her hand a quick shake.
He climbed into the fire and looked back at her. The last thing he saw, as he spoke the words ‘King’s Cross Station’, was a portrait on the wall behind Professor McGonagall. Dusty gave a short and mournful ‘caw’.
It was Dumbledore and he was waving goodbye to David. David raised a hand in farewell and then he began to spin and move through space. The next thing he knew was that he was standing in a fireplace in an unfamiliar grey-walled office.
Standing in front of him were two strangers, a man and a woman wearing Muggle attire. David stepped out of the fire and waited for one of them to speak.
Eventually, the man walked forward and held out a hand.
“My name is Rodolphus, Rodolphus Lestrange and this is Fenella Burrows. The Dark Lord has commanded us to take you to my home, where he will meet us later.”
David looked at the man who bore no resemblance at all to the Rodolphus that he knew.
“I know Rodolphus Lestrange.” He said cautiously and gripped the wand in his pocket.
“He looks nothing like you.”
“We have been transformed using Polyjuice potion.” Rodolphus explained.
David breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a little.
“This old kettle is a port key and it will be leaving in two minutes. Grab a hold of your trunk and the kettle too.”
“Are you both coming too?” Asked David.
“No. Only I will accompany you there. Fenella will remain here to tidy up after we have left. She was only instructed to prepare the fireplace and to bring the port key here. We were told not to ask you your name or where you have come from.”
David looked at him strangely, but then did as he was told and then waited. He looked around at the office. The windows were of misted glass, but he could see a few people wandering past outside.
He wondered what part of King’s Cross Station he was in. Suddenly, a picture on the wall of a train reminded him of the portrait of Dumbledore he had just seen. He then wondered what had happened to Dumbledore’s familiar, the phoenix.
The kettle began to glow around the edges and David looked up at Rodolphus, who looked back blankly. It was obvious that he had no memory of meeting David at the Maison and of training him in self-defence.
The huge tug starting behind David’s navel enveloped his whole body and the room disappeared in a whirling mass of colour. He felt light-headed and almost dizzy as he fell through non-space and landed back in the familiar dark sitting-room of the Maison des Charmes.
Dusty flittered quietly from his shoulder and took up his usual place on top of the curtain rail.
Standing there, with a look of terror on her face and her pink eyes glowing with fear, was Pinky the house-elf. David didn’t notice this, he only saw his friend waiting for him by the fireplace.
As soon as he had recovered his balance he rushed over to her and knelt down, throwing his arms around her neck and giving her a hug. He was slightly surprised by the fact that she did not respond, but stood as still as stone.
“How very touching.” Came a snake-like whisper from behind him.
David stood and whirled around to find Lord Voldemort standing by the window. Rodolphus walked over and stood beside him.
David realised that the Dark Lord was waiting for a response, so he walked over and knelt in front of him. He picked up the hem of Voldemort’s robes and kissed it.
“It was a long time in preparation, but my plan finally came to fruition. Dumbledore is dead and you were of some small help to me.” He said to David.
“Thank you, my Lord.” David replied, but for some reason he felt nervous.
“I can sense that you are unhappy with something.” Voldemort continued.
“What is it that you are keeping to yourself?”
Suddenly, David felt a weird sensation in his mind. It was as if he was being squeezed and his memories were tumbling over and over inside.
He remembered the face of Susan. Remembered kissing her in the Entrance Hall at Hogwarts. Remembered giving her the crystal ball. It was that thought which was foremost in his mind at the moment.
He came back to his senses to find that Voldemort was looking at him in fury.
“You gave the crystal ball to the girl?” He screamed.
“My Lord…” David stammered.
“I told you to stay away from her!” Voldemort flicked his wand and sent David spinning head-over-heels away from him.
David looked at him, now terrified.
“I told you to keep the crystal ball safe and to show it to no-one. I told you to stay hidden when my Death-Eaters were inside the castle and I told you to get rid of the girl!”
He slashed the air with his wand and David staggered with pain, as if he had been slapped hard across the face.
“Three times you have defied me!”
“I’m sorry, my Lord. Please forgive me!” Cried David.
“Lord Voldemort never forgives!” He snarled.
“You have one last chance to prove yourself to me.”
“Yes, anything.” David gasped.
“Kill the elf!” Voldemort hissed and pointed at Pinky.
Pinky squeaked and looked up at David.
David stared wide-eyed at Voldemort and then looked around and met Pinky’s stare. She was shaking uncontrollably. David turned back round to the Dark Lord in despair.
“Please, my Lord. Not Pinky! She hasn’t done anything…”
“Do you defy me!” Voldemort screamed at him.
“Do it now!”
David took out his wand, his hands trembling so much that he could hardly hold it. He looked at Pinky, who was now crying and mumbling incoherently. Huge tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her pillowcase dress.
Time slowed down to almost a standstill. David raised his wand and pointed it towards Pinky. His eyes met hers again, so huge and sad. He held back his curse.
Then suddenly, with a loud ‘crack’, Pinky disappeared.
David stared for a second at the space where she had been standing, then turned to face the fury of the Dark Lord.
“Kill him!” Voldemort hissed to Rodolphus.
David’s mouth opened to say ‘no’, but no sound came out.
He watched in horror as Rodolphus whipped out his wand and pointed it right at him. His eyes flicked towards the terrifying visage of Voldemort and finally to a small dark shape perched on the curtain rail.
“Avada Kedavra!” Shouted Rodolphus.
David saw the room light up as the bolt of green light flashed across and past him, just as he left his body and entered that of Dusty.
He looked down and watched his own body crumple to the ground, lifeless. Frozen with panic, he saw Rodolphus walk over to the body and kick it over. He was dead.
Voldemort gave a grim leer, as Rodolphus put his wand back into his robes.
“This was all so unnecessary.” He sneered.
“Do you require any further service of me, my Lord?” Rodolphus asked.
“Yes. Take three other Death-Eaters and go to the house of Jean-Claude Duchard. Force his parents to send an owl to his school and to make him return home. Then kill them all and destroy the house.”
“As you wish, my Lord.” Said Rodolphus, without any sign of pity for them.
“Then return to London and await the return of the Hogwarts express. When she has returned to her home, kill the girl and retrieve my crystal ball.” Said Voldemort.
“What is the name of the girl, my Lord?” Rodolphus asked flatly.
“You have been to the house before and killed her parents. Her name is Susan Bones.”
David almost swooned from where he was perched. He watched helplessly, as Voldemort turned and walked out of the room. There was a ‘crack’, as he disapparated.
Rodolphus looked down at David’s body and called.
Another ‘crack’ brought the shivering elf back into the room.
“Get rid of THIS.” He said, with disdain.
Pinky looked at the body and burst out crying.
“Your mistress and I will return here in a few weeks’ time. Keep the house in good order until then.” He ordered and then with a swirl of his cloak, he disapparated too.
Pinky knelt down beside David’s body and began to caress his brow. Her back moved up and down as she sobbed over him.
David gave a ‘caw’, as he tried to call her name and he fluttered down to her. She turned and looked in amazement at him.
David flapped his wings frantically, but how could he make her understand? He needed to get to the house of the Duchards and to warn them, but more urgently he needed to get to Susan. He had to go and save her.

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