Hogwarts and the Wolf in the Fold

Voldemort puts a spy into Hogwarts.
Set during the year of the Half-blood Prince.


20. A Trip to Hogsmeade

A Trip to Hogsmeade

The next few weeks passed in a haze. David was officially ‘going out’ with Susan and he spent most of his time with her. They already had classes together and now they were sitting next to each other at mealtimes and when they had free time together, they would visit the library or take a walk out in the grounds.
David was enjoying the studies more and more. He was finding it easier to remember spells and began to slowly forget the life that he previously had. Susan wasn’t particularly interested in his so-called French upbringing, but when she asked about Beauxbatons he was easily able to describe the chateau and grounds.
He gave her a full description of the Professors there and the subjects he had learned. She was impressed to find that he had taken cookery classes there and that it had been a big part of the curriculum.
“Over here girls learn how to cook by following their mother at home.” She told him.
“I’ll cook something for you, if you like sometime.” Said David, who was beginning to believe that he could perform any of the spells that the real Davide had learned.
Dusty showed no obvious outward dislike of Susan, but he didn’t sit on David’s shoulder when the two of them were together. Susan thought that Dusty was amazing because he loved to be around David, but couldn’t see and real point in having a raven as a pet.
“He’s not a pet.” Said David.
“But he’s not big enough to carry mail is he, so what’s the point of him?” She asked.
David certainly didn’t tell her about how he could enter Dusty and fly around the castle unseen. He hadn’t done that for weeks and now that he thought about it, he had been rather neglecting Dusty recently. He made a mental note to buy something nice for Dusty when he got the chance.
In the middle of October the notice board in the main entrance showed that the first Hogsmeade village visit of the year would take place the following weekend. During the week David bumped into Colin Creavey in a corridor and they agreed to meet up in the main entrance and go along with Dennis to the village.
Susan wasn’t too happy that she would have to spend a day on her own, but she didn’t want to go along with three boys. She didn’t want to stop David getting his first look at the shops in the village either, so she made alternative plans with another Hufflepuff girl who also wasn’t going.
The days leading up to the weekend dragged slowly as far as David was concerned, but at last Saturday came and he got ready to go.
“Are you coming, Dusty?” He asked the bird, who was perched on the back of the chair with his head under his wing.
Dusty raised his head and took a look outside at the slanting sleet. David looked out and could see that it wasn’t really the sort of weather for birds to be outside. He opened the window and a cold breeze filled the room.
“Brr, I’ll leave the window open for you but it’s getting closed as soon as I get back.”
David had borrowed a big coat from Biggins, who was busy studying that weekend and wasn’t particularly bothered about going to Hogsmeade. He put it on and went out to find Colin and Dennis.
The two Creaveys were waiting excitedly in the main entrance by the huge front doors.
“Hi, David.” Shouted Dennis and he clapped David on the back.
“It’s going to be a cold day, but we can get ourselves a hot butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks Inn later on. That will warm you up!”
“Do you have butterbeer in France?” Asked Colin.
“Not really.” Said David.
“It’s all wine and brandy over there.”
The three of them passed through the doors and the biting wind took a hold of them straight away. They didn’t hang around and the two Creaveys led David along the well-worn path that led down to the village.
They chatted as best they could about the shops that David would find there, but David only caught half of what they said as they were muffled up with scarves across their mouths.
David’s first impression of Hogsmeade was that it looked like something out of a Christmas card. There was snow on the ground and buildings and the sleet still fell. There was bright light streaming out of the shops and they all looked warm and inviting.
David had a pocket full of coins and he intended to spend all of it. The first place they entered was Honeyduke’s sweet shop and inside the shelves were filled to bursting with all manner of sweets and chocolate.
One of the school Professors was already in the shop and cheekily sampling the wares on offer. He was a very large man and was wearing a furry hat and coat. He winked at the boys as they tried to push him out of the way to get to the shelves of goodies.
There was a display of fizzing sherbet balls and free samples to try out. David popped one in his mouth and his eyes opened wide as he felt an incredible tingling sensation inside his mouth. He began to drool and dribble uncontrollably and the Creaveys roared with laughter as David tried to chew and swallow the raspberry flavoured sweet.
When he finally managed to gulp it down his eyes were streaming with tears.
“Whoa, that was just the fizziest thing ever!” He spluttered.
They spent a good hour inside the shop looking at everything on offer, from cockroach cluster to chocolate frogs. David bought bags of everything that looked tasty. He ignored the cockroach cluster.
Colin and Dennis bought handfuls of chocolate frogs, as they each collecting the cards inside the packets.
“I’m short of seven wizards to complete my collection.” Colin explained.
“I’ve got all the witches that there are. Dennis needs another twelve different witches and wizards, but then he’s not been collecting them as long as I have.”
They left the sweet shop with many a backward glance, but Dennis had to go to Scrivenshaft’s to buy a new bottle of ink and several quills. David also bought new parchment, ink and quills.
From there they passed by the boarded up shop front of Zonko’s joke shop and the Creaveys looked longingly at it. Dennis tried to peer through the wooden boards to see if anything was left inside.
“This was the best shop in the world.” Said Dennis sadly.
“Everyone used to come here to get their joke stuff. We have to wait until Christmas now, before we can go to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes down in Diagon Alley. It’s a crying shame.”
“It’s a pity.” Agreed David.
“I could do with a few laughs now and again. I’ve never been to Diagon Alley before.”
“Oh you ought to go if you get the chance.” Said Colin.
David nodded and pulled his coat collar up further.
“I need to get a coat of my own. Where do they sell them around here?”

“Gladrags Wizardwear.” Said Dennis and pointed over the road to a gaudily-dressed shop window.
There were three tailor’s dummies in the window and each was dressed in a variety of bewildering garments. Fluorescent green stockings with a matching hat accompanied a cerise set of robes on one of them, the others were even worse.
They went inside the shop, with David wondering if they sold anything normal at all. He needn’t have worried, because the shop sold all manner of clothing including some muggle attire.
“We cater for muggles as well, dear.” Said the old witch who was standing behind the counter.
“We’re not prejudiced here, you know.”
Dennis whispered into David’s ear, that the old lady was a little crazy and that there were no muggles living in Hogsmeade.
David bought himself a new jacket, a fleece-lined parka that would keep out the cold and a pair of sturdy boots. He also bought himself a new set of muggle jeans, t-shirt and jumper. He also bought a backpack and crammed all of his goods inside.
They went out into the cold again and walked up and down the main street, looking in at the windows of other shops but not going inside. Dennis was starting to feel the cold biting his feet, so he suggested that they warmed up inside the Three Broomsticks.
They hurried along and Colin led them into the friendly inn. They kicked their shoes against the wall to knock off the snow and went inside. Immediately, there was a raise in the noise level and they felt a wave of heat hit their faces.
They hurried over to the open fire and held out their hands towards the flames. They were soon laughing and joking about the old woman in the clothes shop and talking about the sweets they had bought from Honeyduke’s.
Colin went over to the bar to order drinks and David had a chance to look around the place. It was warm and welcoming and was filled with groups of wizards and witches enjoying a day out in the village.
As he was waiting, a breathless Zacharias Smith sidled over and in an excited whisper said.
“Did you see the trouble outside earlier?”
“What trouble was that?” Asked Dennis.
Zacharias’ eyes widened and he spoke in a rush as he described the scene that had occurred just outside the inn.
“Harry Potter had a hold of some guy by the throat! It looked like he was going to kill him. Those two friends of his were grabbing hold of him and trying to stop him from throttling the poor bloke.”
“Who was he attacking?” Asked David.
“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before. Some wizard who was in here selling odd bits and bobs out of a suitcase.”
Zacharias looked over at a table where Harry Potter was sat with his two constant companions. He had a face like thunder.
David and Dennis watched the three friends as Zacharias slipped off to carry the gossip further around the room.
Colin came back with the butterbeers and gave the others one each. They took deep sups of the foaming tankards and smacked their lips in appreciation.
“Brilliant!” Exclaimed David.
The two brothers looked at each other and laughed.
“We knew you’d like it.” They said together.
They saw a table close to Harry Potter and his friends and Colin said.
“Let’s get that table there, near to Harry.”
They hurried over, but were just in time to find Harry and the others getting up and leaving the pub. It was quieter on this side of the bar, with just a couple of wizards enjoying a quiet drink. Everyone else appeared to be crowding around the big fire on the other side.
Dennis told Colin what Zacharias had told them and Colin nearly dropped his drink in amazement. He stared at the door through which Harry just left and took another sip of his butterbeer.
“I heard he can get really aggressive sometimes.” Said David.
“Well, I know him really well and I can’t say that I’ve seen him go crazy at all. It’s always other people that cause the trouble and then Harry just gets caught up in it. He’s always been friendly towards me and Dennis.”
Dennis nodded in agreement and they went on to tell David about being taught to duel by Harry in the DA club. They also told him about the time that Harry returned from the triward’s tournament maze with the dead body of Cedric Diggory.
David was fascinated to hear all the new stories and he felt that he was beginning to get a hold on the character of Harry Potter. He thought that Harry was an attention seeker and invited trouble by sneaking around and interfering in matters where he shouldn’t.
He also thought that Harry like to be in charge, like when he ran the DA club. Perhaps he had a yearning for power. He guessed that the Dark Lord would be interested in that snippet of information.
They sat sipping their butterbeers, feeling the warmth returning to their extremities and soon the chat had turned to Susan Bones.
“I see that you and Susan are seeing a lot of each other at the moment.” Grinned Colin.
David blushed but grinned back.
“Yeah, we’re sort of an item but it’s early days yet.”
“I fancy that Ginny Weasley, myself.” Chimed in Dennis.
Colin laughed and grabbed his brother by the neck and started to roughly rub the top of his head with his knuckles.
“I’m first in line when she dumps Dean, just remember little bro’”.
The two of them play-wrestled at the table and David laughed and egged them on and then joined in holding down Colin as Dennis exacted his revenge on his brother. He gave him a giant ‘wet willy’.
They finally finished their drinks and decided that it was time to get back up to the school. As they made for the door, they were almost bundled over by Zacharias who was huffing and puffing.
“Just ran back down the road. Potter again. Trouble up the road. I think someone’s been killed!”
They looked at each other in shock and then after coming to their senses, they rushed through the door and hurried towards the path that led up to the school.
They had missed the incident and there was only a few students hanging around and looking at the patch in the snow where someone had been lying and thrashing around by the look of it.
They didn’t bother hanging around because the sleet seemed to be getting worse and the cold was starting to take hold again.
Back inside Hogwarts, David bad a friendly goodbye to the two Creaveys and promised to meet up with them again to watch the upcoming quidditch match.
David got back to the Hufflepuff common room and felt the warmth of the fire hit him like a brick wall.
The room was alive with the buzz of people talking about what had happened in Hogsmeade. Apparently, Katie Bell had to be rushed to the hospital wing by Hagrid after Harry Potter and his friends had been involved in an altercation with her.
When he had heard everyone’s interpretation of the events, he spent several more minutes acclimatising himself back to the normal temperature then took off for his own room.
Once inside, he unwrapped all of his packages and put away the items that he had bought. The sweets from Honeyduke’s filled the whole top drawer of the dresser. He had to take out the socks that were in there and then cram them into the next drawer down, in with his spare undergarments.
He kept out the little bag of assorted Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans. He was giving those to Susan as a gift. He also pulled out a handful of plain peanuts and put them on top of the wardrobe for Dusty, who fluttered over and began to nibble them appreciatively.
His thoughts then turned to the small crystal ball that was hidden at the bottom of his travelling trunk. It was time that he made his first report to Lord Voldemort.
With a slight apprehension he opened the trunk and located the shining orb. After going to the door and locking it firmly, he took the ball over to the bed and then sat up against the headboard.
He clasped the ball with his right hand and with a thrill of anticipation, he tapped it with the wand he held in his left.
He sat and waited.
He waited a long time, maybe an hour and he was beginning to think that the thing wasn’t working. Suddenly the ball began to fog up inside. Grey mist swirled around from deep within and began to form the outline of a face. It was a face that once seen would never be forgotten.
Voldemort’s visage leered out from the confines of the glass. It was slightly warped by the curve of the glass, but perfectly visible to David. He looked hungrily at the image and then licked his lips.
“My Lord.” He began.
“What have you learned that is of importance?” Asked Voldemort.
David didn’t wait and straight away ploughed into the details that he had picked up in his conversations with the other students. He told Voldemort the names of all those that had given him the information and of his own thoughts and ideas.
Voldemort paused for a while before asking David.
“Do you know what Dumbledore and Potter are doing when they meet?”
“No, my Lord. They are locked inside the headmaster’s room by all accounts and late at night too.”
“And nobody has heard where Dumbledore goes when he is not present at the school?”
“Some say that he is doing work for the ministry of magic.” David shook his head, disappointed that he couldn’t offer more.
“Members of the Order of the Phoenix are also inside the castle?” Voldemort continued.
“I met a young woman when I first got off the train and I’ve been told that she might be one of them.”
“Find out her name.” Ordered Voldemort.
“And get me the photograph of the order members that you saw in Hagrid’s hut. Give it to Madam Rosmerta, the innkeeper at the Three Broomsticks”
“Rosmerta? Yes, my Lord.”
“Also give her a list of the students who were in this so-called Dumbledore’s Army club.”
David nodded.
“Do you have anything more to add about the girl who was attacked by Potter?”
“No, my Lord. It only happened a few hours ago so the story hasn’t got round yet. Just the rumours we’ve heard so far.”
“You have done well, apprentice.” Said Voldemort.
“Most of the information was already known to me, but there are a few things that may prove useful. The fact that Dumbledore has a ‘familiar’ was certainly not known to me. However, I need further details of Dumbledore particularly. Who he meets and where he is going. Keep a track of Potter’s movements and anybody new that he has interaction with.”
David nodded again in acknowledgement.
“I am pleased with your progress. Continue to serve and you will be honoured appropriately.”
Voldemort gazed keenly at David.
“Thank you, my Lord. I will do my utmost to serve you and earn any reward.”
Voldemort vanished in another puff of grey smoke and David smiled happily to himself.
He then remembered that he hadn’t told the Dark Lord about his friendship with Susan. He didn’t know why, but he felt that maybe it was better not to have done so. He didn’t want to hide the fact from him, but it just wasn’t that important to the task in hand that it was worth mentioning.
He jumped up and put the ball back in its place in the trunk. It would probably be a while until he had anything more to tell the Dark Lord, at least anything of worth. Harry Potter was a secretive boy and with an invisibility cloak he would be hard to follow.
David unlocked the door, called for Dusty to hop onto his shoulder and then left to find Susan. He grabbed the every flavour beans from the dresser as he went out.


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