Hogwarts and the Wolf in the Fold

Voldemort puts a spy into Hogwarts.
Set during the year of the Half-blood Prince.


19. A Pleasant Walk with Susan

 A Pleasant Walk with Susan

A small tapping at the door indicated that Susan had found out where his room was located.
“Wow, this is totally amazing.” She purred, as she came into the room and looked around.
“I have to share with four other girls. It’s murder trying to be the first to get into the bathroom each morning.”
David laughed.
“Five girls and one bathroom? I bet there’s a lot of arguments about people taking too long in there.”
“That’s right. It’s always a bit chilly on the stone floor to bother wandering upstairs to the bigger bathrooms. You just have to wait your turn.”
She wandered around the room, nosing into every corner, opening drawers and peering inside. She found the crystal ball that Voldemort had given to David and held it up to the light.
David gasped as he saw her lift it. He had forgotten about the ball and its use. He held his breath half expecting to see the face of Lord Voldemort appear inside it, but nothing happened. He took it off her and put it back in its place.
“Be careful with that. It’s a present and I don’t want it to get damaged.” He told her, trying not to sound too bothered by the fact.
“Boys and their toys, eh?” She giggled.
“You’re always paranoid that we girls will break your stuff. Especially broomsticks.” She grinned.
“Where do you keep yours?”
“That’s the one thing I haven’t got here.” He said sadly.
“I used to be pretty good on a broom when I was at Beauxbatons. I used to play seeker for the Sournois team.”
The memory of his quidditch victory as Davide was quite strong and he was longing to have a go at flying in a real quidditch match.
“It’s a pity you aren’t a full-time Hufflepuff.” Susan sympathised.
“We’ve struggled in matches since we lost Cedric Diggory.” She sounded disappointed and a little sad.
“Let’s get some dinner and then maybe go for a walk outside or something?” Suggested David.
“Yeah, thanks. That sounds great.” Said Susan and the two of them went off together to the great hall.
Throughout dinner, the Hufflepuffs chatted together about the Gryffindor quidditch tryouts. They were very happy that things didn’t seem to go too well for Harry Potter.
“I think we should have a really good chance of beating them this year.” Said Biggins, as he chewed noisily on a hunk of pork that he had bitten off from a thick meaty chop.
The others agreed and started to make comparisons between the current Hufflepuff team and the Gryffindor team of the previous year.
“They’ve lost the Weasley twins and they’re going to be hard to replace.” Said Justin Finch-Fletchley.
Everyone nodded in agreement. There was plenty to look forward to in the upcoming quidditch season.
“You had enough to eat?” Susan asked David.
“Yeah, plenty thanks.” He answered. He had eaten two helpings of Lancashire hotpot, with huge dollops of piccalilli on the side. That and a large slice of rhubarb crumble drowning in creamy custard.
They left the table and walked to the doorway leading to the front entrance. Outside the sun was getting low in the sky, but it was still a warm and pleasant evening. Over in the distance, they could see a black line of smoke rising skywards from Hagrid’s chimney.
They walked out onto the grassy lawn in front of the school and headed to their right, away from the path that led down towards Hagrid’s hut.
“So, how are you enjoying Hogwarts?” Asked Susan, as she turned to look at David.
“Brilliant.” He said.
“It’s better than anything I could ever have imagined.”
Susan grinned and held out her hand. David took it and they walked together around the castle. She told David a little of the history of Hogwarts that she had picked up over the years and pointed out areas of the castle and grounds that were famous or popular with students.
David listened and took in the splendour of the school as they walked hand-in-hand. Suddenly Susan stopped walking and looked down at her feet. She stood silently. For some reason she had remembered what had happened during the summer holidays.
“Is something the matter?” He asked.
“Yes. I was just thinking about my aunt Amelia.” She finally said.
David put a consoling hand on her shoulder and she turned to face him, with tears filling her eyes. David wasn’t sure what to do, so he hugged her tightly and she rested her head on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry.” He said.
“I know what it’s like to lose someone close.”
It was a lie, but a lie with the best of intentions. He hadn’t really known anyone close to have died apart from his own parents, but he was only a baby at that time. The people he had lost were foster parents that he had grown attached to and then been taken away from.
He had not given a thought to William and Sarah Pryce for a long time. After the visit of Lord Voldemort to the hospital in France, there had been a major murder enquiry and investigation into the disappearance of David.
Although he didn’t know it a team of French wizard aurors had also been sent by their ministry of magic to find out more about the unexplained deaths. They concluded that the victims were all muggles and there was no evidence that magic had been used to kill them. However, the case remained open since there was no explanation for the disappearance of David.
Now Susan and David walked together towards the lake at the end of the lawns. They sat together under a tree and flipped stones across the flat surface, flicking them using their wands.
Susan soon cheered up again and laughed as they each tried to get their stone to bounce further then the others.
“I like being with you.” Susan said, although she didn’t look directly at him as she did so.
“Thanks.” He replied, feeling a few butterflies dancing in his stomach.
“I thought you might be fed up of seeing me every day in lessons and stuff.”
“Nah.” She giggled and snuggled up closer to him.
David smiled to himself and closed his eyes. ‘Could things be any better?’ He asked himself.
His blissful thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a nagging recollection that he should be concentrating more on his task for the Dark Lord.
“I really enjoyed having a bit of fun with Harry Potter the other day.” He said.
“Oh yeah.” Said Susan.
“He was getting really annoyed. I thought he was going to hex someone.”
“Does he have a bit of a temper?” Asked David.
“I think so. He’s shouted at teachers in class before. He had a bit of a reputation a few years ago, when there was a lot of trouble caused by the monster in the chamber of secrets.”
“What?” Said David and looked at her in surprise.
“Everyone was saying that Potter was the heir of Slytherin and was a dark wizard.” She told him.
“He made a snake to attack someone by speaking to it in Parselmouth.”
David was almost speechless. He had never heard this before.
“So why are you not scared of him now?”
“Oh, it was all sorted out in the end and he seems okay now. He has always been nice to me and we all were good friends in Dumbledore’s Army.” She explained.
“But there are still all sorts of stories and rumours about him and the Slytherins all hate him, especially that Draco Malfoy.”
“Malfoy? I’ve not really met him yet. Just seen him around and in classes.” Said David.
“He’s very haughty, so don’t expect him to talk to you. Plus, he’s got some thuggish friends so be careful not to annoy him.” She warned.
“Thanks for the advice.” He grinned.
“He’s another boy with a lot of secrets.” She continued.
“There are rumours that his parents are death-eaters, so lots of kids are scared to get on his bad side.”
David thought about what she had said. Death-eaters were the followers of the Dark Lord, so maybe Malfoy could be a useful friend to make. He would have find that out for himself.
“Have you ever spoken to Professor Dumbledore?” Asked David.
Susan jumped up and sat on his legs facing towards him.
“Only once. I was walking through the courtyard and he was passing by. He stopped to ask me if I was enjoying the tri-wizards tournament. I told him that I was and he smiled and said ‘Oh, I’m glad to hear that.’ Then he went off again.”
“I’ve hardly even seen him since I’ve been here.” Said David.
“He seems to be absent from lunch and dinner quite a lot of the time.”
“I guess he eats up in his rooms at lot. He’s very busy. Though some people say that he leaves the castle quite a lot, doing work for the ministry.” Susan said.
David was disappointed that it looked like Dumbledore didn’t mix much with the students, so it hardly seemed likely that anyone would be able to tell him much about the headmaster’s private life.
He would have to think of another way. Maybe to chat more with the other Professors, or to spy on him as Dusty. He was worried about trying this though, because of what Fawkes might do if he saw another familiar nearby.
As the day began to get to a close, David and Susan made their way back to the castle. They walked slowly holding hands and occasionally taking a sneaked glance at the other one. When their eyes met they would both grin and look away, as if caught doing something mischievous.
They passed through the great hall and the ceiling mirrored the sky outside. It was just turning from dark blue into a purplish colour that was beginning to become sprinkled with the tiny points of light of stars.
A few groups of people were still inside and chatting together, drinking hot chocolate and munching elf-made biscuits. One or two heads turned as they saw Susan and David holding hands and he knew that they would soon be gossiping about it.
Back in the Hufflepuff common room, they sat together on a big sofa that faced the glowing fire. David watched the dancing flames and pondered the task ahead. It was going to be difficult, but he had to make a proper start before too long.
Susan got up and said that she was off to bed, but as she was about to leave she suddenly turned and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. David watched her walk towards the girls’ dormitory, but his brain was turned to mush and he couldn’t think of anything more that night.
He went to his room with his mind in a spin and just lay on the bed. He went through every minute of his walk with Susan and finally fell asleep with a very big smile on his face.

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